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On our website you will find proven fundraising ideas to help you reach your fundraiser goals and objectives. Most people, like you, have a lot going on in their life and are looking to raise more money in less time and with less hassle. Our goal is to help you make that happen! is here to help you simplify your next fundraiser with fundraising strategies & advice and a variety of fundraising tips as well as reviews on the most popular fundraising products.


Cookie Dough Fundraiser Programs

cookie dough fundraisersWhoever first came up with selling cookie dough as a fundraiser deserves serious recognition. Over the past 8 years, cookie dough has helped so many groups in need of funds. is one example of a company that offers several cookie dough fundraising ideas. One of them is selling cookie dough in tubs; another is offering them in a pre-portioned format for greater convenience. They also offer a combination fundraiser which offers a wonderful selection of cookie dough, cheesecakes, pretzels, brownies, and more.

January Fundraiser Of The Month:

Scratch Cards: The cards offer between 80% and 90% profit, which is twice as profitable as candy bars. They are pocket sized booklets with scratch off dots and a coupon pad in the center. The front cover can have a group / team name and logo printed on it. Quick, simple, no order-taking or deliveries required and you collect your money on the spot. Your donors also get good value, $50 in coupon savings from popular merchants they can actually use. Learn more: Scratch Card Fundraising


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