10 Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas

Before we talk about breast cancer fundraising ideas, let’s get the picture into focus. Breast cancer has been a known disease around the world. It has caused around half a million deaths worldwide. But despite the mortality rate, there are still a lot of people who survived the disease. And these breast cancer survivors have indeed inspired many cancer patients to fight and go on with life. Breast cancer survivors join support groups and they are there to provide emotional and psychological support. They help patients cope and gain a positive outlook in life. Breast cancer support groups also give their support by hosting fundraising events which are also beneficial for patients.

To pull off a big fundraising event, you need to come up with great breast cancer fundraising ideas. Whether you are a survivor, a family member, or a friend of someone who has breast cancer, you can show your support by cooperating in breast cancer awareness activities like fundraising.

It may be difficult to come up with ideas to raise money, but here are a few examples of breast cancer fundraising ideas that are fun and will sure be supported by many people.

Great Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas

  1. Marathons. Host 5k or 10k marathons, or even 3k kiddie marathons. If you haven’t noticed, whatever the cause for the run, people just love to join marathons.
  2. Carwash. Everybody wants a clean car, who doesn’t?
  3. Concert for a cause. Find a local artist, a school choir, garage band, or a dance group to perform for a benefit concert. People love concerts and the tickets will surely sell like pancakes.
  4. Dinner for a cause. Host a dinner at good restaurant that offer delectable dishes. People will be so delighted to help while their stomachs become full.
  5. Money Jars. You can ask a restaurant, a store or a grocery, if you can put a money jar beside the cashier. This way, customers will be able to see the money jar and may even drop a few of their change.
  6. Sports Clinic. If your community has a lot of kids that love sports, you can host sports clinic where parents can leave their children as they play basketball or soccer at a cost.
  7. Workshops. Dance, Gymnastics, Acting, Singing or Art? Children will surely love to join workshops.
  8. Garage Sale. Rummage your attics, basements and closets for unused items. Gather them up and ask your friends to do the same.
  9. Sell Online. Widen your market. If you can sell on the garage, you can sell worldwide too. You can list your items online to be auctioned off.
  10. Ask help from the Media. You can ask your local radio or TV station to make an announcement over the air. This way, people will be aware and might even send donations for the cause.

Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas Are Infinite

These are just a few of the good breast cancer fundraising ideas, and there are actually a lot more. Now, all it takes is a little encouragement and a pinch of determination, and you’re sure to raise funds to support breast cancer patients.Created by Angela Mancuso

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