Some New Thoughts On Easy Fundraising Ideas

It seems like no matter what the cause, creative and easy fundraising ideasare in short supply. Simply going door to door collecting cash is both boring and time consuming. Assembling a small army of collectors and simply walking from one home to the next asking for a hand out can be seen as out-dated and […]

Unique Fundraising Ideas Raise Cash

Let’s face it, today people need their money and this is making it harder to get people to donate. Coming up with unique fundraising ideas may help with this process. Here are a few fundraising ideas that have been a big hit and made people want to get involved. These ideas do not have to […]

Fundraising Ideas For Schools

There are a wide variety of options when seeking fundraising ideas for schools. During the monthly parent-teacher organisational meetings, they often sit down to brainstorm lists of ideas to raise the needed amounts of money. Local Fundraising Ideas For Schools Many local businesses will designate a night in which they will donate a percentage of […]

Go Green Fundraising

green fundraising is quickly becoming one of the most popular types of fundraising. Raise money while encouraging environmental responsibility. With a variety of green fundraisers to choose from, we have selected the very best ‘green’ programs and companies and listed them below. Top Green Fundraising Program Reusable Shopping Bags 20 great designs to choose from. […]

Top 3 Candle Fundraising Programs

Candle fundraising is one of the easiest fundraisers to run. Everyone knows what candles are, and just about everyone uses them. With a variety of candle funraisers to choose from, we have selected the very best candle programs and listed them below. Top 3 Candle Fundraising Programs Earth Candle Fundraising 18 Quality, Scented Candles. The […]