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The Mighty World of Softball Fundraising Ideas

Communities that are in search of making a little extra money for whatever the reason can be rough. This is especially true for those that are in organized sports. The high cost of field rental, umpires, equipment, and even uniforms can end up costing quite a bit more than some expect. That’s why it’s important […]

Flower Fundraising

flower fundraising has become a very popular fundraiser choice over the last couple of years. Easily sell flowers and bulbs to everyone and watch your profits grow. With a huge variety of flower fundraisers to choose from, we have selected the very best programs and companies and listed them below. Top Flower Fundraising Program Art […]

Cheap Fundraising Ideas That You Can Conduct Easily

Cheap fundraising ideas are not hard to find, especially nowadays when you can simply go online and search for ideas using your preferred search engine. The influx of information, however, can be quite overwhelming. Your search can yield hundreds of relevant results, and there are dozens of websites dedicated to providing people with various fundraising […]

Tips and Fundraising Ideas for Individuals

The Internet is full of fundraising ideas for individuals who would like to support a good cause. However, the sheer number of ideas can be overwhelming, even to the most enthusiastic of do-gooders. This article aims to help those planning on raising awareness about a particular issue and/or raising money for a cause that they […]

Quick Fundraising Ideas for a Successful Event

Your cheerleading team planned to attend a cheer camp outside town, but you don’t have the money to pay for the fare. Your football team is qualified to join the national tournament, but you don’t have enough funds for uniforms and new equips. As the head of the youth in your community, you want to […]

Fundraising Ideas for Clubs

Fundraisers do not only help a club raise funds but it also teaches a valuable lesson to each club member – when you want something, you have to work hard for it. Club funds are limited, thus, if your club wants a new uniform, or perhaps a new place, or new equipments, then it is […]

Fundraisers for Small Groups

Big groups find it easy to raise money very fast. This is not the case when running fundraisers for small groups. Most often, small groups encounter financial problems because their resources are very limited too. Even hosting a fundraising event can bring problems because they don’t have enough manpower to pull off a big event. […]