Basketball Fundraising Ideas – 3 Essential Options To Earn Money

Parks and recreations have seen their funding cut in a lot of ways, and they have passed down many costs directly to parents and players that are trying to enjoy the resources set aside for leagues and other options. For a team of basketball enthusiasts, generating some money for equipment, gym rental, basketballs, and uniforms, can be tough at first, but exploring the options available can really generate some great comradery and team building alongside generate serious income. Consider the following tips in regards to making a little extra in regards to basketball fundraising ideas.

3 Basketball Fundraising Ideas

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The first idea can be a little odd at first, but upon investigation, can really make some serious money for basketball teams. Setting up a pancake breakfast, in which the team makes breakfast for their families and friends at a set rate can really be profitable. Among other fundraising ideas, this might seem irksome, but making pancakes is very simple and requires only premade mix and some syrup to enjoy. Getting a venue, and enough food might take a little financial know how, but it can really be an important thing in the long run.

Second in the list of basketball fundraising ideas is a charity game. This game can pit the team against volunteers, friends, and families for a small entrance fee. The game can be fun, and it can generate some money for the team to get new uniforms or whatever they need the money for. It’s important to remember to not take this game too seriously, so that injuries do not occur in the process.

Another great option is the standard car wash. Basketball fundraising ideas aren’t always ground breaking or new. It’s important to realize that some of the most standard options are the ones that work best. Washing a car in the middle of summer is a great way to not only get wet, stay cool, and have fun, but also a great way to generate some income. Generating income can seem hard, but by broadcasting and promoting the car wash to friends, family and the community at large, a team can make a serious impact. Hand washing, drying, and even waxing can be something that can carry over from parks & recreation to other financial options for people that are in need of funds being raised.

Basketball Fundraising Ideas – Putting It All Together

All right, the above are just 3 items to choose from, and are essential for a team looking to score some funds. It’s not always cut and dry, and some options require a little bit of financial help up front, but it can really prove to be a good overall. Aside from making money, a team can really become a solid unit because they are spending quality time together. It’s interesting to see that many are taking fundraising ideas to the next level, offering services, goods, and even sales to the general public. Even with a down economy, a quick brainstorming session can provide more than just the aforementioned, so make sure to set up a meeting of the minds and look through a variety of different basketball fundraising ideas before throwing in the towel.Created by Angela Mancuso

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