Clothing for School We’re always surprised at the imaginative ways school fundraising continues to bloom. Here’s a fantastic way to combine great savings for clothing and benefits schools.

Stacey Boyd  of San Francisco launched Schoola as an online consignment store after watching relentless cuts to her daughters school. By running a clothing drive and posting the clothes for sale online Stacey was able to see the savings for parents and solid contributions for schools. Having experience as a teacher and former principal Stacey saw a the potential for her ideas.

Started 2 years ago Schoola has 3,000 schools registered and continues to grow today. An extensive list of clothing is available for the kids. Everything is covered from jeans, blazers, sweaters, coats, hoodies, hats and mitts and more. Parents that have elementary age kids can really benefit from this post so feel free to share!

If you have gently used clothing at your house that your kids have outgrown, you can request a bag from Schoola and make a donation:

Schoola Stitch, which has a warehouse in South San Francisco, will mail bags upon request to anyone who wants to donate clothes, and the bags can be filled with up to about 20 pieces of clothing and mailed back. The company also helps schools organize clothing drives.

Customers can shop at and have purchases shipped home or another location. If your looking to start a school fundraiser,  you can enter your zip code and fill out the details then your registered. For more information Contact Schoola Stitch at 855-454-2956 or

I’m unsure if Schoola is currently in Canada however since the products are useful and they continue to grow hopefully it will.

Have you held a Schoola fundraiser before? Did you find it worth while? Any tips or suggestions you’d like to add, just drop a comment and share with our readers.

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Fundraising volunteer Appreciation


So we’ve wrapped up another year on this blog (that makes 5 in case your counting!). At the beginning of 2014 lets take a moment to give a shout out to those people in your school or community that helped out the past year. The people in the background that bring it all together. Without these people no school trips,  band costumes, playground equipment or help for the needy in your town.

If you can think of anyone that deserves a public shout out drop a comment on this blog and let them know you noticed their efforts. Lets make this post a list of appreciation awesomeness!

In the meantime, feel free to fill out the image and send it off to someone who has earned it.

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Labels for Education


By clipping and keeping the UPC codes from assorted products you can be helping with school fundraising. The Labels for Education program works with public and private schools(K-12) and home school associations (K-12) to help schools with supplies. To participate snip the UPC codes from everyday products like Bic Pens, Campbell Soups, Chunky Soups, Glad bags, Pace Salsas and more. The whole list can be found here.

What can you get for all your hard work eating and using these products? You can pick from a collection of 390 products divided between  Arts, Athletics and Academics items.  The prize catalogue is extensive with items that range from little items like tiny rubber animals for little kids to IMAC systems and camcorders for school usage. Items cover not just student use but compact refrigerators, folding chairs and tables and smart boards for the teachers.  The full Labels for Education product catalogue can be found in pdf format on this page.

Although it’s great to see businesses come up with school fundraising ideas like this, I find some of the point values for the products rather high. Every UPC code is worth a point so a simple book starting around 500 is considerable! Gel pens for 1150 (!) and a beverage container to dump Gatorade on the coach costs 4250! WOW no wonder the entire community is asked to get involved! However the flip side is that this is good for both the businesses and schools, so there’s no harm done.

To see if your school is currently enrolled or to sign up, click here.

It takes a lot of people getting involved to financially keep schools running these days so it’s great to see corporations and associations table ideas and solutions that help everyone.

So now it’s your turn, you tell us, has your school used this fundraiser? With the entire school contributing, did the points add up quickly? Drop a comment and let us know if you thought it was an effective school fundraising program.

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Summer Fundraisers for Kids

Summer is a time of being outside, being active and having fun. When your school or special interest group wants to raise money there are a lot of great fundraising ideas they can choose from. Here are a few fundraisers that…..

Summer Concerts – Nothing says summer like a get together with music. Gather local bands to play and put up posters and advertisements around town. Charge admission plus sell food and drinks to people. Your group gets a lot of great advertising plus solid donations towards your cause.

Bike Rally – Sporting activities bring out a lot of people. Fresh air and fun combined with a good cause can almost promote an event all by itself! You can raise money with your friends or alone by taking part in a bike, run or swim event around town. You can give your donors an option of sponsoring you for a flat fee or per mile. These events also attract a lot of attention so call your local TV, radio or newspaper who will want to cover the event.

BBQ Cookoff – People will come out in droves for  BBQ in the summer. An event like this not only attracts hungry people but chefs who want to show off their grilling skills.  You can award prizes in certain categories for best cooked ribs and burgers. Charging a donation for entrance, plus selling drinks to the crowd can help you raise money for this popular event.

Car Washes – Gather your school crew together and hold a car wash on a sunny summer Saturday. Contact local car groups and get them to come out. Depending on the amount of people who actually show up, offer clubs a discount on their wash. You can also sell drink and cookies while people are waiting for their car to be cleaned.

School Fun Fairs – A great idea for school bands, cheerleaders or social clubs. Offer to have an event through the summer that can have events for the family like Bouncy Castles and tables for the adults like book sales, crafts and bakery. Invite service clubs in the area to participate in the event. This will draw a more sellers and more attention from people wanting to check it out.

These are just a few ideas that area available for a summer fundraiser. People in your community are looking for events to take part in so give them a reason to show up and they’ll come!

Drop a comment and let us know what’s summer fundraising activity has worked well in your community.

For help with your summer fundraising projects contact us.

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iPad help Special Needs Student With School Fundraising

Students in NY are coming together to learn music. Not such a ground breaking story, but the difference is these students have varying degrees of autism and  normally have challenges in communicating and concentrating. Not exactly the norm for school bands but with the use of apple iPads these students are creating and performing complex pieces.

Music teacher Adam Goldberg is thrilled with the progress he sees in his students.

And beyond the physical constraints the iPad has helped lift, Goldberg says he’s  witnessed a social phenomenon occur in his classroom. Students who traditionally  had issues communicating their wants or needs seemed to suddenly be unlocked by  their music, expressing themselves creatively. “I see them supporting each  other. They compliment each other. They help each other out,” Goldberg told “It is just magical, really a beautiful thing to see.”

Not only have they been able to learn musical concepts but the iPads let them improvise their own pieces. The students at  P177Q in Queens, are selling a few pieces as a school fundraiser. You can purchase their music through iTunes here.

Fox news has even shown up to cover these autistic composers. You can see their coverage here.

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Student Musician Fundraising


A great way to get students to fundraise is to make the activity appealing to them. Combine a cause that excites them with a personal interest and you’ve got their attention. Add a little exposure for budding artists and this becomes a win-win situation for  arts students.

Meet Anya Parker a 16 year old musician who has come up with a great list to help market both a cause and young musicians.  I think she has fantastic  marketing ideas for anyone looking for more publicity. Here are a few of tips she shares:

1. Write a song for the cause. You can directly raise money to support fundraising by publishing the song as a single and selling downloads to your friends, at a local coffee shop — anywhere! Don’t forget to advertise the song along with what it is supporting. If people like the song, they will be intrigued and more likely to check out the cause. It’s all about spreading the word, right?

2. Speaking of spreading the word, sometimes that’s all it takes! If you don’t want to sell a song, post a link to it for free! The more you send it around, and encourage others to pass it on, you can increase awareness drastically just by getting people interested with a cool tune. Include a description or link to the cause with the song so people are inspired to click, read, and support.

3. Send newsletters including ways to support, as well as a link to a song pertaining to the cause. Even if it is not your song, you can still inspire people to help by capturing their attention through song.

4. Put on a show! Find a few local bands or solo acts willing to do a festival or a concert event and sell tickets to raise money. The artists get to show their skills and have the opportunity to increase their fan base, while playing a fun show that benefits a cause.

5. Create a song writing contest for students (or friends!) to compete in. Encourage people to write and submit a song for the cause. You can even take it a step further and set up a ‘talent show’ type concert where each song is performed and the winner is announced. You can sell tickets to support the cause. There can be a prize for the winner and the added benefit is increasing awareness for the cause through the mere interest and buzz about the contest.

I’d also throw in using social media pages like YouTube to the mix. It helps mention the fundraiser and puts a face to the name for the artist. Great grassroots fundraisers like this are catching on as people support new talent and worth causes.

What other tips could you musicians or artists add to this list? Add your comments, we’d like to see what you come  up with. Also feel free to share this with the young artist in your life. They are probably looking for way to get noticed!

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 Christmas fundraising ideas

Christmas is a busy time for fundraisers. Your school or non profit could be raising money for themselves or for community needs during this season. By tapping into the Christmas spirit your fundraiser can be fun to hold plus inspire your donors.

Here are a few ideas that might help you along:

Christmas Tree Sales

Have your school sell Christmas trees during the season. Put up banners with your school logo. You might even be able to partner with a local non profit who can provide sellers on the lot during the week. Working out a percentage of sales to give them will also help you increase your hours or sales from just the weekends to the rest of the week.

Santa Hat- A-Thon

For a small donation, your school or business can wear their Santa hats. Or for larger donation dress in the whole suit.

Noel -A -Grams

Great for church fundraisers. For a donation your choir can sing to individuals or at functions in the community. It’s also a good way to spread cheer during the season.

Sell Christmas Candles, Wreaths and Ornaments

There are many companies that sell Christmas wreaths online that can be shipped directly. Check for professional fundraising companies that offer candles as fundraisers.

Community Christmas Event

During the season activities like skating, tree lighting, caroling, ask for donations to community projects. Canned goods, hats and mitts are always welcome donations during this time.

These are just a few tips for Christmas fundraising ideas.Remember while your running a fundraising project with us take a team picture. We announce one team our Fundraiser of the Month and donate an extra $100 to their cause. Check out our facebook page for more details.

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Halloween School Fundraising

Kids love Halloween (so do a lot of grown ups by the way)! It’s the chance to dress up as someone else and make believe for a day. Plus there’s chocolate involved which raises the stakes.

You can tie school fundraising into Halloween with a few ideas that will have even the kids excited to help out. Here is a quick list of some of the Halloween fundraising ideas we’ve seen:

Best Costume – The coolest costume wins. Kids will surprise you with how creative they can be on this one.
Pumpkin Fundraiser – Sell pumpkins in the community with donations going to the School
Pumpkin Carving Contest – Put on a school wide contest for the best carved and imaginative pumpkin contest.
School Spookyard – Age appropriate frights where kids can walk through a maze
Scary Spooky Treats – Have some students sell goblin cookies, Skeleton snacks etc to be delivered to their desks.

What fundraising ideas has your school come up with in the past?

Check out Noel’s Pumpkin Carving Archive for some really cool past Halloween carving.

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Well the contests keep coming!

This week (Sept 24 to the 28) we’re running another contest! If you like Green Fundraisers check out our Dodo Bag giveway. Drop a comment on our justfundraising facebook page telling us which one is your favorite and we’ll draw a winner on Friday.

Also don’t forget about our other contest we’re running this month. The Fundraiser of the Month Contest is still on!

Good Luck!

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Justfundraisings Fundraiser of the Month Contest

We are starting a contest for All our customers. Send us a picture of your fundraising team plus a success story and we will enter you into our monthly Fundraiser of the Month contest. You could win an extra $100 dollars for your new school fundraiser or charity drive. We’ll mention the winners here and on our justfundraising facebook page in future posts.

Think of it as public acknowledgement of your awesomness!

Send your information in an email to with the subject Fundraiser of the Month Contest

Good Luck!

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