After speaking with Dale Zak here’s the update to last weekends iPhone application meet up in halifax.

From the thirteen local charities that submitted proposals, three were selected to be receive the proceeds from the applications:

Post Card – Feed Nova Scotia
Meet Me Here – Phoenix Youth Programs
Civic Snitch – Ecology Action Centre

…At the root of everyone’s hard work was the shared belief that their efforts were making a difference…This idea also introduces an intriguing new funding model: sales from the applications created in a weekend have the potential to help fund charities for months to come. Apple gives 70% of sales back to the developer, which means that if we sell an app for $0.99, and it sells 1000 copies, that would generate $700 for the chosen charity.

The iHackHFX teams hope to have all three applications finished and available for sale on the App Store in mid to late August.

What a novel and unique way to fundraise for charities. You may not be in the position to gather a bunch of application developers together but you can donate your skills to charity. It can develop great networking contacts for you, build your resume and skills, plus help charities that are feeling the squeeze now more than ever.

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