Summer Fundraisers for Kids

Summer is a time of being outside, being active and having fun. When your school or special interest group wants to raise money there are a lot of great fundraising ideas they can choose from. Here are a few fundraisers that…..

Summer Concerts – Nothing says summer like a get together with music. Gather local bands to play and put up posters and advertisements around town. Charge admission plus sell food and drinks to people. Your group gets a lot of great advertising plus solid donations towards your cause.

Bike Rally – Sporting activities bring out a lot of people. Fresh air and fun combined with a good cause can almost promote an event all by itself! You can raise money with your friends or alone by taking part in a bike, run or swim event around town. You can give your donors an option of sponsoring you for a flat fee or per mile. These events also attract a lot of attention so call your local TV, radio or newspaper who will want to cover the event.

BBQ Cookoff – People will come out in droves for  BBQ in the summer. An event like this not only attracts hungry people but chefs who want to show off their grilling skills.  You can award prizes in certain categories for best cooked ribs and burgers. Charging a donation for entrance, plus selling drinks to the crowd can help you raise money for this popular event.

Car Washes – Gather your school crew together and hold a car wash on a sunny summer Saturday. Contact local car groups and get them to come out. Depending on the amount of people who actually show up, offer clubs a discount on their wash. You can also sell drink and cookies while people are waiting for their car to be cleaned.

School Fun Fairs – A great idea for school bands, cheerleaders or social clubs. Offer to have an event through the summer that can have events for the family like Bouncy Castles and tables for the adults like book sales, crafts and bakery. Invite service clubs in the area to participate in the event. This will draw a more sellers and more attention from people wanting to check it out.

These are just a few ideas that area available for a summer fundraiser. People in your community are looking for events to take part in so give them a reason to show up and they’ll come!

Drop a comment and let us know what’s summer fundraising activity has worked well in your community.

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Fitness Fundraising

Lori Dempsey from Castle Rock decided that she would do what she could to help those involved in the Waldo Canyon Fire earlier this summer. So she put on her dancing shoes…….and called some friends. Her friends happened to be Zumba instructors and all three ladies put on a 2 hour fundraising salsa session! There was no cost for the class but participants were asked to bring in donations for the victims of the fire.

“Seeing that devastation on television and with us having connections down there, I really felt they are part of our community,” Dempsey said. “We felt a responsibility to do what we can to try and help them.”

By the time the message was sent through the community 75 women showed up to help and participate in some steamy latin grooving.

Zumba is an aerobic dance excercise that teaches different dance steps such as merengue, reggaetone and salsa.  It creates a party like atmosphere that the class dances away to. The whole time burning a pile of calories.

At the end of the fundriasing activity Dempsey was very satisfied with the turnout from Douglas County.

“It’s easy to be part of a community when things are going well,” Dempsey said. “But the ties are tested when the chips are down. You really see your true colors.”

If you would like to help your favourite charity cause or hometown contact us for fundraising ideas.We’re fit, fun and groovy and ready to raise money for important things in your life.

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Free Fundraising Ideas Fundraising ideas for free means that you will have to rely  on your creativity to design an event and the generosity of your donors to make it a success. Here are a few ideas that you can use to generate a few dollars for your cause.

Charity Sports Game – Hold a special game in your area and invite local TV and Radio celebrities to show up and play on a team.

Personal Shopper – Offer to shop for professionals. Many people are too busy to go shopping or they need help with solid ideas for gifts. By offering to go shopping for them you take care of their to do list.

Squidoo Charity –  If you have time you can build interesting web pages that charities can use to earn money through squidoo.  However you do have to be a registered non-profit in the U.S. to sign up to be a Squidoo Charity .  Ask your network to donate some time to help with the writing. 

Art – Have your local artists create projects for you that you can leverage for money. You can auction pieces off , sell them or trade them for other items that your charity can use. Remember the guy who traded the paperclip and eventually worked his way into a house! You may not want to take it to this extreme but it’s the same concept.

Eating – Put on an eating contest. Yup you don’t see this one too much so it would be unique. Get your local supermarket to donate some food or  to showcase it’s product. Get sponsorship from family friends or local businesses. Make it an event and get teams to see how many hot dogs can be eaten in 5 minutes.

Yardwork – Offer your services for lawnmowing, raking, trimming potting etc. It gets you out doors, keeps you active and can generate money for charities.

Dogwalking – Put up flyers in coffee shops and shopping centres around town. Offer to walk dogs in the park on the weekends. You can collect the dogs early in the morning before school or work. Extra exercise for you and the pets plus it’s one less thing someone else has to do, thus worth a couple of bucks!

Flea Markets – Great for teenagers. Your parents will love you for cleaning up your room, you get to sell off old clothing, books, cd’s, DVD’s and games.

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Here are just a few ideas of free fundraising ideas or events that wont cost much to put on.  Now you tell us what’s worked for you and what charity would you donate the money to?

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 Fundraising Fashion Gala

   Everyone needs a night out at times. Giving the ladies time with their friends and an opportunity to see the latest fashions is a great occasion. With a tie in to raising money, you can turn this event into a successful fundraiser. If you are helping your local school, church or community organization fundraise for their needs, a fashion fundraising gala is an exciting opportunity for everyone involved.

 This is a larger more complex fundraiser to put on so you need a team of people to help. It has such excitement to it that people will be willing to help.

Gather The Talent

 Ask local colleges or universities if their students would look exposure for their fashions. Students are looking to make a mark for themselves and get noticed for their talents. This is a great opportunity for them because they can publicize their clothing and get noticed.

 Contact local modeling agencies and ask if their models would donate their time to the event. This works in the same way as the fashion designers. Models will do it for the experience and if the cause is a good one. Models will volunteer their time to make connections in their industry as well as the cause. It also gives them experience walking a runway so it fills out their modeling resume. You always have volunteers who would take advantage of this time to wear new clothes in such a fun event.  

 Accessorize Your Models

 You can make a few calls to local clothing stores because the models will need shoes, at a minimum. Other nice touches like jewelry, scarves, and hats give companies a chance to showcase their stock. Offer to put in free advertising for the businesses. The local companies will appreciate the good press.

 Sell Tickets

 Have your volunteers and participants sell tickets and put up posters. Advertise the event at work, schools, social media sites and churches. Your going to be running a fairly large show with lots of volunteers involved, so tap into their network of friends. People know people and this will generate ticket sales plus added advertising.

 There are other outlets for cost effective advertising in your area.  Call local radio and TV stations which donate a portion of their time to local fundraising activities. All these avenues take just a minute to fill out a form but add a lot to your bottom line.

A Concession Stand For Extra Income

 Have a few finger foods at an on site cafeteria. Food and drink will add an extra stream of income to your night. It’s a finishing touch to your night and takes a few minutes to organize.

 Those are some tips to help you run a successful fashion fundraising gala. I’m sure you can add more to our quick list. What worked for you when you produced yours?  Drop a comment and help others who are thinking of doing this activity.

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Creative Spring Fundraising Ideas

    I’m always excited to see the spring fundraisers start, it means there are new fundraising ideas coming  ( plus I’m closer to wearing shorts, which is important too! ). We get to see schools and community organizations start hitting the streets. Everything starts thawing and beginning to move again.

People respond well to the thought of spring. They come out from inside and are looking forward to getting going again. Outside activities like Gardening come to mind for a lot of people. We’re seeing great fundraising ideas tied into this.

In Ontario the 219th Toronto Scouts are putting on their own version of a green spring fundraiser. They are really rolling up their sleeves and getting into it. The fundraising work that kids in scouts and sports teams have been doing lately has been good for generating money, helping the environment and for keeping people active.  Check out our post Hockey Team Puts On Environmental Fundraiser.

The  Scout Troop, headquartered at the All Saints’ Kingsway Anglican Church at 2850 Bloor St. W., will be taking to the streets of south Etobicoke,  Saturday March 31 this month, taking orders for peat moss, top soil, manure, mixed soil, pine bark mulch, indoor potting soil, and natural cedar mulch.

“Gardening products are something people can use, which is why this is such a good fundraiser,” said parent volunteer Mary McGavin

The money generated from the door to door spring fundraiser will be used to send the troop to the 2013 Jamboree in Calgary.

For more information, call McGavin at 416-234-9519 or Scout Master William ‘Skip’ Nickle at 905-820-7179

For those of you interested in other gardening ideas you can check out our spring flower bulb fundraisers. Guaranteed to bloom so even if you don’t have a green thumb these bulbs will still flower for you.

So many organizations need a little bit of your time, so choose an organization that interests you and get involved.

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Putting on a successful school dance fundraiser

Is it me or is the guy in blue sticking his fingers in the pink girls eye? Everybody else is having a good time though…

We’ve been spending some time over the last couple of posts looking at school fundraising ideas. A lot of our clients are schools so we want to help them out. This year the funding has been tough, so we’re throwing some extra ideas out there to help.

A great way to have fun, keep active and draw huge crowds is with a school dance fundraiser. You have a built in audience that is going to attend plus they will get hungry and thirsty as the night goes on. You can charge for a ticket to get in, plus some juice and snacks. It’s all fair since the money generated is going back into school services the students will be using anyway.

Schools can also use a dance fundraiser as an educational experience as well. Zebulon Middle School recently put on their second annual dance a thon and the students had a blast. Everyone got to participate and while gearing up for the event teachers got to show the kids different styles of music and dance.

Eighth-grader Simeon Harris helped the art teachers prepare for last year’s dance-a-thon by helping to set up the gym. Over a two-year time span, he’s learned more about different types of dances. This year, he and a fellow student have researched music and dance of the 1980s.

“There were different types (of music) then,” Harris said. “Rock, R&B, and rap,” for example.

Harris helped pick out music for this year’s event, focusing on “music everyone can enjoy.” He said the best part of getting ready for this year’s dance is “I get to pick my own selection of music.”

Vereen likes that students are learning not only how to support their school and a supporting organization, but that they are finding out about the history of American music.

 School dance fundraisers are a very fun and inclusive way to raise money. It’s important like any other fundraiser to keep the kids excited about why they should take part and motivated to help sell tickets. Just ask dance teacher Letisa Vereen:

 As an extra incentive, Vereen told students about the $50 gift card the arts department would give the student who brought in the most money.

Tracy Hicks, campaign assistant for the United Arts Council of Wake County, said fundraisers like the ZMS dance-a-thon, can make a significant difference. Her organization awarded art-related grants to 138 Wake County schools last year. “We reached 135,000 students,” Hicks said.

So with numbers like that they’re popular with the students, popular with teachers and with combining them with food fundraisers popular with us fundraisers.

So put your dancing shoes on and get out on that dance floor!

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