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So we’ve wrapped up another year on this blog (that makes 5 in case your counting!). At the beginning of 2014 lets take a moment to give a shout out to those people in your school or community that helped out the past year. The people in the background that bring it all together. Without these people no school trips,  band costumes, playground equipment or help for the needy in your town.

If you can think of anyone that deserves a public shout out drop a comment on this blog and let them know you noticed their efforts. Lets make this post a list of appreciation awesomeness!

In the meantime, feel free to fill out the image and send it off to someone who has earned it.

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ok so we’re back for a new year of Fundraising and Charity news. Lets leave 2011 behind because I know that for a lot of charity organizations, schools, churches etc it was a very lean year. Fundraising activities are increasingly important to keeping things going. I think we can all see that.

With that said, lets move on.

So what will you work towards this year?

2012 is a brand new year with new opportunities. Do you want to expand services, help animals, fund a well in Africa, provide new musical equipment for your school band? I’ll even accept personal resolutions to this question to see what people are coming up with.

Drop us your comments and lets see what you are excited about for 2012.

Hope for Fundraisers in 2012

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Nominate your Favourite Fundraiser or Charity



altruistic concern for human welfare and advancement, usually manifested by donations of money, property, or work to needy persons, by endowment of institutions of learning and hospitals, and by generosity to other socially useful purposes.
We’ve spent the past couple of years talking about different fundraising and charity  initiatives out there that are stepping up and getting things done. We thought we’d give you a chance to mention YOUR  favourite.
This is your chance to give a little love to the people or ideas that you feel deserve recognition. Your Nominees can be anybody from local volunteers to huge international organizations or maybe just the ideas themselves. Your mention might motivate further contributions to these organizations so it’s worth your effort.
Drop a comment and let the rest of the readers of this blog know the good works that are still being done out there.
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Hockey Fundraising Ideas    Over the past couple of weeks we’ve seen some fantastic examples of sports fundraisers that benefit the community ( check out our post on Vermont Students Uniting for Fundraiser ) Since we’re a fundraising company that works with a lot of sports teams we wanted to pass on stories worth sharing.

Atom AA hockey players in Markham, Ontario will be putting on a tree-planting event at German Mills Settles Park in Thornhill. Susan Sigrist is the organizer of the event and although she admits that it’s different for a sports fundraiser, she’s hoping it will catch on with other teams.

 Ms. Sigrist is proud of the difference from traditional fundraisers. She says this is more of team participation instead of solitary effort, plus there are solid benefits for the environment. It also teaches the players to contribute to their team, their club and their environment. 

 “I think it’s going to be fun,” said defenseman Jordan Moseley who lives in the German Mills neighborhood near Leslie and John Street. “I really like going outside.”

 By planting the trees for the fundraiser Susan says that it will help balance the carbon footprint the team leaves behind because of the long distances the team has to travel for games. Plus the 100 trees planted consisting of serviceberry, dogwood, sumac, and elderberry are native to the area. These plants and shrubs will provide shelter, berries and nesting for the area as well as prevent erosion to the shoreline.

 The tree-planting event, set for Saturday Oct. 29, is supported by Toronto Region Conservation Authority, Don Watershed Regeneration Council (DWRC), the Town of Markham, Evergreen and the Markham Islanders Hockey Club

If the pilot project is successful, Ms Sigrist, a volunteer with the conservation authority and Don Watershed group, hopes other sports teams will sign on for similar fundraising events.

To make a pledge, call 905-832-2711.

If your sports team would like to put on a fundraiser or if you would like to fundraise for the environment contact us for more ideas.

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Vermont School Fundraising and Charity for Hurricane Irene     Students for across the state of Vermont have been stepping up to the fundraising plate the past couple of weeks to help those suffering from Hurricane Irene’s damage. Strangely enough the devastation has actually had an empowering effect in the school sports community.

 In the aftermath of all the damage and heartache, the Vermont sporting community has tightly bonded, with just about everyone willing to lend a helping hand.

“I’ve been teaching at Harwood for 35 years,” the school’s cross country coach John Kerrigan said, “and never have I seen so much school spirit and sense of pride.

“It’s one of the big positives that has come out of dealing with so much adversity,” added Kerrigan, whose runners have spent hours shoveling mud out of basements and removing debris in hard-hit areas of the central Vermont school district

 School sports teams have had to play their scheduled games in alternate locations in order to continue the season. Other teams have had to travel three times the distance because of road detours but their grit and kindness are still showing through. The state has seen unprompted fundraising events for team rivals. The Fairfax football team raised money and school supplies for Woodstock before the football game between the teams.

 Essex School has officially adopted South Royalton in order to help them recover after a devastating loss to the school left them just with basketballs and uniforms. The acts of charity and help have been inspiring considering that these schools play in different divisions.

 Through the past couple of weeks after Irene schools have donated proceeds of raffle sales to other schools, waived admission fees to those bringing food donations for the cause and students and faculty lending time and effort to the clean up from the hurricane. Everybody has participated.

 “It’s really nice to know we are helping. I can’t even imagine if we lost everything and couldn’t continue our season,” said Amy Yandow, an Essex senior cheerleader and member of the leadership council. “We take sports as a privilege and we want to get it back to where it was for them.”

 Sportsmanship has been learned on the field and these events are showing the students are prepared to put it into action in real life too!

 If you would like to help out for these issues or for your own school sports fundraisers contact us.

School sports fundraising

1% for the planet Charity Occasionally when I’m researching new and interesting fundraising/ charity ideas to post on this blog I run into something that really stands out. Today is just that day.

The only problem is that I may need you to help educate me on it!

The theory goes like this: Imagine having a network of companies banded together to help environmental issues. These companies donate 1% of their annual revenue towards green causes. 1%fortheplanet did just that.

I was so intrigued to find out more about this concept I went to check out their website. I put the link in for their web page but I received a lot of browser crashes which ground me to a complete halt. I wasn’t able to look into what they offered or how much it costs to be a member. If anybody can shed some light on this drop a comment I’d love to know.

I have been able to check out their blog and facebook page and was intrigued at what I saw. Their extremely busy and the businesses looking to be a part of this are lining up to sign up!

Check out the video which sums 1% up:

If anybody can find 1%for the planets quick guide pdf let me know that would be cool to go through.

Please check out their site because despite the technical issues I’ve had, I have learned that this is an incredible idea worth sharing.  Drop a comment if you can add anything to help us out.

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TeacherWishlist fundraising

Teacherwishlist was created by It’s the electronic equivalent to that slip of paper teachers always sent home with next years school supplies listed.  A recent survery conducted by bounty who sponsors the site, showed that 71% of  teachers spend close to $500 in order to outfit their class. The site intends to lighten the load these teachers by providing a little extra funding. 

 In order to participate, your teacher can have their class supplies listed, parents can look them up on the front page. For a limited time there are also some great giveaways with the Teacher Wish List. Each week, Teacherwishlist and their partner  Bounty are giving 10 teachers $462 (the average the teachers spend) and participating schools will also be entered to win a $25,000 creative classroom makeover.

That’s a great step forward but lets face it these teachers, schools and students are going to need more help. If you want to put on a school fundraiser event to further help contact us.  

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World Humanitarian Day

It has been 10 years since the International Year of Volunteers in 2001, and the United Nations called for this anniversary to be marked across the planet. August 19, 2011 is World Humanitarian Day.

Every charitable organization or relief agency depends on volunteers. They are the oil which drives the engine.  Raise your glasses because today is the day you are celebrated!

Today the scope of volunteering is huge! You can give a little of your time to help just about any cause that comes to mind. Not only does this help support the charitable organization but helps you develop skills and real world experience that studies just can’t provide. These days you are not even constrained to local areas because it’s possible to volunteer from your local computer. Here is a collection of real and virtual volunteering opportunites that are open to you from major organizations like worldvision and redcross.

On behalf of us, the charitable organizations you serve and the people you’ve helped: Thank You!

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What seems like every major music star in the world today, from Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, Elton John and Sting, to U2, Bruno Mars, Madonna and Lionel Richie, have agreed to participate in a new campaign for Save the Children’s East Africa Appeal.

Millions of children are facing starvation right now – this doesn’t have to happen. Save The Children has launched an emergency aid response in Africa. Please watch this video, share with friends and download Bob Marley & The Wailer’s single ‘High Tide or Low Tide’ with all proceeds going to the East Africa food crisis appeal. You can help now.


Click here if you would like to fundraise for Africa

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Green Fundraising with Canadian Red Leaf Project Help plant over 100,000 trees in Canada. Just by clicking a button.

Molson Canadian ( yes those beer makers eh ) have created The Red Leaf Project to help reforestation in Canada this summer. Every time you plant a virtual tree the project plants one in real life. Sign in with your facebook account, play a little game where you pick the area, dig the hole and water the seed and the deed is done. I could really do without the video game but I guess it’s the way you have earn your free tree.

The Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project is working with Evergreen and Tree Canada to make this a summer an event to be proud of!  When the first 100 people sign up as volunteers for the real life tree planting they get free tickets to concerts througout Canada this summer. I really love how they tie in charity/green events / live music, Molson should be congratulated for this! After the free tickets for vounteers are taken there’s a link to buy tickets for the shows. The Project has been on for awhile so I’m not sure what state those free tickets are in.

Nicely done Molson!

The Red Leaf Project will plant just short of 5 million square feet of trees when this is done but it needs you to start it off by planting that virtual tree. Lets see how many you do.

Molson Canadian Red Leaf Porject


So you tell me, what charity or fundraising events have you seen that combine green ideas? Drop a comment and let us know.

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