Christmas fundraising ideas

Christmas is a busy time for fundraisers. Your school or non profit could be raising money for themselves or for community needs during this season. By tapping into the Christmas spirit your fundraiser can be fun to hold plus inspire your donors.

Here are a few ideas that might help you along:

Christmas Tree Sales

Have your school sell Christmas trees during the season. Put up banners with your school logo. You might even be able to partner with a local non profit who can provide sellers on the lot during the week. Working out a percentage of sales to give them will also help you increase your hours or sales from just the weekends to the rest of the week.

Santa Hat- A-Thon

For a small donation, your school or business can wear their Santa hats. Or for larger donation dress in the whole suit.

Noel -A -Grams

Great for church fundraisers. For a donation your choir can sing to individuals or at functions in the community. It’s also a good way to spread cheer during the season.

Sell Christmas Candles, Wreaths and Ornaments

There are many companies that sell Christmas wreaths online that can be shipped directly. Check for professional fundraising companies that offer candles as fundraisers.

Community Christmas Event

During the season activities like skating, tree lighting, caroling, ask for donations to community projects. Canned goods, hats and mitts are always welcome donations during this time.

These are just a few tips for Christmas fundraising ideas.Remember while your running a fundraising project with us take a team picture. We announce one team our Fundraiser of the Month and donate an extra $100 to their cause. Check out our facebook page for more details.

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Batman is taking back Aurora Colorado

We are all aware of the intense event that happened a few weeks ago in Aurora. The only comic store owner in the area, Jeff Farnsworth has lit the bat signal and is sending out word that Aurora Rises! His Aurora Rises charity event held on August 25 and 26 will accept donations and aid for the victims and their families.

Batman and the comic book industry have been involved with helping causes in the past. Check out Batman Fights More Than Evil. He’s Now Fundraising. The comic book industry will again respond to recent events with Publishers and Artists making appearences and donating art to raise money. Online auctions will be held on August 25 and 26 for those not in the area.

The scope of the donations has expanded over the past couple of weeks to also include sculptures, posters, T-shirts and a guitar from The Zac Band. The response to this idea has been so popular that Aurora Rises events are now being planned in other cities in the nation and abroad.

If you would like to help you can donate to the Aurora shooting victims or contact us for fundraising ideas.

If you are a comic book collector or just all around geek, plan on checking this event out. It’s for a great cause and help Aurora Rise!

Lets finish this post with a fun Batman related video.

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Summer is ramping up and there are exciting and interesting fundraising stories happening. Lets get into one that I discovered last week.

First lets meet Alex:

It’s amazing the change little Alex was able to start in just a few years. It seems that her idea is catching on because it’s growing strong .Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) is partnering with some big name stores to fight childhood cancers.  The corporations already aboard over the past couple of years are a roll call for huge name businesses. Here are just a few:



Country Time Lemonade
( kinda appropriate isn’t it! )



Old Navy



Bank of America

In addition to these corporations Toys R Us is partnering with ALSF for the second year to run a fundraising promotion called Help Fight Childhood Cancer One Cup at a Time.

“As a direct result of the funds raised over the course of our partnership with Toys R Us, ALSF has been able to finance critical scientific pediatric cancer research projects as we continue to raise awareness for this heartbreaking disease,” said Liz Scott, co-executive director of the foundation, in a statement.

Toys R Us will also utilize its Facebook page to provide updates, fun activities, and more for those interested in finding out more about the endeavor. In addition to all their other means of support Toys R Us has also put up a page on their website for online donations where you can donate any amount.

“We’re proud ot join ALSF for a second consecutive year,” said Sloane Lucas, director of corporate philanthropy for Toys R Us. “Through this campaign we look forward to helping kids and familes across the country make Alex’s dream of one day finding a cure, a reality.”

If you would like to help you can  put on you own lemonade stand or  fundraise to fight cancers in children.

Drink up…it’s for a great cause!

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Empty Bowl School Fundraising Event

School fundraising events can be a powerful tool. Not just for the money raised for their own needs but as a volunteer force for the good of the community. Recently students and teachers in Ohio put together an empty bowl school fundraiser for the hungry.

Teachers and students created over 100 handcrafted bowls individually shaped and colored by the students. On the day of sales people get to peruse for their favorite. For $10 they get to pick an empty bowl an soup donated for the event from local groups. The event was also a tie in to The Southwest Licking Arts Fest, so everyone got to express creativity and charity.

The Empty Bowls idea was created by the Imagine Render Group a non profit organization looking to make lasting positive change through arts, education and community building.  Their focus on the empty bowls concept has been to address the issue of hunger at the community level.

 The basic premise is simple:  Potters and other craftspeople, educators and others work with the  community to create handcrafted bowls. Guests are invited to a simple  meal of soup and bread. In exchange for a cash donation, guests are  asked to keep a bowl as a reminder of all the empty bowls in the world.  The money raised is donated to an organization working to end hunger and  food insecurity.

Since inception Empty Bowls fundraising events have spread throughout the US and Canada and  a dozen more international countries.

As we’ve mentioned on the blog in past posts like Matt Damon’s Feeding America, the issue of food poverty is critical. Empty Bowls is a great idea with lots of untapped potential. Used with school fundraising events is also gives kids a creative outlet so it’s a win win situation.

If your looking to help fight hunger contact either  empty bowls or us for fundraising ideas.

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Titanic Charity Events

This weekend marks the centennial anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.  On April 14, 1912 the Titanic sank with massive loss of life. Every one knows the story of the great lady and the iceberg, it has captivated us ever since.  Many people attending thecommemorative events this year will dress in period costume to relive the times while observing the memory of Titanic.  This weekend people, all over the globe are observing the event and a few fundraising events are being tied in with it:

A world record balloon drop in Australia will be the first commemerativec charitable event.

Elegance and period costume are part of The Titanic Ball hosted in Belfast.

Charitable Lifeboat Race that will contribute food  for a local infant wellfare association.

The Titanic Diner and Ball will be hosted this weekend by The Greater Toledo Area Chapter of the American Red Cross.

There will be a Titanic Diner and Dance in Toronto.

Live Titanic Wireless Reenactment in Newfoundland

Halifax, NS has several diners with their Titanic Diner on April 15 and the Heritage Diner  July 28

Titanic Reemberance Ceremony and Diner in Ireland

Ships sailing from the UK and New York will meet mid Atlantic at Titanic’s final resting place for the Titanic Memorial Cruise

There will be many more Titanic commemorative events rolling out through the year, however it’s this weekends events that will be the most poignant. Check local listings for events in your area. If you would like to let the readers know of any appropriate charitable Titanic events being put on, drop a comment to let them know.

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Free Fundraising Ideas Fundraising ideas for free means that you will have to rely  on your creativity to design an event and the generosity of your donors to make it a success. Here are a few ideas that you can use to generate a few dollars for your cause.

Charity Sports Game – Hold a special game in your area and invite local TV and Radio celebrities to show up and play on a team.

Personal Shopper – Offer to shop for professionals. Many people are too busy to go shopping or they need help with solid ideas for gifts. By offering to go shopping for them you take care of their to do list.

Squidoo Charity –  If you have time you can build interesting web pages that charities can use to earn money through squidoo.  However you do have to be a registered non-profit in the U.S. to sign up to be a Squidoo Charity .  Ask your network to donate some time to help with the writing. 

Art – Have your local artists create projects for you that you can leverage for money. You can auction pieces off , sell them or trade them for other items that your charity can use. Remember the guy who traded the paperclip and eventually worked his way into a house! You may not want to take it to this extreme but it’s the same concept.

Eating – Put on an eating contest. Yup you don’t see this one too much so it would be unique. Get your local supermarket to donate some food or  to showcase it’s product. Get sponsorship from family friends or local businesses. Make it an event and get teams to see how many hot dogs can be eaten in 5 minutes.

Yardwork – Offer your services for lawnmowing, raking, trimming potting etc. It gets you out doors, keeps you active and can generate money for charities.

Dogwalking – Put up flyers in coffee shops and shopping centres around town. Offer to walk dogs in the park on the weekends. You can collect the dogs early in the morning before school or work. Extra exercise for you and the pets plus it’s one less thing someone else has to do, thus worth a couple of bucks!

Flea Markets – Great for teenagers. Your parents will love you for cleaning up your room, you get to sell off old clothing, books, cd’s, DVD’s and games.

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Here are just a few ideas of free fundraising ideas or events that wont cost much to put on.  Now you tell us what’s worked for you and what charity would you donate the money to?

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Fundraising for Kenyan Orphanage

Paul McWhorter’s math class might go down in history as the coolest ever. Several of his students were looking for a service learning project and boy did they come to the right math teacher! Paul’s  daughter Elizabeth is currently working as a missionary nurse for an orphanage in Kenya. During a web chat with student juniors Austin Stapp, Blaine Mitchell, Alex McMayon, Mary Lou Martinez, Ryan Espinosa and Lane Griffin a plan was developed to help the orphanage kids.

“The children at Mattaw receive a well-balanced diet and are well-nourished,” McWhorter said recently in an email from Kenya. “However, when we rescue orphaned or abandoned children off the streets, they are often very malnourished and suffer from a number of health challenges.

“I mentioned (to the students) that vitamin supplements would be a good thing for all the children, but in particular would be beneficial for those children just rescued, and those with more serious medical conditions.”

The Eldorado Texas students have developed a Web-based project called Cards for Kenya that raises money to buy vitamins for children.

But before we get into that we have to meet another player in this. His name is Peter and he’s a budding photographer. Peter is one of the children at the orphanage and one day he became fascinated with a camera. Since then he’s been chronicling his friends and experiences at the orphanage. The idea of selling his photos came to the Eldorado students and it seems like a great exchange for everyone!

The project has raised more than $900, and with part of that they bought a three months’ supply of multivitamins. Paul McWhorter visited his daughter over the Christmas holidays and took the vitamins with him to save on shipping costs. The students will soon be sending another shipment.

Since then the high school students have received their fare share of exposure. They have done interviews for local lions clubs and radio stations and today their blog was updated with a front page article on them!

Check out their website and I think you’ll find these are cool kids fundraising for a great cause. These students show us that school fundraising isn’t just about raising money for the campus but helping those in need. Great school spirit if you ask us!

If you like Peters pictures or just want to support the cause, purchase a print on their site.

Fundraising group Cards for Kenya

Now you tell us, how is your school or charity project taking action and getting involved this year?

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Even Batman is Fundraising Everybodies favorite Dark Knight is now fighting Hunger.  DC Entertainment and Warner Brothers announced that it will create a fundraising campaign to fight hunger and drought in the Horn of Africa.

The We Can Be Heroes Campaign will generate the funds for Save the Children, International Rescue Committee and Mercy Corps with its 100 percent gift-matching campaign and specially branded merchandise.

“We are a global company, and this is a global issue,” Warner Bros., Chairman and CEO Barry Meyer said in a statement. “By marshalling our expertise in consumer and fan engagement and creating global awareness, we hope we’re able to inspire others to join us in becoming ‘heroes’ and make a difference.

Check out the video that’s been produced for the campaign:

Help Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg fight huger in the Horn of Africa by buying a shirt, mug or thermos or ipod case.

While doing some research for this post I’ve read a lot of comments about what governments should be doing and who isn’t doing what. People have even dropped comments about not supporting these campaigns in an act to force govenments to help out. While in theory there might be something to this, in the meantime cutting off the funding for this campaign is only hurting those who need it the most.

Please contribute by spreading the word about this by clicking on our social media icons.

Comments appreciated.

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ok so we’re back for a new year of Fundraising and Charity news. Lets leave 2011 behind because I know that for a lot of charity organizations, schools, churches etc it was a very lean year. Fundraising activities are increasingly important to keeping things going. I think we can all see that.

With that said, lets move on.

So what will you work towards this year?

2012 is a brand new year with new opportunities. Do you want to expand services, help animals, fund a well in Africa, provide new musical equipment for your school band? I’ll even accept personal resolutions to this question to see what people are coming up with.

Drop us your comments and lets see what you are excited about for 2012.

Hope for Fundraisers in 2012

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Christmas Fundraising / Charity Ideas


Many thanks to those of you who sent information to us so we can help you give gifts that count. Please consider a purchase a gift this year from this list. It’s been a tough year for Fundraising and Charities and they do good work for people in need.

World Vision Gifts: Over 100 unique gifts to multiply your giving dollar.

Charity Village: Has a collection of links for philanthropic giving:

 The Hungersiteall shopping benefits 8 different causes of your choice. Help Hunger Issues, Autism, Literacy and more.

Chalice: 2011 Christmas Calendar Sponsors International Aid.

Alternative Gifts International: Give a gift that helps fight Hunger, Gender Inequality, Education and more.

Heifer Project International: Christmas gift catalogue
Habitat for Humanity: Clothes, Books and more gift ideas that help fundraise for putting people back into houses.

Green Gifts by the Natural Resources Defense Council: From Green Energy Boosts to Buffalo Babysitting gifts, the NRDC has a launched a new Green Gifts Online Catalog featuring over 40 gifts that help protect the environment and wildlife. [Purchase Green Gifts]

Inspired Gifts by UNICEF: Givers can purchase a School-in-a-Box to help set up a temporary school in times of crisis, vaccines, and even midwifery kits. Recipients get a card, and you help save lives. [Purchase Inspired Gifts]

Peace Bonds by Nonviolent Peaceforce: The purchase of Peace Bonds enable unarmed peacekeepers to go into conflict zones to protect vulnerable families. Givers can purchase as little as two hours of peacekeeping for $10 or up to 100 hours of peacekeeping for $500. [Purchase Peace Bonds]

Animal Adoptions by the National Wildlife Federation: From alligators to walruses, givers can adopt animals in the name of friends, family, or colleagues. Recipients receive certificates, posters, magnets, plush animals, or even binoculars depending upon how much you give. Adoptions range in price from $20-100. [Adopt an Animal]

Acre Adoptions by the Nature Conservancy: Donors purchase acre adoptions from all over the world. Recipients receive a map, fact sheet, an adoption certificate, and a subscription to Nature Conservancy magazine.[Adopt an Acre]

Creature Adoptions by Oceana: In addition to an adoption certificate, recipients also receive a cookie cutter of either a dolphin, shark, polar bear, penguin, octopus, or sea turtle. Adoptions range from $35-100. [Adopt a Creature]

Be the Change Gifts by MercyCorps: Givers can buy gifts that educate AIDs orphans, help women open businesses, or even purchase composting kits and cookstoves for in the developing world. Gifts start at $25. [Purchase Be the Change Gifts]

Online Gift Catalog by People for the Ethical Treatment on Animals: PETA has everything you could possibly imagine for animals lovers, particularly vegans and vegetarians. Clothes, books, mugs, calendars, computer accessories, and even gift certificates. [Shop PETA]

Holiday Honor Donations by the Make-A-Wish Foundation: Givers can choose whether to send e-Cards or to print certificates for either Christmas or Hanukah. [Make a Holiday Honor Donation].

OptInNow Gift Cards by Opportunity International: Givers can donate an amount in the name of a friend, family or colleagues. The recipient receives a gift card that they can then redeem and apply towards a loan to an entrepreneur in the developing world. [Purchase Gift Cards]

Green Essentials Kit: Set your friends and family on their green journey in style with a kit of essentials that includes a stylish reusable bag, a copy of The Green Book by Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas M. Kostigen, an energy saving compact fluorescent light bulb, a bar of Demarah Natural Soap, and a reusable travel mug. This Green Essentials Kit is available for $40 from, which offers a great selection of green gift baskets for everyone on your list.

Biodegradable T-Shirt: It’s possible to be both chic, comfortable, and conscious all at the same time by giving them a biodegradable t-shirt for Christmas. Purchase one for $25 from and teach the newbie greenies in your life about waste prevention!

Plantable Eco Calendar: Be green every day of the year with Botanical Paperwork’s Plantable Calendar. At the end of each month, they can plant the seed-embedded calendar page, add water, and wait 6-8 weeks for Bird’s Eye, Clarkia, Coreopsis, Poppy, Catchfly, and Snap Dragon flowers to bloom. Only $14.95 at!

I Am NOT a Paper Cup: A clever porcelain rendition of a paper cup that looks just like the modern to-go cup, except it can be used over and over again. It’s made of double-walled porcelain so it will keep drinks hot and paper cups out of landfills. Put one of these in a friend’s hand for only $10 and you’ll help them be green every time they drink their coffee. (

Eco Salon is offering 4 different box gift sets with sustainable items:

St. Louis Christmas Carols Association – Christmas cards, Ornaments and Wreaths support this group who’ve been singing for 100 years

Water Bobble: A reusable water bottle that has an activated charcoal filter in the spout. Each bottle is made of FDA approved, recycled plastic and comes in one of six bright colors. The bottles are $10 and the filters, which need to be replaced every two months, are $7. The water Bobble is a low cost solution to the wasteful, Earth-damaging water bottle and, therefore, makes a great gift for anyone on your Christmas list, including yourself. (

Reusable Lunch Bag: The adult who takes their lunch to work in one of these totes for a year can save 90 pounds of garbage, while the child who uses one every day of the school year will eliminate 67 pounds of waste. Give a reusable lunch bag like the Gourmet Getaway to friends and relatives so they can do their part to prevent unnecessary waste and pollution. It’s available at for $22.99 and comes in a wide variety of patterns and colors.

A Green Cookbook: Give the chefs on your list In the Green Kitchen: Techniques to Learn by Heart by Alice Waters and they’ll be able to create 50 recipes using fresh, local ingredients. Available from Amazon for as low as $16.30.

Triple-Certified Coffee: Much like chocolate, coffee is a Christmas gift that is rarely rejected by recipients. Buy 2-pound bags of Birds & Beans coffee for all your coffee-loving friends and relatives, for $19.25 each. Not only is Birds & Beans’ coffee organic, Fair Trade, and shade grown, but twenty percent of the profits from your purchase will be donated to one of seven non-profit conservation groups.

Organic Cotton Scarf: Scarves are one of the best gifts for women who have everything. That’s because they’re one of the most essential accessories in her closet. An organic cotton gauze scarf from Azuri is a better choice than a brand that uses Earth-costly synthetic materials. All you need to know is your friend or relative’s favorite color so you can select it from the 110 available shades. It’s only $39 at!

EcoCharger: Help the techies on your list reduce their energy bills by 10 percent with a charger that pulls no idle current (a.k.a. vampire energy) once the device is fully charged! The Volt-Star EcoCharger’s Energy Star-compliant design fills up gadgets in less time than other chargers and even comes in an Apple-compatible version. Available at for $32-$34.

Popcorn Set: Help the movie-lovers and foodies on your list snack organic with a popcorn set from Eden Foods. The set comes with plain popcorn kernels, soybean oil, sea salt, and garlic-sesame seasoning (all of which is organic, of course), in addition to a food-safe enamelware bowl and a 40-page recipe booklet. It’s only $35 at

A Bamboo Beanie or Belt: Check out Arbor Collective’s selection of hats and beanies made from bamboo viscose blends. And while you’re there, look into getting someone on your list a top grain leather belt with a metal buckle inlayed with reclaimed bamboo from Arbor’s snowboard and skateboard production.

Pomegranate Gift Kit: Give a female friend or relative a regenerating body care gift kit by Weleda. The kit includes organic pomegranate body oil, body wash, and a naturally exfoliating loofah, all inside an eco-friendly, reusable bag. Only $18 at!

Shower Timer: Help your friends and family conserve water with a sand or digital shower timer. It will actually change their shower habits and help connect the whole concept behind water and energy use with reality. These recyclable, waterproof timers come in fun and attractive designs and cost between $1 and $5.15 at

Water-Powered Clock: The Bedol Water Clock works 100 percent on natural power; no batteries, no chemicals, no pollution. All it takes is natural tap water and a splash of lemon juice and it’s set to keep accurate time for 8 to 12 weeks. Sized at 4” x 3 ½” and costing only $16, this clock is ideal for any home or office. Check it out at

Recyclable Travel Set: The Preserve Travel Set, consits of a triple razor with a completely recyclable handle, six replacement blades, and a toothbrush with a handle made from recycled yogurt cups. The kit is a super gift because it teaches your loved ones to become green when they’re on the go. Costs only $15.99 from

Organic Chocolate: Get the chocolate lovers on your list a unique and deliciously favored Shaman Chocolate bar, which are organic, Fair Trade, and only $3 each. Your purchase will provide support for the indigenous Huichol Indians of Mexico.

Organic Lip Balm Set: Give your girlfriend a USDA-certified organic, All The Better To Kiss You With eco lip balm set. Each 0.25 oz. Pepperminty, Lavender Vanilla, and Chai Mandarin lip balm is 100 percent cruelty-free and comes in a vintage, recyclable tin. The Eco Kiss Kit is available at for just $20.

If you think that you have a gift collection that fits in these categories and benefits others, post your link in the comments so others can see.

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