Clothing for School We’re always surprised at the imaginative ways school fundraising continues to bloom. Here’s a fantastic way to combine great savings for clothing and benefits schools.

Stacey Boyd  of San Francisco launched Schoola as an online consignment store after watching relentless cuts to her daughters school. By running a clothing drive and posting the clothes for sale online Stacey was able to see the savings for parents and solid contributions for schools. Having experience as a teacher and former principal Stacey saw a the potential for her ideas.

Started 2 years ago Schoola has 3,000 schools registered and continues to grow today. An extensive list of clothing is available for the kids. Everything is covered from jeans, blazers, sweaters, coats, hoodies, hats and mitts and more. Parents that have elementary age kids can really benefit from this post so feel free to share!

If you have gently used clothing at your house that your kids have outgrown, you can request a bag from Schoola and make a donation:

Schoola Stitch, which has a warehouse in South San Francisco, will mail bags upon request to anyone who wants to donate clothes, and the bags can be filled with up to about 20 pieces of clothing and mailed back. The company also helps schools organize clothing drives.

Customers can shop at and have purchases shipped home or another location. If your looking to start a school fundraiser,  you can enter your zip code and fill out the details then your registered. For more information Contact Schoola Stitch at 855-454-2956 or

I’m unsure if Schoola is currently in Canada however since the products are useful and they continue to grow hopefully it will.

Have you held a Schoola fundraiser before? Did you find it worth while? Any tips or suggestions you’d like to add, just drop a comment and share with our readers.

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Titanic Charity Events

This weekend marks the centennial anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.  On April 14, 1912 the Titanic sank with massive loss of life. Every one knows the story of the great lady and the iceberg, it has captivated us ever since.  Many people attending thecommemorative events this year will dress in period costume to relive the times while observing the memory of Titanic.  This weekend people, all over the globe are observing the event and a few fundraising events are being tied in with it:

A world record balloon drop in Australia will be the first commemerativec charitable event.

Elegance and period costume are part of The Titanic Ball hosted in Belfast.

Charitable Lifeboat Race that will contribute food  for a local infant wellfare association.

The Titanic Diner and Ball will be hosted this weekend by The Greater Toledo Area Chapter of the American Red Cross.

There will be a Titanic Diner and Dance in Toronto.

Live Titanic Wireless Reenactment in Newfoundland

Halifax, NS has several diners with their Titanic Diner on April 15 and the Heritage Diner  July 28

Titanic Reemberance Ceremony and Diner in Ireland

Ships sailing from the UK and New York will meet mid Atlantic at Titanic’s final resting place for the Titanic Memorial Cruise

There will be many more Titanic commemorative events rolling out through the year, however it’s this weekends events that will be the most poignant. Check local listings for events in your area. If you would like to let the readers know of any appropriate charitable Titanic events being put on, drop a comment to let them know.

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 Fundraising Fashion Gala

   Everyone needs a night out at times. Giving the ladies time with their friends and an opportunity to see the latest fashions is a great occasion. With a tie in to raising money, you can turn this event into a successful fundraiser. If you are helping your local school, church or community organization fundraise for their needs, a fashion fundraising gala is an exciting opportunity for everyone involved.

 This is a larger more complex fundraiser to put on so you need a team of people to help. It has such excitement to it that people will be willing to help.

Gather The Talent

 Ask local colleges or universities if their students would look exposure for their fashions. Students are looking to make a mark for themselves and get noticed for their talents. This is a great opportunity for them because they can publicize their clothing and get noticed.

 Contact local modeling agencies and ask if their models would donate their time to the event. This works in the same way as the fashion designers. Models will do it for the experience and if the cause is a good one. Models will volunteer their time to make connections in their industry as well as the cause. It also gives them experience walking a runway so it fills out their modeling resume. You always have volunteers who would take advantage of this time to wear new clothes in such a fun event.  

 Accessorize Your Models

 You can make a few calls to local clothing stores because the models will need shoes, at a minimum. Other nice touches like jewelry, scarves, and hats give companies a chance to showcase their stock. Offer to put in free advertising for the businesses. The local companies will appreciate the good press.

 Sell Tickets

 Have your volunteers and participants sell tickets and put up posters. Advertise the event at work, schools, social media sites and churches. Your going to be running a fairly large show with lots of volunteers involved, so tap into their network of friends. People know people and this will generate ticket sales plus added advertising.

 There are other outlets for cost effective advertising in your area.  Call local radio and TV stations which donate a portion of their time to local fundraising activities. All these avenues take just a minute to fill out a form but add a lot to your bottom line.

A Concession Stand For Extra Income

 Have a few finger foods at an on site cafeteria. Food and drink will add an extra stream of income to your night. It’s a finishing touch to your night and takes a few minutes to organize.

 Those are some tips to help you run a successful fashion fundraising gala. I’m sure you can add more to our quick list. What worked for you when you produced yours?  Drop a comment and help others who are thinking of doing this activity.

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Fundrdaising ideas

We try and bring you interesting stories and tips from the fundraising world. It’s interesting to see the ideas and success stories from people helping their causes.

This post is actually about us because we have an simple and interesting  way to help your efforts.

We have a really great deal on scratch cards until the end of the month. The scratch cards are simple to start and can be used with groups as small as 5! Even if you have a fundraising event planned a scratch card fundraiser can be tagged on quickly and easily.

Until the end of February we’re kicking in two bonuses:

  • 30% extra free cards
  • 1 Free custom T-shirt per card

Whether your fundraising for your school, sports team or community, now is the time to act.

Contact us at 1-866-880-8884 

Next time we’re back to the fundraising stories…we promise!

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Even Batman is Fundraising Everybodies favorite Dark Knight is now fighting Hunger.  DC Entertainment and Warner Brothers announced that it will create a fundraising campaign to fight hunger and drought in the Horn of Africa.

The We Can Be Heroes Campaign will generate the funds for Save the Children, International Rescue Committee and Mercy Corps with its 100 percent gift-matching campaign and specially branded merchandise.

“We are a global company, and this is a global issue,” Warner Bros., Chairman and CEO Barry Meyer said in a statement. “By marshalling our expertise in consumer and fan engagement and creating global awareness, we hope we’re able to inspire others to join us in becoming ‘heroes’ and make a difference.

Check out the video that’s been produced for the campaign:

Help Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg fight huger in the Horn of Africa by buying a shirt, mug or thermos or ipod case.

While doing some research for this post I’ve read a lot of comments about what governments should be doing and who isn’t doing what. People have even dropped comments about not supporting these campaigns in an act to force govenments to help out. While in theory there might be something to this, in the meantime cutting off the funding for this campaign is only hurting those who need it the most.

Please contribute by spreading the word about this by clicking on our social media icons.

Comments appreciated.

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    I see more and more businesses being involved in fundraising and charity projects. You may be a little sceptical and say that it’s good marketing but the reality is that companies can bring a lot of funding and attention to projects that need it. Plus with the green movement many companies are changing their impact on the environment with how they use energy. Last year we did a post on the Pepsi with their  refresh project, so not to take sides in the cola war we’re devoting time to looking at Coke.

One thing that I was excited to see was the incorporation of wind power to power their sign in times square. This seems like a great idea but on such a tiny scale compared to the energy needs of Coke. Surely they could be more aggresive than this!  They do have a fleet of hybrid trucks plus bottles made from 30% plant matter and coolers that use less energy so there are steps they’re taking to reduce their  environmental impact.

Cokes Sprite line is sponsoring a spark park campaign where you can submit your green tabs to win a chance to upgrade your local basketball park / community space and school playground. This ia great charitable effort from them happening over the next couple of months.  However when I was poking around the site I saw a really strange facebook conversation on how people get excited about the new sprite zero, struck me as really set up and staged.  

Coca Cola is also involved with a polar bear conservation effort ( since one of their mascots is a polar bear ), has an agressive recycling program and even sells  products from recycled  material. There were so many ways the company is looking at doing business responsibly I’d be here all day telling you about it. It can be touched upon in this commercial:

Also check out this video on recycling coke bottles. A great funny piece which adds a little music to the blog:

Hats off to the Coca Cola company for being very active in green, conservation, and charitable projects. There’s a room for you to grow in these areas but a solid effort!

 Check out their livepositevly page for more information on what they do. This blog post has just scratched the surface in the various ways Coke is involved in giving back.

What other companies out there are heavily involved in charity or doing business in new green ways? Who stands out or who do you want to see get involved? Drop a comment and let us know what you think.

If you want to do fundraising to support your environmental projects contact us for ideas and products you can use.

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There are a lot of great fundraising ideas out there and this one is going to appeal to the ladies for sure. I caught mention of this on twitter and decided to check it out. Glad I did because it’s a worthy cause PLUS a great idea!

Brides against breast cancer creates a chance for brides to find their bridal gowns at incredible prices, while fundraising to “help bring a moment of joy into the world of someone for whom a cure is too late.”

This organization accepts bridal gown donations from designers, manufactures, bridal shops, and individuals worldwide. They are currently focusing on gowns from 2005 up. Brides to be can find gowns priced from $99 t0 $799.

The dresses will be on tour, called the Nationwide Tour of Gowns, at the following locations:

Tacoma, WA: February 25-27
Chicago, IL: April 15-17
Cleveland, OH: April 29-30
Milwaukee, WI: Spring
Minneapolis, MN: Spring
Boston, MA: Spring
Philadelphia, PA: Spring
Baltimore, MD: Spring
Washington, DC: Spring
Sacramento, CA: Spring/Summer
Raleigh, NC: Summer – Feb. 25-27 show has been postponed until summer
Nashville, TN: Summer
Dallas, TX: Summer
Houston, TX: June 24-26
San Antonio, TX: Summer
Austin, TX: Summer
Atlanta, GA: Summer
Florida: Summer
Denver, CO: Fall
San Francisco, CA: Fall
Los Angeles, CA: Fall
San Diego, CA: Fall
Portland, OR: Fall
Phoenix, AZ: Fall

Money generated from these sales helps fund wishes to Breast Cancer victims. Gifts include uniting families, trips and presents and covering living expenses. You can nominate a recipient here.

If a wedding isn’t in your near future brides against cancer have several different fundraising events you can take part in. You can be a quilter and help repair wedding dresses or donate jewelery to the organization. 

To give your bridal gown to brides against cancer check out their page for donations.

 If you want to help fundraise to fight cancer contact us for fundraising ideas.

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