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By clipping and keeping the UPC codes from assorted products you can be helping with school fundraising. The Labels for Education program works with public and private schools(K-12) and home school associations (K-12) to help schools with supplies. To participate snip the UPC codes from everyday products like Bic Pens, Campbell Soups, Chunky Soups, Glad bags, Pace Salsas and more. The whole list can be found here.

What can you get for all your hard work eating and using these products? You can pick from a collection of 390 products divided between  Arts, Athletics and Academics items.  The prize catalogue is extensive with items that range from little items like tiny rubber animals for little kids to IMAC systems and camcorders for school usage. Items cover not just student use but compact refrigerators, folding chairs and tables and smart boards for the teachers.  The full Labels for Education product catalogue can be found in pdf format on this page.

Although it’s great to see businesses come up with school fundraising ideas like this, I find some of the point values for the products rather high. Every UPC code is worth a point so a simple book starting around 500 is considerable! Gel pens for 1150 (!) and a beverage container to dump Gatorade on the coach costs 4250! WOW no wonder the entire community is asked to get involved! However the flip side is that this is good for both the businesses and schools, so there’s no harm done.

To see if your school is currently enrolled or to sign up, click here.

It takes a lot of people getting involved to financially keep schools running these days so it’s great to see corporations and associations table ideas and solutions that help everyone.

So now it’s your turn, you tell us, has your school used this fundraiser? With the entire school contributing, did the points add up quickly? Drop a comment and let us know if you thought it was an effective school fundraising program.

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 Fundraising Fashion Gala

   Everyone needs a night out at times. Giving the ladies time with their friends and an opportunity to see the latest fashions is a great occasion. With a tie in to raising money, you can turn this event into a successful fundraiser. If you are helping your local school, church or community organization fundraise for their needs, a fashion fundraising gala is an exciting opportunity for everyone involved.

 This is a larger more complex fundraiser to put on so you need a team of people to help. It has such excitement to it that people will be willing to help.

Gather The Talent

 Ask local colleges or universities if their students would look exposure for their fashions. Students are looking to make a mark for themselves and get noticed for their talents. This is a great opportunity for them because they can publicize their clothing and get noticed.

 Contact local modeling agencies and ask if their models would donate their time to the event. This works in the same way as the fashion designers. Models will do it for the experience and if the cause is a good one. Models will volunteer their time to make connections in their industry as well as the cause. It also gives them experience walking a runway so it fills out their modeling resume. You always have volunteers who would take advantage of this time to wear new clothes in such a fun event.  

 Accessorize Your Models

 You can make a few calls to local clothing stores because the models will need shoes, at a minimum. Other nice touches like jewelry, scarves, and hats give companies a chance to showcase their stock. Offer to put in free advertising for the businesses. The local companies will appreciate the good press.

 Sell Tickets

 Have your volunteers and participants sell tickets and put up posters. Advertise the event at work, schools, social media sites and churches. Your going to be running a fairly large show with lots of volunteers involved, so tap into their network of friends. People know people and this will generate ticket sales plus added advertising.

 There are other outlets for cost effective advertising in your area.  Call local radio and TV stations which donate a portion of their time to local fundraising activities. All these avenues take just a minute to fill out a form but add a lot to your bottom line.

A Concession Stand For Extra Income

 Have a few finger foods at an on site cafeteria. Food and drink will add an extra stream of income to your night. It’s a finishing touch to your night and takes a few minutes to organize.

 Those are some tips to help you run a successful fashion fundraising gala. I’m sure you can add more to our quick list. What worked for you when you produced yours?  Drop a comment and help others who are thinking of doing this activity.

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Even Batman is Fundraising Everybodies favorite Dark Knight is now fighting Hunger.  DC Entertainment and Warner Brothers announced that it will create a fundraising campaign to fight hunger and drought in the Horn of Africa.

The We Can Be Heroes Campaign will generate the funds for Save the Children, International Rescue Committee and Mercy Corps with its 100 percent gift-matching campaign and specially branded merchandise.

“We are a global company, and this is a global issue,” Warner Bros., Chairman and CEO Barry Meyer said in a statement. “By marshalling our expertise in consumer and fan engagement and creating global awareness, we hope we’re able to inspire others to join us in becoming ‘heroes’ and make a difference.

Check out the video that’s been produced for the campaign:

Help Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg fight huger in the Horn of Africa by buying a shirt, mug or thermos or ipod case.

While doing some research for this post I’ve read a lot of comments about what governments should be doing and who isn’t doing what. People have even dropped comments about not supporting these campaigns in an act to force govenments to help out. While in theory there might be something to this, in the meantime cutting off the funding for this campaign is only hurting those who need it the most.

Please contribute by spreading the word about this by clicking on our social media icons.

Comments appreciated.

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Ford and Lincoln cars sponsor School Fundraiser Well this is interesting. This fundraiser is a great example of how a school fundraising event can  benefit major international companies and schools.

Ford and Lincoln have created a Drive One 4 UR School Event that lets people test drive their cars and raises money for a schools extra curricular activities.

For every qualified person who tests drives a Ford car they will donate $20 to the school or until they reach a maximum donation of $6,000. All drivers have to be at least 18 years old with a valid drivers license.Participation numbers should be high considering the number of high school students looking for cars and wanting to drive. However if Ford is brave enough to do this, well….game on!

The company encourages you to combine this with other fundraisers ( hint, contact us ) so on the event day, as many people as possible show up. It’s a win win situation.

With the funding challenges schools and in particular their sports, band and social clubs have been having this year it’s great to see major sponsors helping out. When other businesses take notice at the amount of sales and press this generates hopefully more companies will tie in to school fundraising with their products.

For more information on how you can put on one of these events, contact Drive One 4 UR School Program Headquarters by phone at 888-908-3673 or check out their website.

Ford  and Lincoln School Sports Fundraiser

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Tim Hortons Charity and Fundraising   I can’t think of another blog that frequently asks its readers to support charity like we do. We’ve asked you to play video games for the environment, eat chocolate for Africa, turn off your lights for Charity and get your hair cut. Now the abuse continues as we ask you to have a hot cup of coffee and a cookie.

This week ( Sept 19-25 ) Tim Hortons is holding their Smile Cookie Campaign with 100 percent of proceeds going to local charities, hospitals and community programs.

All across Canada the money raised will go right back into assorted charities in the province. Charities supported include The Childrens Wish Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Local Hospitals and Food Banks, Habitat for Humanity, Relay for Life and more.

Smile Cookies (chocolate chunk with a smiley face iced on) are selling for $1 each, plus tax ( Purchases of five or more mean no tax).

All right people I’m asking you to do your duty and eat some cookies today.

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Green Fundraising with Canadian Red Leaf Project Help plant over 100,000 trees in Canada. Just by clicking a button.

Molson Canadian ( yes those beer makers eh ) have created The Red Leaf Project to help reforestation in Canada this summer. Every time you plant a virtual tree the project plants one in real life. Sign in with your facebook account, play a little game where you pick the area, dig the hole and water the seed and the deed is done. I could really do without the video game but I guess it’s the way you have earn your free tree.

The Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project is working with Evergreen and Tree Canada to make this a summer an event to be proud of!  When the first 100 people sign up as volunteers for the real life tree planting they get free tickets to concerts througout Canada this summer. I really love how they tie in charity/green events / live music, Molson should be congratulated for this! After the free tickets for vounteers are taken there’s a link to buy tickets for the shows. The Project has been on for awhile so I’m not sure what state those free tickets are in.

Nicely done Molson!

The Red Leaf Project will plant just short of 5 million square feet of trees when this is done but it needs you to start it off by planting that virtual tree. Lets see how many you do.

Molson Canadian Red Leaf Porject


So you tell me, what charity or fundraising events have you seen that combine green ideas? Drop a comment and let us know.

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Goya and The United Way Fundraise to Fight Hunger in America We recently received an email from Jennifer who works with The United Way of NYC. Jennifer was telling us about an outstanding fundraising initiative they have been putting on with Goya Foods. She asked us to write a blog post about it, but she did such a great job I’ll let her tell you.

Last week Goya donated 1 million pounds of food to soup kitchens and food pantries across the country to celebrate Goya’s 75th anniversary. United Way of NYC played an outsized role in the distribution. Now they’ve launched the Goya Gives campaign, which encourages people to join in the fight against hunger and promote better nutrition through social media.

For 75 days, from March 16th to May 29th, the public can contribute recipes, photos and stories of sharing low-cost, nutritious meals with friends or neighbors in need. Participants can also share their Goya Gives status with their friends on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, the public can make monetary donations to the United Way to help fund the organization’s mission to prevent hunger and promote better nutrition in communities across America.

Read that part again where it says they’ve donated 1 million pounds of food! That’s staggering and an unbelievable way to step up to the plate to fight hunger in America.

I did a little looking around their website and also discovered they are not new at helping out.  In 2010 alone Goya donated more than 1.5 million pounds of food internationally, including 300,000 pounds for the victims of the Haiti earthquake, in fact the more you look the more you will find that Goya has a long track record for helping communities all along it’s 75 year history. 

Hats off to ya Goya, that’s good work!

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I’ve got another great charity idea for you.
How about drinking coffee? Yup, it’s that simple, Maxwell House is brewingsomegood with it’s marketing campaign geared toward charity.

The Maxwell House Brew Gooder ( gotta love that! ) team gives out coffee samples and donate to good causes. They  accept submissions from charities ( not sure if these are international organizations or just Canadian ) to be sponsored.

Here are some of the latest commercials from their Brew Some Good Campaign:

Hats off to Maxwell House. It’s nice to see such a big organization stepping up to the plate and helping out in such a big way. I’d also like to include us in that category helps supports charitable organizations.

Next time your looking for a cup of coffee pick up Maxwell House. It’s a simple way to feel like a superhero for saving the world by drinking coffee.

Brew some good..and watch the goodness grow.

Bob headshot
One of the great things about twitter is you get to meet a lot of new people. I’ve come to meet a lot of people in the non profit and charitable community who are out there helping others. One such person is Bob Burris.

Bob helps non profits get corporate sponsorship. Along with fundraising which we do corporate sponsorship helps generate the money non profit organizations need.

Through emailing Bob and reading through his website I got to know what he did. I thought that he could slide in here easily and talk to you guys on corporate sponsorship which from emails I know you interested in.

Without further ado…take it away Bob!


Former sports executive and now non-profit consultant, Bob Burris, offers the first steps of attracting corporations to become sponsors for your event, cause or organization.

Nothing happens until something gets sold!

You may not want to think of yourself as a salesperson because sometimes the label of being a “salesperson” might not be one that is flattering to you. But truthfully, you have been selling your entire life.

Whether it was to your parents to buy your first bike or to stay out later than your curfew; getting your first date or your first kiss; or your proposal to marry your spouse, we are always selling and have been since the beginning of time. In fact, the Bible tells us in the book of Genesis that the first recorded sale in history was the Serpent selling Eve the “Forbidden Fruit.” In fact, he did such a magnificent job that he got a referral – Adam!

But before we sell our event to anyone, we must know what we have to sell and know our audience. Who do we attract? It is very important to take the time to do this exercise because any potential sponsor will be very interested in the type of people your organization draws. Consider such factors as:

o Household Incomes

o Education Levels

o Gender

o Marital Status

o Number of children

o How many automobiles they own?

o Travel – how often?

o How often do they frequent restaurants?

But before we set out to sell anything we must first believe in our hearts that our product or cause is worthwhile and we therefore MUST sell ourselves to ourselves.

Now that we’ve “bought in” we must then sell ourselves to the buyer. Simply put, Our job is get the buyer to like us. I’m a firm believer that people buy people first and then the product they are selling. This is called “Relationship Selling,” and is particularly true in the Corporate Sponsorship sales world.

The First Step

So, when we have an event, a cause or any kind of philanthropic organization that needs funding, who do we target? Depending on what we are selling, (event, cause, etc.) the first place to start is to identify your organizations assets that you feel will be attractive to a corporate sponsor. For example:

o Demographics of Audience — Does this sponsorship hit the prospects target audience?

o Category Exclusivity – can we offer this?

o Hospitality Opportunities – We need to find out if our prospect values a hospitality opportunity

o Exposure – what kind of exposure in the community can we provide?

o Media Value, Charity or Cause – Can we offer Media of any kind?

o Product Sampling – If they are a retail product this might be of interest

o On-Site Product Sales

Typically, corporate sponsors are interested in the above but also the following when considering a sponsorship buy:

Can the sponsorship deliver the following:

o Increase Brand Loyalty from our customers

o Increase Visibility

o Enhance Image

o Drive Retailer Traffic

o Stimulate Sales

o Experiential opportunity

o Client Entertainment

The Second Step:

Identify Your Prospects

Who in your community are the corporate “Players” and those typically willing to spend money to promote their products? What are the categories that we have available to make a corporate sponsor an” Official Corporate Sponsor?” Or “The Official soft drink; wireless provider; computer; tire; etc.,

Lastly, Identify your Circle of Influence

Each person in a company or organization has his or her own circle of influence. Who from your Board of Directors and your donors knows the decision-maker or anyone from the companies in the categories you’ve targeted? These people are on your board and are donors because they care and believe in the organization. They will help, if they are asked. But only ask with the provision that you are NOT asking them to sell for you.

All you want is an endorsement to the decision maker with the ultimate goal of getting a face-to-face appointment. I believe we are ALL more effective in person than we are on the phone. And if your “circle of influence” can get you an appointment or approval to call the decision maker directly, you are more than half way there. When this happens, your call now is a “warm” call as opposed to a “cold” call.

For more information on “How to Sell Sponsorships, Tickets and Popcorn,” visit