iPad help Special Needs Student With School Fundraising

Students in NY are coming together to learn music. Not such a ground breaking story, but the difference is these students have varying degrees of autism and  normally have challenges in communicating and concentrating. Not exactly the norm for school bands but with the use of apple iPads these students are creating and performing complex pieces.

Music teacher Adam Goldberg is thrilled with the progress he sees in his students.

And beyond the physical constraints the iPad has helped lift, Goldberg says he’s  witnessed a social phenomenon occur in his classroom. Students who traditionally  had issues communicating their wants or needs seemed to suddenly be unlocked by  their music, expressing themselves creatively. “I see them supporting each  other. They compliment each other. They help each other out,” Goldberg told  FoxNews.com. “It is just magical, really a beautiful thing to see.”

Not only have they been able to learn musical concepts but the iPads let them improvise their own pieces. The students at  P177Q in Queens, are selling a few pieces as a school fundraiser. You can purchase their music through iTunes here.

Fox news has even shown up to cover these autistic composers. You can see their coverage here.

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Batman is taking back Aurora Colorado

We are all aware of the intense event that happened a few weeks ago in Aurora. The only comic store owner in the area, Jeff Farnsworth has lit the bat signal and is sending out word that Aurora Rises! His Aurora Rises charity event held on August 25 and 26 will accept donations and aid for the victims and their families.

Batman and the comic book industry have been involved with helping causes in the past. Check out Batman Fights More Than Evil. He’s Now Fundraising. The comic book industry will again respond to recent events with Publishers and Artists making appearences and donating art to raise money. Online auctions will be held on August 25 and 26 for those not in the area.

The scope of the donations has expanded over the past couple of weeks to also include sculptures, posters, T-shirts and a guitar from The Zac Band. The response to this idea has been so popular that Aurora Rises events are now being planned in other cities in the nation and abroad.

If you would like to help you can donate to the Aurora shooting victims or contact us for fundraising ideas.

If you are a comic book collector or just all around geek, plan on checking this event out. It’s for a great cause and help Aurora Rise!

Lets finish this post with a fun Batman related video.

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Karen Klein the bus monitor we covered in the our story Justice and Fundraising for Bus Monitors has announced that she plans on retiring from her job. Don’t shed a tear for her yet though, it’s not a sad story.

The fundraising campaign started in her honor has raised over $700,000 dollars. Karen plans on donating parts of her windfall to Down syndrome and Autusim charities.

Here is a news clip as she gets to meet the man that put it all together for her:

Karen is deciding this might be as good a time as any to make an exit.

I’m not quitting because of what happened. That’s not it, I enjoyed working with the kids. I guess it’s just my time to leave. That’s what I’ve decided.

That’s going out in style Karen!

As for the kids that taunted her doing her ride, the school system in the Rochester suburb of Greece suspended the four middle school students for a year, keeping them from regular bus transportation.

How does Klein feel about this punishment?

“It’s fine with me,” she told the AP.

Klein said they’ll still be going to an alternative school – “they won’t be just sitting at home doing nothing.”

But the best part of her ordeal going public, and the resulting school action, “is that they have to do community service – for senior citizens,” she said, her voice rising with emotion.

“Hopefully everybody out there knows how much I appreciate everything,” she added.

I think justice has been served in Karen’s situation, lets roll on from here.

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School Fundraising with Kindness   I’m gonna file this under the good news category. Ok here’s how I figure this fits in to this blog.  Random Acts of Kindness are performed by people who do their part to make this a better world. Pretty much what I think fundraisers do, they pick something that needs a little work and they go out and do it. Whether that means fundraising for school sports, church fundraising or Non Profit it all counts.

 Thus I think this post belongs here.  Are you feelin me?

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation is a webpage full of ideas from people doing their part. They have stories about random acts of kindness and teacher resources for starting a movement in your school. Check out the teacher lesson plans and kindness stories for teachers.  The news you hear on TV and radio seems to focus on the negative and hardly touches on the positive. I think you’ll feel uplifted to hear such good things coming out of schools.

There are plenty of resources for those not in school so don’t feel like your off the hook either!

            Helping Hand


I saw this on my way out to lunch today and though it was a small thing I was really touched by it. I saw an elderly Asian man carrying two fold-up chairs and a heavy bag struggling to get on and off an esculator. I then saw 5 strangers, two Indian guys, an older white couple, and a younger hipster girl all rush to help him and offer a hand. The old man was so appreciative and couldn’t speak any English (I think) but started bowing to say thanks to them. The smiles on the these strangers faces and their willingness to help made me think that there really are nice and decent people out there. I am recently going through depression and seeing this sort of random act of kindness to people no matter what race or age, really warmed my heart.

Ok so we challenge you to get involved in some way this year. Get up off the couch, put away the DVD season packs and donate a little time and effort to your favourite cause. Contact us for fundraising ideas when your ready. We’re waiting for ya.


Drop a comment and let us know how your Random Act of Kindness went.


Stuff like this never really makes the news. But it should. Click on the share buttons to spread the word.

It’s worth it.

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Fundrdaising ideas

We try and bring you interesting stories and tips from the fundraising world. It’s interesting to see the ideas and success stories from people helping their causes.

This post is actually about us because we have an simple and interesting  way to help your efforts.

We have a really great deal on scratch cards until the end of the month. The scratch cards are simple to start and can be used with groups as small as 5! Even if you have a fundraising event planned a scratch card fundraiser can be tagged on quickly and easily.

Until the end of February we’re kicking in two bonuses:

  • 30% extra free cards
  • 1 Free custom T-shirt per card

Whether your fundraising for your school, sports team or community, now is the time to act.

Contact us at 1-866-880-8884 

Next time we’re back to the fundraising stories…we promise!

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Even Batman is Fundraising Everybodies favorite Dark Knight is now fighting Hunger.  DC Entertainment and Warner Brothers announced that it will create a fundraising campaign to fight hunger and drought in the Horn of Africa.

The We Can Be Heroes Campaign will generate the funds for Save the Children, International Rescue Committee and Mercy Corps with its 100 percent gift-matching campaign and specially branded merchandise.

“We are a global company, and this is a global issue,” Warner Bros., Chairman and CEO Barry Meyer said in a statement. “By marshalling our expertise in consumer and fan engagement and creating global awareness, we hope we’re able to inspire others to join us in becoming ‘heroes’ and make a difference.

Check out the video that’s been produced for the campaign:

Help Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg fight huger in the Horn of Africa by buying a shirt, mug or thermos or ipod case.

While doing some research for this post I’ve read a lot of comments about what governments should be doing and who isn’t doing what. People have even dropped comments about not supporting these campaigns in an act to force govenments to help out. While in theory there might be something to this, in the meantime cutting off the funding for this campaign is only hurting those who need it the most.

Please contribute by spreading the word about this by clicking on our social media icons.

Comments appreciated.

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Nominate your Favourite Fundraiser or Charity



altruistic concern for human welfare and advancement, usually manifested by donations of money, property, or work to needy persons, by endowment of institutions of learning and hospitals, and by generosity to other socially useful purposes.
We’ve spent the past couple of years talking about different fundraising and charity  initiatives out there that are stepping up and getting things done. We thought we’d give you a chance to mention YOUR  favourite.
This is your chance to give a little love to the people or ideas that you feel deserve recognition. Your Nominees can be anybody from local volunteers to huge international organizations or maybe just the ideas themselves. Your mention might motivate further contributions to these organizations so it’s worth your effort.
Drop a comment and let the rest of the readers of this blog know the good works that are still being done out there.
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Tim Hortons Charity and Fundraising   I can’t think of another blog that frequently asks its readers to support charity like we do. We’ve asked you to play video games for the environment, eat chocolate for Africa, turn off your lights for Charity and get your hair cut. Now the abuse continues as we ask you to have a hot cup of coffee and a cookie.

This week ( Sept 19-25 ) Tim Hortons is holding their Smile Cookie Campaign with 100 percent of proceeds going to local charities, hospitals and community programs.

All across Canada the money raised will go right back into assorted charities in the province. Charities supported include The Childrens Wish Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Local Hospitals and Food Banks, Habitat for Humanity, Relay for Life and more.

Smile Cookies (chocolate chunk with a smiley face iced on) are selling for $1 each, plus tax ( Purchases of five or more mean no tax).

All right people I’m asking you to do your duty and eat some cookies today.

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      The Stanley Cup is coming to the Beverly High School Field House in Boston Massachusetts this Sunday.  Boston Bruins Assistant Director of Media Relation’s Eric Tosi is bringing hockey’s Holy Grail to his hometown for a special viewing at the Beverly High School Field House (100 Sohier Road), as part of a special fundraiser for the Benjamin T. Bradley Foundation, Sunday, Sept. 4, from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Founded in 2001, the Benjamin T. Bradley Foundation is a certified non-profit corporation that engages in fundraising activities in the memory of Ben Bradley, a 1999 graduate of BHS and member of both the baseball and hockey teams. Bradley went on to play collegiate hockey at Framingham State. He passed away in an automobile accident in 2001 at the age of 19.
 Among it’s many charitable activities the foundation has hosted an annual beach volleyball tournament at West Beach in Beverly Farms each August. The tournament raised $100,000 for the Foundation in its 10 years.
Fans will be able to get close to the cup on Sunday. For a $20 donation, fans will receive a green ticket to take a photo with the Cup. A family of four may buy one ticket and take one picture together, or donate $80 to buy four tickets and take four separate pictures. Photos will be capped at 500.

For $5 per person fans may also receive a red ticket and admission to view the Cup from the Field House floor. No photos with the Cup on stage are included with this ticket.

Both the green and red tickets will also enter the donor into the BTB Foundation raffle.

The grand prize is two tickets to the Bruins/Panthers game on Thursday, Dec. 8, along with a postgame meet-and-greet with Bruins forward Shawn Thornton.

First prize is a team signed stick signed by the Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins.

Second prize is a Patrice Bergeron autographed jersey.

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If I come across a great site that I find is uplifting I like to share it with you guys. It ties in well with fund raising events we talk about here. It’s all about improving the human condition or just stepping up and helping out.

Do yourself a favor and check out this site called givesmehope.com. They’re bite sized little stories of inspiration. Spend a minute before you begin your day to read a few of these stories. It’ll get your head thinking right and away from the stuff you see in your daily papers.

If you have a few great websites like this, drop a link in the comments for others. You can even leave a comment telling us what’s going right for you today.

I dare you to share it! 

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