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Creative Spring Fundraising Ideas

    I’m always excited to see the spring fundraisers start, it means there are new fundraising ideas coming  ( plus I’m closer to wearing shorts, which is important too! ). We get to see schools and community organizations start hitting the streets. Everything starts thawing and beginning to move again.

People respond well to the thought of spring. They come out from inside and are looking forward to getting going again. Outside activities like Gardening come to mind for a lot of people. We’re seeing great fundraising ideas tied into this.

In Ontario the 219th Toronto Scouts are putting on their own version of a green spring fundraiser. They are really rolling up their sleeves and getting into it. The fundraising work that kids in scouts and sports teams have been doing lately has been good for generating money, helping the environment and for keeping people active.  Check out our post Hockey Team Puts On Environmental Fundraiser.

The  Scout Troop, headquartered at the All Saints’ Kingsway Anglican Church at 2850 Bloor St. W., will be taking to the streets of south Etobicoke,  Saturday March 31 this month, taking orders for peat moss, top soil, manure, mixed soil, pine bark mulch, indoor potting soil, and natural cedar mulch.

“Gardening products are something people can use, which is why this is such a good fundraiser,” said parent volunteer Mary McGavin

The money generated from the door to door spring fundraiser will be used to send the troop to the 2013 Jamboree in Calgary.

For more information, call McGavin at 416-234-9519 or Scout Master William ‘Skip’ Nickle at 905-820-7179

For those of you interested in other gardening ideas you can check out our spring flower bulb fundraisers. Guaranteed to bloom so even if you don’t have a green thumb these bulbs will still flower for you.

So many organizations need a little bit of your time, so choose an organization that interests you and get involved.

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Fundraising Links

We would like to take a look at a link exchange with similar blogs and websites.

Do you have a website or a blog that is closely related to ours? It should cover one of the following: Fundraising Idea topics, Charity news and maybe even general good news topics.

If you have a blog or website that covers these topics in some way we would like to hear from you. We would look at your site and consider adding a link from our blog. You would put a link to our blog as well.

If this seems interesting to you send us an email at justfundraising@gmx.com . We’d love to hear from you.

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Fundrdaising ideas

We try and bring you interesting stories and tips from the fundraising world. It’s interesting to see the ideas and success stories from people helping their causes.

This post is actually about us because we have an simple and interesting  way to help your efforts.

We have a really great deal on scratch cards until the end of the month. The scratch cards are simple to start and can be used with groups as small as 5! Even if you have a fundraising event planned a scratch card fundraiser can be tagged on quickly and easily.

Until the end of February we’re kicking in two bonuses:

  • 30% extra free cards
  • 1 Free custom T-shirt per card

Whether your fundraising for your school, sports team or community, now is the time to act.

Contact us at 1-866-880-8884 

Next time we’re back to the fundraising stories…we promise!

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Merry Christmas from Justfundraising! Thank you for supporting us and thank you for the important fundraising/ charity work you do. We wish you the best for the holidays and the upcoming year.

Now lets do some celebrating!

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School Halloween Fundraisers Send us your pictures of your school or community Halloween fundraisers and if we get a few we’ll post them on the blog.

We want to give you a chance to share your cool costumes and great fundraising ideas.



Wishing you a safe and ghoulishy fun time!

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Effective School Fundraising


What tactics make a school fundraising event excel for some schools while others bring in little?

 Getting your team on the same page

Every school fundraiser needs their students to participate. If the students are motivated enough to see that their efforts help the team then results come in. It’s important that teachers find ways to keep the students motivated with prizes for highest sales. If the students see the reason to put the effort out gets them recognition or prizes you’ll see an effort on their part ( check out our post on Getting Kids Involved With School Fundraising for more tips ).

Clearly Defined and Updated Goals

Every student and teacher need to know the amount of money they are aiming for. Students need to know what their personal goal is. During the course of the campaign have a visual marker like a thermometer that shows the progress made. This keeps people motivated and the purpose fresh in their mind.

Selecting the right product

What products will get you the highest return on your investment? What hasn’t been sold previous years in your area? What price point will people in your area become uninterested?


While putting up signs in your school for your fundraising event is a given there are other ideas that can be used for more exposure. Local papers can be used to advertise your cause; these papers set aside a portion of their advertising for charities and fundraisers for free. Local universities have radio stations will interview you and put on advertising to help spread the word. Local TV stations will put your ads on free in the non-profit section. It all adds up to a well publicized and well attended fundraising event.

Attitude, Attitude, Attitude

This is key to your success. Infusing your school fundraiser with a CAN DO attitude will reflect so many ways in the campaign. The most efficient campaigns are not put on as an afterthought but seen as something that CAN be done is essential for the group to do. When the students are actually out talking with potential donors they talk about WHY they’re raising the money and how close they are to the goal. Leave your donors with a sense their contribution is the one that put the campaign over the top! Let them feel good about helping out and how to see the results their donation has generated.

Those are some fantastic tips that we have gathered from helping school fund raisers in the past. Now you tell us, what’s worked well for your fundraisers?

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TeacherWishlist fundraising

Teacherwishlist was created by PTOtoday.com. It’s the electronic equivalent to that slip of paper teachers always sent home with next years school supplies listed.  A recent survery conducted by bounty who sponsors the site, showed that 71% of  teachers spend close to $500 in order to outfit their class. The site intends to lighten the load these teachers by providing a little extra funding. 

 In order to participate, your teacher can have their class supplies listed, parents can look them up on the front page. For a limited time there are also some great giveaways with the Teacher Wish List. Each week, Teacherwishlist and their partner  Bounty are giving 10 teachers $462 (the average the teachers spend) and participating schools will also be entered to win a $25,000 creative classroom makeover.

That’s a great step forward but lets face it these teachers, schools and students are going to need more help. If you want to put on a school fundraiser event to further help contact us.  

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School Fundraising 2011

Well we’re half way through summer. Both the kids and parents are thinking of how long they have before school starts. Lets take a minutre to go over some of the back to school fundraising basics.

Review Your Previous Year

What was last years fundraising goal? Did you reach it? How many campaigns did you have to run to get it? What was the most successful? Can you improve if you moved the timing or location of those campaigns?

Your 2011-2012 School Fundraising Goal

How much of the school’s budgest can you expect for help? What expenses need to be covered? Is the library looking for new books and computers? Are you looking for new schoolyard equipment?  How many volunteers can you get for this years efforts? Can you get experienced volunteers into key positions?

Call For Help

 Call a professional fundraising company to book your fundraiser today. You can book these companies in advance and it’s usually a good idea for the start of school years.  Ask the fundraising companies about bonuses and shipping costs.  Give them the information you’ve collected in the first step and ask what campaigns best work in your situation. Also ask  if the fundraising company has a  free fundraising kit with information on available products. 


Take a few minutes before the year begins for this pre planning. This time can get you focused on what will have the best returns for the upcoming school year. 

Other tips you’d like to share? Drop a comment and let others know.

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Justfundraising Fundraising Cheer

There are some things to be said so we can clear the air. Brace yourself…they may be shocking. 

In case you didn’t know..we’re a fundraising company!
I know that’s wild eh!

Anyway we’ve just uploaded a few videos to our youtube channel. These videos will describe how our discount, restaurant and scratch cards can generate income for your next fund raising event.

Sit back, grab some popcorn and crank it up!

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