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A great way to get students to fundraise is to make the activity appealing to them. Combine a cause that excites them with a personal interest and you’ve got their attention. Add a little exposure for budding artists and this becomes a win-win situation for  arts students.

Meet Anya Parker a 16 year old musician who has come up with a great list to help market both a cause and young musicians.  I think she has fantastic  marketing ideas for anyone looking for more publicity. Here are a few of tips she shares:

1. Write a song for the cause. You can directly raise money to support fundraising by publishing the song as a single and selling downloads to your friends, at a local coffee shop — anywhere! Don’t forget to advertise the song along with what it is supporting. If people like the song, they will be intrigued and more likely to check out the cause. It’s all about spreading the word, right?

2. Speaking of spreading the word, sometimes that’s all it takes! If you don’t want to sell a song, post a link to it for free! The more you send it around, and encourage others to pass it on, you can increase awareness drastically just by getting people interested with a cool tune. Include a description or link to the cause with the song so people are inspired to click, read, and support.

3. Send newsletters including ways to support, as well as a link to a song pertaining to the cause. Even if it is not your song, you can still inspire people to help by capturing their attention through song.

4. Put on a show! Find a few local bands or solo acts willing to do a festival or a concert event and sell tickets to raise money. The artists get to show their skills and have the opportunity to increase their fan base, while playing a fun show that benefits a cause.

5. Create a song writing contest for students (or friends!) to compete in. Encourage people to write and submit a song for the cause. You can even take it a step further and set up a ‘talent show’ type concert where each song is performed and the winner is announced. You can sell tickets to support the cause. There can be a prize for the winner and the added benefit is increasing awareness for the cause through the mere interest and buzz about the contest.

I’d also throw in using social media pages like YouTube to the mix. It helps mention the fundraiser and puts a face to the name for the artist. Great grassroots fundraisers like this are catching on as people support new talent and worth causes.

What other tips could you musicians or artists add to this list? Add your comments, we’d like to see what you come  up with. Also feel free to share this with the young artist in your life. They are probably looking for way to get noticed!

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How could we be a fundraising and charity blog and not talk about this?

I’m sure that our North American readers have heard about this, but if your not from around here, this is what is sweeping the news the past couple of days. You should be warned that the video is long and rough to watch at some points:

Well after the really abysmal conduct from the kids, who for some curious reason posted the video, it caught a lot more attention than they were expecting. Here in the next video Karen Klein’s story goes local then international:

A Canadian from Ontario, Max Sidorov, decides that he’s going to create a  fundraiser Kathy the bus monitor and opens up a page on indiegogo, a social media site for causes. Max has been bullied in the past and knows what Karen was going through wanted to help out.

Lets talk about a cause going viral with a capitol V! Initially Max’s goal was to start a little fundraiser for Karen, who doesn’t make much on her bus monitor salary and send her on a little vacation. So he’s picturing a couple of thousand I guess. After the deplorable video and the story get picked up by  radio and social media sites, local TV, international TV his social media fundraising campaign explodes!

Non Profits have been talking about this forever: The power of a compelling story and the means for people to contribute easily will equal a successful campaign.

As for Karen Klein, shes’s kept a level head through the whole affair and is not looking to press legal charges.  After some of the  boys have apologized and the anger from the situation has drained Karens’ quiet little vacation fundraiser has blossomed into much more! At the time of this writing the total in now $647,991.

If you would like you can contribute, check out Max’s Lets Give Karen -The bus monitor- H Klein A Vacation! fundraiser.
In the meantime, everyone is getting some love out of this, an online fundraiser for Max Sidirov has been started to thank him for his efforts in correcting this situation.

Great to see a good fundraiser and social media being put to good use.

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Empty Bowl School Fundraising Event

School fundraising events can be a powerful tool. Not just for the money raised for their own needs but as a volunteer force for the good of the community. Recently students and teachers in Ohio put together an empty bowl school fundraiser for the hungry.

Teachers and students created over 100 handcrafted bowls individually shaped and colored by the students. On the day of sales people get to peruse for their favorite. For $10 they get to pick an empty bowl an soup donated for the event from local groups. The event was also a tie in to The Southwest Licking Arts Fest, so everyone got to express creativity and charity.

The Empty Bowls idea was created by the Imagine Render Group a non profit organization looking to make lasting positive change through arts, education and community building.  Their focus on the empty bowls concept has been to address the issue of hunger at the community level.

 The basic premise is simple:  Potters and other craftspeople, educators and others work with the  community to create handcrafted bowls. Guests are invited to a simple  meal of soup and bread. In exchange for a cash donation, guests are  asked to keep a bowl as a reminder of all the empty bowls in the world.  The money raised is donated to an organization working to end hunger and  food insecurity.

Since inception Empty Bowls fundraising events have spread throughout the US and Canada and  a dozen more international countries.

As we’ve mentioned on the blog in past posts like Matt Damon’s Feeding America, the issue of food poverty is critical. Empty Bowls is a great idea with lots of untapped potential. Used with school fundraising events is also gives kids a creative outlet so it’s a win win situation.

If your looking to help fight hunger contact either  empty bowls or us for fundraising ideas.

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Rock and Roll Art Show

Over the years we’ve covered a lot of fundraising and charity events that have had a musical side to them. It’s part of my passion and a great way for Charities to entertain and generate income for their causes. We’ve been very supportive of these activities and it’s through this effort we were contacted to give a little shout out to another worthy event.

There’s another great event coming up in May that combines live music and a great cause.

I’ll let Jennifer from the  Michael “Pinball” Clemons Foundation take it from here:

On Saturday, May 12th, 2012,in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Ed Boulter, photographer and philanthropist is hosting the inaugural Rock and Roll Art Show in support of the Michael “Pinball” Clemons Foundation. Funds raised ( all profits) will go towards building a school in Africa. The Foundation’s mission is to inspire hope through philanthropy, empower the disengaged while being a conduit for accountability. Their vision is to quicken academic excellence, infuse depth of character, promote health and vitality, and inspire generosity in our youth. They have made a commitment to build 131 schools for marginalized children in 7 under resourced countries through Free the Children’s adopt a village Development Program. This incredible effort will provide access to education, clean water, health, sanitation, and alternative income programming while creating a sustainable existence. Feel free to go to Pinball’s website and click on “who we support” for more info.

Two short years ago, Ed and his wife Lisa experienced a catastrophic loss after their son Thackery passed away at the tender age of three weeks old. Throughout this unfortunate ordeal, Ed and Lisa have created a bond that will never be broken. Their love of children, all children, is strong and with this strength they have made a commitment to give back to those less fortunate. Their goal at the Rock and Roll Art Show is to raise $8,500 to build a school in their son Thackery’s name. This school will carry on and educate children for many years to come.

Jennifer Branco

Executive Director
Michael “Pinball” Clemons Foundation

Sounds like a great cause to support! The events originator, Ed Boulter fleshes out the details of the event:

In order to help reach our goal we are humbly asking that you join us to support this evening of charity, art and the passion we have in common – music. Your presence will help bring awareness to the event and in the end help us reach our goal.  On May 12th let’s celebrate Life, Art and Rock and Roll at The Resolutes Club, 5461 Inglis Street Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Some items and activities taking place during the event will be pictures of paintings, (music related), pictures of musical instruments, a “silent Auction”, a donation jar, and “live” painting to be auctioned off when finished. Also, there will be art for sale, all prints will be on canvas. Tax receipts will be available for any donations made of more than $20.00.

The Rock and Roll Art Show will have great east coast live music, featuring E.B. Anderson & The Resolutes, Donni Donohue, Carson Downey, and John Campbelljohn.  For questions on the inaugral Rock and Roll Art Show contact Ed Boutler at his website.

Here’s a taste of some of the music you’ll get at The Rock and Roll Art Show:

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Top Fundraising Ideas for Kids

I know I’ve never seen anybody more excited about a car wash fundraiser in my life!

  So lets talk about fundraising ideas for kids. Ideas that will help  raise money for their causes PLUS activities they will participate in. Keep in mind picking the appropriate activity for age group and talent. Try and pick something both you and the child can get excited about

  1. Car Wash
  2. Dog Walking
  3. Homework Tutor
  4. Collect Empty Bottles and Cans
  5. Cut Grass
  6. Shovel Snow  
  7. BBQ at a local mall
  8. Carry and unpack Groceries
  9. Babysit
  10. Stuff envelopes
  11. Piano Teacher
  12. Guitar Teacher
  13. Rake Leaves
  14. Take out the Trash
  15. Make Photocopies
  16. Spend time with the Elderly
  17. Make Fundraiser Posters and Flyers
  18. Fold Laundry
  19. Clean out their old clothes
  20. Teach a kid to ride a Bike
  21. Create a Magic Show
  22. Software Installer
  23. Babysitter
  24. Prepare Slow Cooker Meals
  25. Accompany Adults Door to Door Fundraising

Hopefully there are a few items on the list that you and your kids to can agree on to help in your fundraising efforts. If you have more ideas that you want to add to the list drop a comment and share with our other readers.

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