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We are starting a contest for All our customers. Send us a picture of your fundraising team plus a success story and we will enter you into our monthly Fundraiser of the Month contest. You could win an extra $100 dollars for your new school fundraiser or charity drive. We’ll mention the winners here and on our justfundraising facebook page in future posts.

Think of it as public acknowledgement of your awesomness!

Send your information in an email to helpdesk@justfundraising.com with the subject Fundraiser of the Month Contest

Good Luck!

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5 Tips for running your next fundraiser

Simple tips to outline your next successful fundraiser. If you are looking at raising money this year for schools, sports teams, churches or non profits you can use the following tips to help reach your goals.

 Clear Goals – As a fundraising leader you have to know about numbers and ideas. How much do you need and how are you going to raise it?

Before your fundraising begins and your students or volunteers start meeting the public make sure they understand what they’re raising money for and can speak with authority on the topic.

Presentation  – It’s not about a sales pitch for the product but an emotional plea for the cause that’s going to make the difference. Your donors donate for the difference they’re going to make to their community, to help the needy or those in need. Use the product as a thank you for their contribution and spend less time using “sales” to move the product.

Solid Products – Even if you spend all your time in front of a potential talking about what your going to do with the money raised they’re still not going to give you a donation for a poor item. The product has to be a quality item. If you can show an interesting product that saves them money, feeds them or can be used as a gift. Quality products also increase your chances the donor may purchase more from you.

Broaden Your Appeal  - Not every type of product or promotion is going to appeal to everyone. If you are a fundraiser it’s best to run a several major events through the year.  You can hopefully reach more people with multiple campaigns. Consider broadening out with a sales promotion and a fundraising event later in the year. Events held at different times of the year gives your donors time to recoup and allows you time to show how that you have handled their contribution responsibly.

Motivate Your Street Team – In order to keep the people motivated and the work fun create a competition between teams. The street team that can raise the most or hand in their tickets early get rewarded with prizes. Choose a little age appropriate token for the age group to keep things interesting.


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Summer is ramping up and there are exciting and interesting fundraising stories happening. Lets get into one that I discovered last week.

First lets meet Alex:

It’s amazing the change little Alex was able to start in just a few years. It seems that her idea is catching on because it’s growing strong .Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) is partnering with some big name stores to fight childhood cancers.  The corporations already aboard over the past couple of years are a roll call for huge name businesses. Here are just a few:



Country Time Lemonade
( kinda appropriate isn’t it! )



Old Navy



Bank of America

In addition to these corporations Toys R Us is partnering with ALSF for the second year to run a fundraising promotion called Help Fight Childhood Cancer One Cup at a Time.

“As a direct result of the funds raised over the course of our partnership with Toys R Us, ALSF has been able to finance critical scientific pediatric cancer research projects as we continue to raise awareness for this heartbreaking disease,” said Liz Scott, co-executive director of the foundation, in a statement.

Toys R Us will also utilize its Facebook page to provide updates, fun activities, and more for those interested in finding out more about the endeavor. In addition to all their other means of support Toys R Us has also put up a page on their website for online donations where you can donate any amount.

“We’re proud ot join ALSF for a second consecutive year,” said Sloane Lucas, director of corporate philanthropy for Toys R Us. “Through this campaign we look forward to helping kids and familes across the country make Alex’s dream of one day finding a cure, a reality.”

If you would like to help you can  put on you own lemonade stand or  fundraise to fight cancers in children.

Drink up…it’s for a great cause!

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Church Fundraising Ideas

You have more resources than you think in your congregation to put on a successful church fund raiser. This year when your annual church fund raising happens you will be able to explore new streams of income.

Your Congregation – There is a wealth of experience and talent in your congregation. Host meeting and ask for their fundraising ideas. Depending on the excitement for ideas the feedback will steer you towards your activity. You may end up holding talent events for your volunteering musicians, comics and artists or home crafts like baking or knitting.

Your Kitchen – Your parish can host fund raising events with the church kitchen and volunteers. Put on monthly suppers or breakfasts after masses. Your main audience will be in attendance and hungry after Sunday mass. Put on theme suppers during the year or open the kitchen for lunch time business for local traffic.

Your Parking Lot – Parking is at a premium for most cities, if your church is downtown or by popular bus routes. Sell parking spots to local businesses or put up flyers to advertise in local stores. Monthly parking sales can add to your church coffers.

Your Office Space – Does your church have additional office space for lease. Some companies may just need an extra room or a safe storage place. Empty spaces and rooms in your church can be used for utilized for rental or outside revenue streams.

Your Advertising - Your church probably has advertising spots that advertisers could use. Newsletters, roadside signs, pamphlets etc. Appropriate businesses could be signed up for advertising sponsorship to your churches newsletters or events. This would be great advertising and PR for them as well as supplemental income for you.

These are our ideas for maximizing your income with your existing resources. What church fundraising ideas have worked for you? Drop a comment and share with others your ideas.

Be sure to check out our post on mission trip fundraising for more church fundraising tips.

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Fundraising for Kenyan Orphanage

Paul McWhorter’s math class might go down in history as the coolest ever. Several of his students were looking for a service learning project and boy did they come to the right math teacher! Paul’s  daughter Elizabeth is currently working as a missionary nurse for an orphanage in Kenya. During a web chat with student juniors Austin Stapp, Blaine Mitchell, Alex McMayon, Mary Lou Martinez, Ryan Espinosa and Lane Griffin a plan was developed to help the orphanage kids.

“The children at Mattaw receive a well-balanced diet and are well-nourished,” McWhorter said recently in an email from Kenya. “However, when we rescue orphaned or abandoned children off the streets, they are often very malnourished and suffer from a number of health challenges.

“I mentioned (to the students) that vitamin supplements would be a good thing for all the children, but in particular would be beneficial for those children just rescued, and those with more serious medical conditions.”

The Eldorado Texas students have developed a Web-based project called Cards for Kenya that raises money to buy vitamins for children.

But before we get into that we have to meet another player in this. His name is Peter and he’s a budding photographer. Peter is one of the children at the orphanage and one day he became fascinated with a camera. Since then he’s been chronicling his friends and experiences at the orphanage. The idea of selling his photos came to the Eldorado students and it seems like a great exchange for everyone!

The project has raised more than $900, and with part of that they bought a three months’ supply of multivitamins. Paul McWhorter visited his daughter over the Christmas holidays and took the vitamins with him to save on shipping costs. The students will soon be sending another shipment.

Since then the high school students have received their fare share of exposure. They have done interviews for local lions clubs and radio stations and today their blog was updated with a front page article on them!

Check out their website cardsforkenya.org and I think you’ll find these are cool kids fundraising for a great cause. These students show us that school fundraising isn’t just about raising money for the campus but helping those in need. Great school spirit if you ask us!

If you like Peters pictures or just want to support the cause, purchase a print on their site.

Fundraising group Cards for Kenya

Now you tell us, how is your school or charity project taking action and getting involved this year?

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 Fundraising Fashion Gala

   Everyone needs a night out at times. Giving the ladies time with their friends and an opportunity to see the latest fashions is a great occasion. With a tie in to raising money, you can turn this event into a successful fundraiser. If you are helping your local school, church or community organization fundraise for their needs, a fashion fundraising gala is an exciting opportunity for everyone involved.

 This is a larger more complex fundraiser to put on so you need a team of people to help. It has such excitement to it that people will be willing to help.

Gather The Talent

 Ask local colleges or universities if their students would look exposure for their fashions. Students are looking to make a mark for themselves and get noticed for their talents. This is a great opportunity for them because they can publicize their clothing and get noticed.

 Contact local modeling agencies and ask if their models would donate their time to the event. This works in the same way as the fashion designers. Models will do it for the experience and if the cause is a good one. Models will volunteer their time to make connections in their industry as well as the cause. It also gives them experience walking a runway so it fills out their modeling resume. You always have volunteers who would take advantage of this time to wear new clothes in such a fun event.  

 Accessorize Your Models

 You can make a few calls to local clothing stores because the models will need shoes, at a minimum. Other nice touches like jewelry, scarves, and hats give companies a chance to showcase their stock. Offer to put in free advertising for the businesses. The local companies will appreciate the good press.

 Sell Tickets

 Have your volunteers and participants sell tickets and put up posters. Advertise the event at work, schools, social media sites and churches. Your going to be running a fairly large show with lots of volunteers involved, so tap into their network of friends. People know people and this will generate ticket sales plus added advertising.

 There are other outlets for cost effective advertising in your area.  Call local radio and TV stations which donate a portion of their time to local fundraising activities. All these avenues take just a minute to fill out a form but add a lot to your bottom line.

A Concession Stand For Extra Income

 Have a few finger foods at an on site cafeteria. Food and drink will add an extra stream of income to your night. It’s a finishing touch to your night and takes a few minutes to organize.

 Those are some tips to help you run a successful fashion fundraising gala. I’m sure you can add more to our quick list. What worked for you when you produced yours?  Drop a comment and help others who are thinking of doing this activity.

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Fundraising Links

We would like to take a look at a link exchange with similar blogs and websites.

Do you have a website or a blog that is closely related to ours? It should cover one of the following: Fundraising Idea topics, Charity news and maybe even general good news topics.

If you have a blog or website that covers these topics in some way we would like to hear from you. We would look at your site and consider adding a link from our blog. You would put a link to our blog as well.

If this seems interesting to you send us an email at justfundraising@gmx.com . We’d love to hear from you.

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Ford and Lincoln cars sponsor School Fundraiser Well this is interesting. This fundraiser is a great example of how a school fundraising event can  benefit major international companies and schools.

Ford and Lincoln have created a Drive One 4 UR School Event that lets people test drive their cars and raises money for a schools extra curricular activities.

For every qualified person who tests drives a Ford car they will donate $20 to the school or until they reach a maximum donation of $6,000. All drivers have to be at least 18 years old with a valid drivers license.Participation numbers should be high considering the number of high school students looking for cars and wanting to drive. However if Ford is brave enough to do this, well….game on!

The company encourages you to combine this with other fundraisers ( hint, contact us ) so on the event day, as many people as possible show up. It’s a win win situation.

With the funding challenges schools and in particular their sports, band and social clubs have been having this year it’s great to see major sponsors helping out. When other businesses take notice at the amount of sales and press this generates hopefully more companies will tie in to school fundraising with their products.

For more information on how you can put on one of these events, contact Drive One 4 UR School Program Headquarters by phone at 888-908-3673 or check out their website.

Ford  and Lincoln School Sports Fundraiser

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Fundraising Humor

The above image comes from a fundraising campaign for the Alamo. Yes…THAT Alamo.

The Fundraising marketing campaign was created by Austin, Texas-based agency Door Number 3 and I think it adds a little tasteful humor to the Alamo fundraising drive.

I can hear people complaining that humor demeans and slights the cause. I agree that you have to be careful interjecting a little humor into fundraising campaigns but it’s just as easy to go too far stressing the seriousness of your campaign. Nobody is suggesting poking fun at disaster relief or homelessness but simply a little fun in appropriate places depending on your campaigns topic.

I’d like to hear your throughts on the best use of humor for a fundraising and charity cause. What has really caught your attention? What are the award winners and campaigns your remember?

Let me know what you think.

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Justfundraising Fundraising Cheer

There are some things to be said so we can clear the air. Brace yourself…they may be shocking. 

In case you didn’t know..we’re a fundraising company!
I know that’s wild eh!

Anyway we’ve just uploaded a few videos to our youtube channel. These videos will describe how our discount, restaurant and scratch cards can generate income for your next fund raising event.

Sit back, grab some popcorn and crank it up!

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