iPad help Special Needs Student With School Fundraising

Students in NY are coming together to learn music. Not such a ground breaking story, but the difference is these students have varying degrees of autism and  normally have challenges in communicating and concentrating. Not exactly the norm for school bands but with the use of apple iPads these students are creating and performing complex pieces.

Music teacher Adam Goldberg is thrilled with the progress he sees in his students.

And beyond the physical constraints the iPad has helped lift, Goldberg says he’s  witnessed a social phenomenon occur in his classroom. Students who traditionally  had issues communicating their wants or needs seemed to suddenly be unlocked by  their music, expressing themselves creatively. “I see them supporting each  other. They compliment each other. They help each other out,” Goldberg told  FoxNews.com. “It is just magical, really a beautiful thing to see.”

Not only have they been able to learn musical concepts but the iPads let them improvise their own pieces. The students at  P177Q in Queens, are selling a few pieces as a school fundraiser. You can purchase their music through iTunes here.

Fox news has even shown up to cover these autistic composers. You can see their coverage here.

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Student Musician Fundraising


A great way to get students to fundraise is to make the activity appealing to them. Combine a cause that excites them with a personal interest and you’ve got their attention. Add a little exposure for budding artists and this becomes a win-win situation for  arts students.

Meet Anya Parker a 16 year old musician who has come up with a great list to help market both a cause and young musicians.  I think she has fantastic  marketing ideas for anyone looking for more publicity. Here are a few of tips she shares:

1. Write a song for the cause. You can directly raise money to support fundraising by publishing the song as a single and selling downloads to your friends, at a local coffee shop — anywhere! Don’t forget to advertise the song along with what it is supporting. If people like the song, they will be intrigued and more likely to check out the cause. It’s all about spreading the word, right?

2. Speaking of spreading the word, sometimes that’s all it takes! If you don’t want to sell a song, post a link to it for free! The more you send it around, and encourage others to pass it on, you can increase awareness drastically just by getting people interested with a cool tune. Include a description or link to the cause with the song so people are inspired to click, read, and support.

3. Send newsletters including ways to support, as well as a link to a song pertaining to the cause. Even if it is not your song, you can still inspire people to help by capturing their attention through song.

4. Put on a show! Find a few local bands or solo acts willing to do a festival or a concert event and sell tickets to raise money. The artists get to show their skills and have the opportunity to increase their fan base, while playing a fun show that benefits a cause.

5. Create a song writing contest for students (or friends!) to compete in. Encourage people to write and submit a song for the cause. You can even take it a step further and set up a ‘talent show’ type concert where each song is performed and the winner is announced. You can sell tickets to support the cause. There can be a prize for the winner and the added benefit is increasing awareness for the cause through the mere interest and buzz about the contest.

I’d also throw in using social media pages like YouTube to the mix. It helps mention the fundraiser and puts a face to the name for the artist. Great grassroots fundraisers like this are catching on as people support new talent and worth causes.

What other tips could you musicians or artists add to this list? Add your comments, we’d like to see what you come  up with. Also feel free to share this with the young artist in your life. They are probably looking for way to get noticed!

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Batman is taking back Aurora Colorado

We are all aware of the intense event that happened a few weeks ago in Aurora. The only comic store owner in the area, Jeff Farnsworth has lit the bat signal and is sending out word that Aurora Rises! His Aurora Rises charity event held on August 25 and 26 will accept donations and aid for the victims and their families.

Batman and the comic book industry have been involved with helping causes in the past. Check out Batman Fights More Than Evil. He’s Now Fundraising. The comic book industry will again respond to recent events with Publishers and Artists making appearences and donating art to raise money. Online auctions will be held on August 25 and 26 for those not in the area.

The scope of the donations has expanded over the past couple of weeks to also include sculptures, posters, T-shirts and a guitar from The Zac Band. The response to this idea has been so popular that Aurora Rises events are now being planned in other cities in the nation and abroad.

If you would like to help you can donate to the Aurora shooting victims or contact us for fundraising ideas.

If you are a comic book collector or just all around geek, plan on checking this event out. It’s for a great cause and help Aurora Rise!

Lets finish this post with a fun Batman related video.

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The Piano Guys Are Doing School Fundraising Too!

 The Piano Guys , a group of classic players who play and arrange songs that inspire people,  recently performed a concert fundraiser for Oakridge school , in Utah. They raised over $4, 731.00 for student supplies and equipment. The Piano Guys were also willing to lower their normal fee as a contribution to the school. The two man team can play the piano in different positions, including playing the piano lying on a piano bench upside down.

Ok, so granted we may not be as talented as they are musically but we gotta admit this is a great fundraiser event idea!

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Rock and Roll Art Show

Over the years we’ve covered a lot of fundraising and charity events that have had a musical side to them. It’s part of my passion and a great way for Charities to entertain and generate income for their causes. We’ve been very supportive of these activities and it’s through this effort we were contacted to give a little shout out to another worthy event.

There’s another great event coming up in May that combines live music and a great cause.

I’ll let Jennifer from the  Michael “Pinball” Clemons Foundation take it from here:

On Saturday, May 12th, 2012,in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Ed Boulter, photographer and philanthropist is hosting the inaugural Rock and Roll Art Show in support of the Michael “Pinball” Clemons Foundation. Funds raised ( all profits) will go towards building a school in Africa. The Foundation’s mission is to inspire hope through philanthropy, empower the disengaged while being a conduit for accountability. Their vision is to quicken academic excellence, infuse depth of character, promote health and vitality, and inspire generosity in our youth. They have made a commitment to build 131 schools for marginalized children in 7 under resourced countries through Free the Children’s adopt a village Development Program. This incredible effort will provide access to education, clean water, health, sanitation, and alternative income programming while creating a sustainable existence. Feel free to go to Pinball’s website and click on “who we support” for more info.

Two short years ago, Ed and his wife Lisa experienced a catastrophic loss after their son Thackery passed away at the tender age of three weeks old. Throughout this unfortunate ordeal, Ed and Lisa have created a bond that will never be broken. Their love of children, all children, is strong and with this strength they have made a commitment to give back to those less fortunate. Their goal at the Rock and Roll Art Show is to raise $8,500 to build a school in their son Thackery’s name. This school will carry on and educate children for many years to come.

Jennifer Branco

Executive Director
Michael “Pinball” Clemons Foundation

Sounds like a great cause to support! The events originator, Ed Boulter fleshes out the details of the event:

In order to help reach our goal we are humbly asking that you join us to support this evening of charity, art and the passion we have in common – music. Your presence will help bring awareness to the event and in the end help us reach our goal.  On May 12th let’s celebrate Life, Art and Rock and Roll at The Resolutes Club, 5461 Inglis Street Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Some items and activities taking place during the event will be pictures of paintings, (music related), pictures of musical instruments, a “silent Auction”, a donation jar, and “live” painting to be auctioned off when finished. Also, there will be art for sale, all prints will be on canvas. Tax receipts will be available for any donations made of more than $20.00.

The Rock and Roll Art Show will have great east coast live music, featuring E.B. Anderson & The Resolutes, Donni Donohue, Carson Downey, and John Campbelljohn.  For questions on the inaugral Rock and Roll Art Show contact Ed Boutler at his website.

Here’s a taste of some of the music you’ll get at The Rock and Roll Art Show:

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School jazz band fundraiser There is something to the natural rush of performing for people that’s unbelievable! Music gives students a chance to experience that feeling. Sadly many schools are having to cut music education and performing.

On Saturday, January 28, The Madison Music Association in New Jersey will feature the Madison High School Jazz Ensemble and the Madison Junior School Jazz Ensemble at its 2012 “Dessert and Jazz“ fundraiser.

Each year, the MMA holds a number of fundraisers including Dessert and Jazz, the Florida fruit sale, and the Arts Matters Concert that benefit the band, orchestra and choral programs throughout the district K-12. Their many activities include the purchase of instruments and equipment, the subsidy of musical ensemble travel expenses and the supervision of the summer music program.

School funding has been very tight this year. Please don’t let your school cut programs without contacting us. We have solutions that have helped school music programs, sports and social clubs. If these fundraising programs have helped other schools, they will help yours.

We are going to challenge you to get involved this year.
Are you ready?

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Just in time for back to school fundraisers VH1 is restoring public music education in the US. VH1 is a non-profit organization that is committing itself to school music education programs and raising awareness of what music education can do for children’s development.

The VH1 save the music grant will award 50 grants, one in each state, for the school year. The grants support one music teacher to instruct the program that includes music as a core subject in their curriculum. Each state will receive brand new instruments to public elementary and middle schools. Each school will do their part in committing to a music teachers salary, maintaining repairs and supplies and including music classes during the school day. You can read up on what the average district gets (which aint too shabby!) at this link.

“As budgets continue to be cut it is now more important than ever that we work to keep music and the arts in our schools,” said Paul Cothran, Executive Director of the VH1 Save The Music Foundation. “While there is still much to be done, we are extremely excited to announce these new grants and hope that we can continue to help provide students with the benefits of music study.”

VH1 Save the Music Fundraising VH1 is also open to your fundraising help. You can contact them through their website for an VH1 Save The Music application to have your event officially sanctioned by them. You can also help support the students by sponsoring them or partnering with VH1 for the cause.

Heading into the fall, the Foundation is also excited to feature a series of fundraising events including the continuation of our Songwriters Music Series on September 22nd in Los Angeles with Colbie Caillait and the return of the VH1 Save The Music Foundation Family Day on October 22nd in New York.

Hats off to VH1 for keeping music education alive in the school system. Budget cuts have been rough the past couple of years. Nice to see someone fighting this important fight.

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Justin Timberlake Charity  Justin Timberlake has announced that this fall he’ll be co-hosting the fourth annual Justin Timberlake & Friends concert, which will  benefit the Shriners Hospital For Children.

The concert is coming up Oct. 1 at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. JT is going to be in the area for another his activities benefitting the Shriners. The Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital fro Children Open golf tournament is happening Sept 25 – Oct 2 in LA.

Timberlake will co-host the event with comedian Wayne Brady and the theme of the show are artists that all personally influenced Timberlake including Earth, Wind & Fire, Charlie Wilson, Vanilla Ice, the Commodores, the Sugar Hill Gang, Sister Sledge and Color Me Badd.

Thanks to Justin the previous 3 JT and Friends concerts have brought in over $1 MILLION for the Shriners Hospitals.

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Blues Musician Keb Mo put on School Fundraiser Nobody will be as blue as the kids of course but blues musicians Keb’ Mo’, Lavay Smith and the Russel City Memorial Blues Band are sending them back to school in style.

The Dunsmuir-Hellman Historic Estate in Oakland California will host a concert benefiting local Oakland students as they start another school year. The concert will take place at Dunsmuir-Hellman Historic Estate on Sunday, August 14, 2011, with the gates opening at 2:00PM.

PSST..You wanna know a little secret? I can get you in for free. Show up to the concert with school supplies like binders, paper, rulers, calculators and your donations will help the kids, plus get you in for free! All those without school supplies will have to pay cash for their tickets but hurry… seating is limited!

REGISTER ONLINE through www.Dunsmuir-Hellman.com (or call our ticket office at 925-866-9559).

Everybody wins with this great school fund raising event. Students get help with supplies and donors get a free concert with great blues musicians. You guys all win because it means we get to put more music on this blog:

If you want help with a back to school fundraiser but don’t have your own blues muscians contact us.

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What seems like every major music star in the world today, from Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, Elton John and Sting, to U2, Bruno Mars, Madonna and Lionel Richie, have agreed to participate in a new campaign for Save the Children’s East Africa Appeal.

Millions of children are facing starvation right now – this doesn’t have to happen. Save The Children has launched an emergency aid response in Africa. Please watch this video, share with friends and download Bob Marley & The Wailer’s single ‘High Tide or Low Tide’ with all proceeds going to the East Africa food crisis appeal. You can help now.

DONATE LINK: http://bit.ly/nVt23n

Click here if you would like to fundraise for Africa

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