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So we’ve wrapped up another year on this blog (that makes 5 in case your counting!). At the beginning of 2014 lets take a moment to give a shout out to those people in your school or community that helped out the past year. The people in the background that bring it all together. Without these people no school trips,  band costumes, playground equipment or help for the needy in your town.

If you can think of anyone that deserves a public shout out drop a comment on this blog and let them know you noticed their efforts. Lets make this post a list of appreciation awesomeness!

In the meantime, feel free to fill out the image and send it off to someone who has earned it.

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Batman is taking back Aurora Colorado

We are all aware of the intense event that happened a few weeks ago in Aurora. The only comic store owner in the area, Jeff Farnsworth has lit the bat signal and is sending out word that Aurora Rises! His Aurora Rises charity event held on August 25 and 26 will accept donations and aid for the victims and their families.

Batman and the comic book industry have been involved with helping causes in the past. Check out Batman Fights More Than Evil. He’s Now Fundraising. The comic book industry will again respond to recent events with Publishers and Artists making appearences and donating art to raise money. Online auctions will be held on August 25 and 26 for those not in the area.

The scope of the donations has expanded over the past couple of weeks to also include sculptures, posters, T-shirts and a guitar from The Zac Band. The response to this idea has been so popular that Aurora Rises events are now being planned in other cities in the nation and abroad.

If you would like to help you can donate to the Aurora shooting victims or contact us for fundraising ideas.

If you are a comic book collector or just all around geek, plan on checking this event out. It’s for a great cause and help Aurora Rise!

Lets finish this post with a fun Batman related video.

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Fitness Fundraising

Lori Dempsey from Castle Rock decided that she would do what she could to help those involved in the Waldo Canyon Fire earlier this summer. So she put on her dancing shoes…….and called some friends. Her friends happened to be Zumba instructors and all three ladies put on a 2 hour fundraising salsa session! There was no cost for the class but participants were asked to bring in donations for the victims of the fire.

“Seeing that devastation on television and with us having connections down there, I really felt they are part of our community,” Dempsey said. “We felt a responsibility to do what we can to try and help them.”

By the time the message was sent through the community 75 women showed up to help and participate in some steamy latin grooving.

Zumba is an aerobic dance excercise that teaches different dance steps such as merengue, reggaetone and salsa.  It creates a party like atmosphere that the class dances away to. The whole time burning a pile of calories.

At the end of the fundriasing activity Dempsey was very satisfied with the turnout from Douglas County.

“It’s easy to be part of a community when things are going well,” Dempsey said. “But the ties are tested when the chips are down. You really see your true colors.”

If you would like to help your favourite charity cause or hometown contact us for fundraising ideas.We’re fit, fun and groovy and ready to raise money for important things in your life.

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Addressing Unfair School Fundraising


I read this great post from Colorlines /  The Indypendant, which talks about the huge discrepency between fundraising in different school districts. Read the article Parent Fundraising Deepens Inequality in the New Public School Economy.  There are a lot of great points in the article about have and have not funding for students.

… reignited a decades old debate about persistent educational inequities and the role parents play in their children’s schools. With public school budgets facing continual cuts, individual communities face even more pressure to help sustain their neighborhood schools. Parents in wealthy neighborhoods can afford to backfill those shortfalls but parents in poorer neighborhoods, some of whom are just scraping by themselves, can’t always dip into their own pockets to help furnish their schools with extra amenities or even the bare basics.

It’s a tough situation in some parts of the nation. I wanted to add this to our own blog to see if our readers wanted to add their thoughts to this issue.

Do you see a school fundraising board doling out a percentage of funding to all schools? How would you adjust the funding gap? Would you even see it as fair to adjust it, taking money from those who raised more?

Yes I understand it is the end of the school year and the kids are almost done for another year. I understand that it would be simpler to just let this go and that I should just drop it…

But I won’t.

Drop a comment and tell us how you see a better solution to this.

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How could we be a fundraising and charity blog and not talk about this?

I’m sure that our North American readers have heard about this, but if your not from around here, this is what is sweeping the news the past couple of days. You should be warned that the video is long and rough to watch at some points:

Well after the really abysmal conduct from the kids, who for some curious reason posted the video, it caught a lot more attention than they were expecting. Here in the next video Karen Klein’s story goes local then international:

A Canadian from Ontario, Max Sidorov, decides that he’s going to create a  fundraiser Kathy the bus monitor and opens up a page on indiegogo, a social media site for causes. Max has been bullied in the past and knows what Karen was going through wanted to help out.

Lets talk about a cause going viral with a capitol V! Initially Max’s goal was to start a little fundraiser for Karen, who doesn’t make much on her bus monitor salary and send her on a little vacation. So he’s picturing a couple of thousand I guess. After the deplorable video and the story get picked up by  radio and social media sites, local TV, international TV his social media fundraising campaign explodes!

Non Profits have been talking about this forever: The power of a compelling story and the means for people to contribute easily will equal a successful campaign.

As for Karen Klein, shes’s kept a level head through the whole affair and is not looking to press legal charges.  After some of the  boys have apologized and the anger from the situation has drained Karens’ quiet little vacation fundraiser has blossomed into much more! At the time of this writing the total in now $647,991.

If you would like you can contribute, check out Max’s Lets Give Karen -The bus monitor- H Klein A Vacation! fundraiser.
In the meantime, everyone is getting some love out of this, an online fundraiser for Max Sidirov has been started to thank him for his efforts in correcting this situation.

Great to see a good fundraiser and social media being put to good use.

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Fundraising and Charity for Somalia

We spend a lot of time talking about water and its importance on this blog. Without it a series of dominoes is pushed over leading to tremendous suffering, relocation, disease and death.

Nowhere is the lack of water felt more than the severe drought that has devastated Africa this year. The UN has declared Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia a crisis zone. This crisis endangers over 11 million people. Sadly many of the hardest hit are the kids.

Please consider a donation. Just $5 or $10 can do so much. To us it means the difference between going to the movies and not getting popcorn. To them, it literally means life.

Canadian Red Cross: Call toll free at 1-800-418-1111 or visit the web page for donation options. Money raised will provide emergency relief to numerous countries in the region. Donate here.

UNICEF Canada: They are on the ground in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia to help children and families with expertise in nutrition, immunization, water and sanitation. Donate here.

The Humanitarian Coalition: This network of Canadian NGOs (CARE, Oxfam, Plan Canada and Save the Children) unites in cases of humanitarian crises. Call toll free at 1-800-464-9154 or go to their website to donate.

Doctors Without Borders/Medicins Sans Frontieres: They have worked in and around refugee camps in the region for 14 years. They estimate about 500 people arrive at the already overcrowded camps each day and upon arrival are receiving inadequate assistance.
Donate here.

World Vision Canada: World Vision has been fighting hunger in the Horn of Africa for many years. Donations will help provide food, clean water, agricultural support, health care and other vital assistance to children and families in need. Give anything you can spare since every donation is multiplied 5 times! Donate here.

UN World Food Programme: WPF is reaching out to people on the edge of survival, especially women and children, with food. They aim to reach six million in the coming months. Donate here

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Social Media Fundraising ContestHere’s a cool little contest that you might want to enter. It’ll take 90 seconds of your time in front of a video camera and you could win $1000 for your time. 

Fundly, the provider of the largest social fundraising platform, is sponsoring a video contest to celebrate the release of its latest non-profit online fundraising platform. Non-profit organizations are encouraged to share their experiences with social media fundraising in a short video. All valid entrants will automatically receive two months of free social fundraising services from Fundly.

How to Enter
1) Shoot a simple video (up to 90 seconds) telling the world about your favorite non-profit and how social media tools can help boost fundraising for your cause.
2) Upload your video to YouTube and tag it with “fundlysocial”.
3) Let us know by filling out the form on

Hurry as the contest closes June 24.

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Musical fundraising for Clean African Water  For the pasts three years, High Point Friends School in North Carolina has put on fund raising events to sponsor water treatment in Africa. The schools  contributes to this cause by putting on musicals, a fall concert,  service projects and other church groups’ donations. They have raised  $13,000 so far.

“In my reading a couple years ago, I came across some distressing information from the World Health Organization,” said Linda Selleck, the meeting’s music minister and High Point Friends School’s music teacher. “Of all human misery people struggle with, the No. 1 concern these days is access to clean water for survival.”

The money raised by the school is donated in partnership with  nonprofit Friendly Water for the World, to buy molds and materials to make water filters for East African communities. Their biosand water filter helps remove 95% percent of harmful bacteria in the water. Here’s a schematic for the process. The filters are 3 feet tall and 1 foot wide and can produce up to one liter of clean water a minute.

This school fund raising event is a great way to involve kids, give them a platform to perform musically, get them thinking charity plus being water aware.  So if your local to the area stop by and consider supporting their efforts.

What: High Point Friends Meeting’s Water Works Ministry
Cost: Filter molds, $250; filter materials, $50
How: High Point Friends Meeting, 800 Quaker Lane, High Point, NC 27262
 Water projects: Linda Selleck, 884-1359
Friendly Water for the World: www.friendly

For those not in the area, check out Friendly Water for the World. Think about making a donation to this or your favorite water charity to help provide the basics for someone in need.

Contact us for more fund raising ideas to help your favorite cause.

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Last night I was watching TV and saw this commercial….

 Bingo my next blog post!

Cadbury is a divison of Kraft food (we’ve covered them in previous blog posts and how they’re helping feed the hungry and the Maxwell House Brew Some Good campaigns) part of a world wide food producer.  They’ve come up with a brilliant campaign to help people in Africa.

“In Africa, a bicycle can mean access to clean water, medical care and education,” says Luisa Girotto, Vice President Corporate Affairs, Cadbury North America. “Through The Bicycle Factory program we can improve overall mobility and therefore livelihood and we know Canadians will be empowered to help us realize our goal.”
How does it work? The bikes are being “built” online at With every Cadbury UPC code entered, a bicycle part is virtually created and added to the bike in progress. Each of the 5,000 bicycles is made up of 100 parts—which means a total of 50,000 UPC codes.

All you have to do to help this cause is eat chocolate bars (I know, I know…I’m rough on you people ). I went to Cadbury’s webpage and they have a counter past 9,000 totaling the number of bikes they’ve built in the past two years of the campaign. You can sign up for more information and enter a contest for a ten day trip to Ghana to deliver the bikes.

This is a fantastic way to help improve somebody’s life and all you have to do is eat chocolate!

If you would like to help out this cause check out or contact us for fundraising ideas that you can do to help.

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Music_Fundraiser_for_Japan  I had heard of this stuff when a friend went to buy a cd with gaming music on it but I had no idea that video game music was this popular. 8 bit music is original music  inspired by the limitations of classic game and computer hardware. I can imagine after a couple of hours playing games, these tunes become ingrained in your head.

Peter Swimm is a chip tune musician who goes by the Twitter handle of @TCTD and writes the blog True Chip Till Death. He’s gathered his gaming music community to put together a powerful fundraiser for Japan. Over 100 chip composers have donated tunes to the campaign, you can download the tracks for a donation of any amount to the cause!  The fundraiser is hosted through firstgiving and has become so successful that they’ve had to raise their donation goal to keep up.

How did you recruit all of the chip musicians to the Chip In: Japan fundraiser? What was the key to getting so many to join?

I think foremost was the reach of the organizers. I have been running the True Chip Till Death blog for over 2 years, and Pixelh8 is a well known member of the chipmusic community, so between the two of us we have a pretty large reach. Having two people who could each focus on spreading the word and coordinating the large amount of donors was also a big help.

What motivated most of the chip tune community, in particular, to join this campaign?

I think many chip musicians feel a spiritual connection to Japan and it’s people, whether its through the hardware and art we have enjoyed through their hard work, and through members of our community who live there. I think many of the musicians saw it as a chance they could help, in the face of what seemed to be a particularity dire situation.

Had the chip tune community come together previously to raise money for a cause?

The chip scene has done much to come together to crowd source projects, and create compilations to raise awareness of issues, but this is my first experience working as part of one. You can take a look at some of the kickstarter projects used to raise money for things like the Blip Festival as a guide.

Do you have a direct relationship with Japan in any way?

I have many friends in the region, and one of the contributors for our website (True Chip Till Death) lives in Tokyo, so we had specific people in our hearts and minds when we where putting this together.

Why did you choose to use FirstGiving?

I wanted a service that would directly fund the charity, so we could start collecting money and getting it to the people in need asap. I also liked your widget elements and the ability to send an email,
which we used as the delivery method for the compilation.

What has been the biggest lesson learned? Any surprises?

I initially thought we would receive maybe a dozen or two tracks, but it quickly snowballed into a veritable beginners chip music collection. I was surprised by how generous people have been not only with their music, but with their donations!

Would you do it again? And if so, why?

Absolutely. It was alot of work in a short period of time, but I hope we have done at least a little bit of good!

What do you think your fundraiser has been able to accomplish because you’ve worked in community that you would not have been able to accomplish otherwise?

The community was instrumental in getting the word out and supplying such great music. Every artist on board should be very proud of their efforts!

 Donate today to get trakcs from over 100 chip musicians. You can donate to the Chip in: Japan! fundraiser here.

If you want to put on your own Japan Fundraiser contact us for details and ideas, or check out our previous blog posts.

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