Halloween School Fundraising

Kids love Halloween (so do a lot of grown ups by the way)! It’s the chance to dress up as someone else and make believe for a day. Plus there’s chocolate involved which raises the stakes.

You can tie school fundraising into Halloween with a few ideas that will have even the kids excited to help out. Here is a quick list of some of the Halloween fundraising ideas we’ve seen:

Best Costume – The coolest costume wins. Kids will surprise you with how creative they can be on this one.
Pumpkin Fundraiser – Sell pumpkins in the community with donations going to the School
Pumpkin Carving Contest – Put on a school wide contest for the best carved and imaginative pumpkin contest.
School Spookyard – Age appropriate frights where kids can walk through a maze
Scary Spooky Treats – Have some students sell goblin cookies, Skeleton snacks etc to be delivered to their desks.

What fundraising ideas has your school come up with in the past?

Check out Noel’s Pumpkin Carving Archive for some really cool past Halloween carving.

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Monthly Observances:
Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month
Huntington’s Disease Awareness Month
National Stroke Awareness Month
Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection & Prevention Month
National Arthritis Month
Better Sleep Month
National Mental Health Month
Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month
National High Blood Pressure Education Month
Better Hearing and Speech Month
National Lupus Awareness Month
National Celiac Disease Awareness Month

National High Blood Pressure Awareness Month
National Cancer Research Month
Hepatitis Awareness Month
Lyme Disease Awareness Month
National Bike Month
Healthy Vision Month
Zombie Awareness Month

Weekly Observances:

May 4 – 10  Brain Tumour Action Week
May 6 – 12 National Nurses Week

Daily Observances:

May 5 -Melanoma Monday
May 6 – World Asthma Day
May 8 – World Red Cross Day
             – Mothers Day
May 9 – National Women’s Check Up Day
May 10- World Lupus Day
May 31- World No Tobacco Day

If you need help with  fundraising  ( or Zombie fighting ) ideas or if you would like to add to this list  please contact us.

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April 2011 Fundraising and Charity Observances 


April is:

Alcohol Awareness Month

Dental Health Month
Irritable Bowel Syndrom Awareness Month 
National Minority Health Month
Parkinson’s Awareness Month
National Physiotherapy Month
National Autism Awareness Month

Weekly Observances:

April 7 – 13  National Public Health Week
April 19- 26 National Infant Immunization Week

Daily Observances:

April 2 – Kick Butts Day
April 3 – National Alcohol Screening Day
April 7 – World Health Day
April 11- World Parkinson’s Day
April 17- World Hemophilia Day
April 22- Earth Day
April 24 – Easter
World Meningitis Day

If we missed anything or you have an event that might be suitable add it to the comments.

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If you want to comment about any of the posts that’s great but if your writing us about financing or where to buy boots it’s not going to work. If you want to include a link to a fundraising site can you at least make it sound like it relates to the post.

Not asking too much here…

ok that stated lets get on with the fundraising news on this blog.

I came up with an idea for a contest to spark more involvement from you guys. We’ll run a competition for the best comments on our posts and the winner gets to have a post on their favourite cause or what they are involved in. All activities have to fit within the boundaries of this blog.

To qualify you have to make 3 comments. That means you have to leave at least 3 comments on our previous posts. For your part the posts have to be legitimate and add to the conversation and no advertisements.

For our part we’ll contact you and let you pick what cause or organization you would like to see get some press. So you can determine who gets the fortune and fame.

Our little contest will run for two weeks starting March 8 and running until March 19.

On Your Mark, Get Set……

A couple of posts back I mentioned a fundraising campaign in Detroit or Boston that asked for a dollar contribution to their organization for children. They ran a few commercials about this a couple of weeks ago.

Is this wringing some bells of anybody? Sorry guys I can’t remember any other info about this campaign. I wanted to follow up and see how that fundraising campaign worked for them.

If you think you might know what I’m rambling about drop me a comment. I’d like to find out.

In the meantime tell me what’s working in your fundraising efforts in your part of the world.

Ok people gather round, because we really need to talk about this one.

I was recently on the hungersite and its sister sites for the yearly wrap up. Every year they summarize what the donations have totaled for the year. I checked the stats for the hungersite and they said 52 million cups of rice served and I was then ASTOUNDED to find that the animal rescue site recorded over 90 million!

Now my numbers might be off, since they have taken them down, but I do remember calculating a difference of over 26 million more bowls of dog food served than rice to human beings.

Can someone please explain that to me!

I want to be very careful here, I’m not pointing my finger at the hungersite. They are just the vessel which these donations come from. The issues here is why there is such a HUGE discrepency between animals and humans. This is coming from people who make it a point to once a day come and donate to the animal rescue site and never bother to go to the hungersite. WHY? Is the extra 30 seconds too much of a bother to ya? You can click through all six of thier donation sites in less than a minute. Where’s the problem?

Part of the difference in numbers could be the sale of items for that particular cause which may get translated into food. But again the problem remains why such a large difference with human beings trailing behind. Priorities people……priorites!

Why people….WHY are we valueing an animals importance over a human beings? Again listen to what I’m saying. I’m not arqueing the importance of helping an animal or charitable acts towards that goal but I am saying that for the same price you can help BOTH. There’s no reason why we should value an animal over a human. Call me old fashioned but to me the priority is clear on this.

Before I start getting lots of nasty emails from animal lovers out there I’m clarifying this as best as I can. I am not against animals nor your caring for them but c’mon!

Nope sorry, I’m crying fowl and awarding lots of yellow cards here.
IGo back to the beginning and try again this year.

I wish you a Merry Christmas where ever you may be. I hope 2010 prospers you and the best is yet to come!

Now for some Christmas video. A little something I put up on my front lawn this year along with the Trans Siberian Orchestra.


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Lets see if we can’t have some fun with this fundraising / non profit / charity thing.

I’ve been spending time watching some incredible TV lately. Last weekend the National Geographic channnel showed a 6 part documentary called World War 2: The Apocalypse . If you get a chance you should watch it. The footage is so clean and it’s been colorized which I thought really added to it. 6 hours to remind you of what soldiers had and have to go through.

Some have apprently forgotten after a centotaph was vandalized.

Life may not be perfect for you today, but you enjoy freedoms bought at a precious price. Stop…be thankful….and remember.