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So we’ve wrapped up another year on this blog (that makes 5 in case your counting!). At the beginning of 2014 lets take a moment to give a shout out to those people in your school or community that helped out the past year. The people in the background that bring it all together. Without these people no school trips,  band costumes, playground equipment or help for the needy in your town.

If you can think of anyone that deserves a public shout out drop a comment on this blog and let them know you noticed their efforts. Lets make this post a list of appreciation awesomeness!

In the meantime, feel free to fill out the image and send it off to someone who has earned it.

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Church Fundraising Ideas

You have more resources than you think in your congregation to put on a successful church fund raiser. This year when your annual church fund raising happens you will be able to explore new streams of income.

Your Congregation – There is a wealth of experience and talent in your congregation. Host meeting and ask for their fundraising ideas. Depending on the excitement for ideas the feedback will steer you towards your activity. You may end up holding talent events for your volunteering musicians, comics and artists or home crafts like baking or knitting.

Your Kitchen – Your parish can host fund raising events with the church kitchen and volunteers. Put on monthly suppers or breakfasts after masses. Your main audience will be in attendance and hungry after Sunday mass. Put on theme suppers during the year or open the kitchen for lunch time business for local traffic.

Your Parking Lot – Parking is at a premium for most cities, if your church is downtown or by popular bus routes. Sell parking spots to local businesses or put up flyers to advertise in local stores. Monthly parking sales can add to your church coffers.

Your Office Space – Does your church have additional office space for lease. Some companies may just need an extra room or a safe storage place. Empty spaces and rooms in your church can be used for utilized for rental or outside revenue streams.

Your Advertising - Your church probably has advertising spots that advertisers could use. Newsletters, roadside signs, pamphlets etc. Appropriate businesses could be signed up for advertising sponsorship to your churches newsletters or events. This would be great advertising and PR for them as well as supplemental income for you.

These are our ideas for maximizing your income with your existing resources. What church fundraising ideas have worked for you? Drop a comment and share with others your ideas.

Be sure to check out our post on mission trip fundraising for more church fundraising tips.

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Nominate your Favourite Fundraiser or Charity



altruistic concern for human welfare and advancement, usually manifested by donations of money, property, or work to needy persons, by endowment of institutions of learning and hospitals, and by generosity to other socially useful purposes.
We’ve spent the past couple of years talking about different fundraising and charity  initiatives out there that are stepping up and getting things done. We thought we’d give you a chance to mention YOUR  favourite.
This is your chance to give a little love to the people or ideas that you feel deserve recognition. Your Nominees can be anybody from local volunteers to huge international organizations or maybe just the ideas themselves. Your mention might motivate further contributions to these organizations so it’s worth your effort.
Drop a comment and let the rest of the readers of this blog know the good works that are still being done out there.
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School Fundraising ideas

Isabel Uzelac is only 12 yet she’s been in the fundraising business 5 years. At the tender age of 7 she felt a need to give back to the community.  She started her own nonprofit, Educational Helpers and started collecting school supplies.

 “I wanted to do something for the community and I did school supplies because it’s something I can relate to,” Uzelac said.

 Isabel calls on local businesses for cash donations. Then Uzelac buys the supplies – which includes backpack, pencils, pens, scissors, calculators, etc. – at local stores such as Staples, Wal-Mart and Target. Her first year she raised $100 and this year has raised $3,300 as of Aug. 11. She supplies students from kindergarten to 12th grade.

 WOW huh!

 Isabel currently has 50 backpacks filled with school supplies that she will donate to shelters in the Indiana region. With this much success she’s planning on expanding her school fundraising area through the state.

To donate, mail checks to Educational Helpers, P.O. Box 184, Valparaiso, Ind. 46385. To contact Uzelac email or call her mother, Anita Uzelac, at (219) 309-6158 and watch for her upcoming website educationhelpers.

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World Humanitarian Day

It has been 10 years since the International Year of Volunteers in 2001, and the United Nations called for this anniversary to be marked across the planet. August 19, 2011 is World Humanitarian Day.

Every charitable organization or relief agency depends on volunteers. They are the oil which drives the engine.  Raise your glasses because today is the day you are celebrated!

Today the scope of volunteering is huge! You can give a little of your time to help just about any cause that comes to mind. Not only does this help support the charitable organization but helps you develop skills and real world experience that studies just can’t provide. These days you are not even constrained to local areas because it’s possible to volunteer from your local computer. Here is a collection of real and virtual volunteering opportunites that are open to you from major organizations like worldvision and redcross.

On behalf of us, the charitable organizations you serve and the people you’ve helped: Thank You!

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Musical fundraising for Clean African Water  For the pasts three years, High Point Friends School in North Carolina has put on fund raising events to sponsor water treatment in Africa. The schools  contributes to this cause by putting on musicals, a fall concert,  service projects and other church groups’ donations. They have raised  $13,000 so far.

“In my reading a couple years ago, I came across some distressing information from the World Health Organization,” said Linda Selleck, the meeting’s music minister and High Point Friends School’s music teacher. “Of all human misery people struggle with, the No. 1 concern these days is access to clean water for survival.”

The money raised by the school is donated in partnership with  nonprofit Friendly Water for the World, to buy molds and materials to make water filters for East African communities. Their biosand water filter helps remove 95% percent of harmful bacteria in the water. Here’s a schematic for the process. The filters are 3 feet tall and 1 foot wide and can produce up to one liter of clean water a minute.

This school fund raising event is a great way to involve kids, give them a platform to perform musically, get them thinking charity plus being water aware.  So if your local to the area stop by and consider supporting their efforts.

What: High Point Friends Meeting’s Water Works Ministry
Cost: Filter molds, $250; filter materials, $50
How: High Point Friends Meeting, 800 Quaker Lane, High Point, NC 27262
 Water projects: Linda Selleck, 884-1359
Friendly Water for the World: www.friendly

For those not in the area, check out Friendly Water for the World. Think about making a donation to this or your favorite water charity to help provide the basics for someone in need.

Contact us for more fund raising ideas to help your favorite cause.

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Fundraising for clean water

I just got finished reading National Geographics special Water Issue. It was a fantastic read and eye opening on our water usage issues. There’s hope for a better day, but we have to change how we use our freshwater.

The issue has tons of great information in it. Water shortage and cleanliness are subjects we usually associate with third world countries. Things are changing as Mexico, New York, Atlanta, Las Vegas all have serious water issues. Water has to be diverted from other states, trucked in or heavily restricted.

In the third world women have to walk miles to the local well or dirty spring to get water.  They haul 50 pounds of water back and make the journey three times a day. With working well closer to the villages, hygiene will improve and the time invested can be spent raising food.

The National Geographic water issue also had advertisements and information on organizations who involved trying to improve the situation. The global water initiative is a group of organizations who have come together to tackle this huge problem:

The Global Water Initiative (GWI) addresses the declining state of the world’s supply of fresh water and the lack of access to clean water services by the world’s poorest people. It brings together the talents and experiences of seven leading international organizations—Action Against Hunger—USA, CARE, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), Oxfam America and SOS Sahel UK—to work out effective solutions.

From their website I got the impression they’re more of an advocacy group which is important in the area. Helping educate people on water conservation and hygiene is part of the game. The organizations which make up the GWI also have very active water charity roles, so action is being taken.

Thanks to National Geographic for the special water issue ( plus for being an awesome magazine! ) 

As an extra, hats off to the pepsico group for working on cutting their water consumption to zero. Check out for a lot of great encouraging news.

If you would like to advocate or volunteer for clean water  check out the organizations involved in The Global Water Initiative. You can also contact us for fundraising ideas to help contribute.

Kendall Ciesemier is an extraordinary 17 year old. In 2004 she was 11 and watching the Oprah Winfrey show. The show focused on kids helping kids and Kendall was moved to do something to help the 12 million AIDS orphans of Africa. She began by adopting a child through World Vision with her own annual contribution of $360.

Shortly after that Kendall got sick and required two liver transplants. This began her thinking of the hardships faced by kids who don’t received care and medical attention when they have illnesses. Kendall created an organization called

With a twofold focus of raising funds for kids in Africa and growing generous hearts and global vision among kids in North America, Kids Caring 4 Kids and its growing army of young activists is on track to raise $1 million to help vulnerable children in need.

The funds we raise will go to support trustworthy charitable organizations and individuals with proven programs to help kids and their communities who have been impacted by the AIDS pandemic.

Along the way Kendall has made a few new friends:

Inspired by Kendall’s story, President Clinton wanted to do something special. It was a surprise that took the Secret Service to pull off!

Just a few hours before taping The Oprah Show, President Clinton spoke during a rally at Kendall’s suburban high school. The students thought he was there to honor them for their donations to cancer research and Locks for Love—until he called Kendall on stage.

“I’m going into Chicago to talk more about giving with a friend of mine who wants to meet you, Kendall,” he says. “So [your principal] has agreed to give you a little time off today so you can you can go with me to meet Oprah Winfrey and be on her television show.”

In what she calls an “out of body experience,” Kendall walks across the stage and sits between Oprah and President Clinton.

“I wanted you here today to say that you are the shining light for the rest of the world,” Oprah says. “[President Clinton] has written a whole book about giving, but you are the prime example of what one person can do. From your hospital bed, even, what one person can do.”

Kendall has raised $100,000, but she has higher hopes for the future. “My next goal is to raise $1 million for AIDS orphans in Africa,” she says.

The organization has now raised over $840,000. She calls for kids to get involved with fundraising. They have raised money for

  • Caring for orphans
  • Clean water
  • Schools
  • Bikes for kids
  • Feeding hungry kids


 It doesn’t matter what you raise or how you do it. If you want to fundraise then send money through the kidscaring4kids donation page google will waive all expenses so 100% of funds go to the charity.

Congratulations to Kendall Ciesemier for putting together such a huge non profit effort on behalf of those kids in Africa who really can use our help.

If you would like to help out with your own  fundraising efforts contact us for ideas.

Fundraising ideas for 2011 All right so 2010 is drawing to a close. Kind of a tough year with economic and environmental issues from all sides. Better times are coming but there is still work to be done.

Here are a few questions we’d like to hear from the readers of this blog on:

  •  What fundraising and charity ideas do you have planned for 2011?
  • Are you going to get involved volunteering or fundraising for your favorite cause?
  • Will you donate to more causes or focus your attention on a few?
  • What new products or ideas will really change the charity field this year?
  • How can we tie in renewable energies to fundraising?
  • How your 2010 turned out

It’s your turn to tell us what interests you and your goals. Let ‘er rip.

We wish you the best for 2011 and as always if you need help fundraising contact us.

mission trip fundraising

Missionary work calls many people. Missionary work is the act of spreading the word of god through the world. These trips are usually associated with long journeys into dark, mosquito filled lands. The trips tend to focus on remote places in Africa and Asia. They concentrate on what is referred to as the 10/40 belt. A geographic location in the southern hemisphere that contains 90% of the earths poorest and 95% of those who have not heard of Christianity. Many trips take missionaries to rural and city locations in the states.

Ministry Appeals to Every Age Group
Different locations and lengths of trip are available. Students can do missionary work for a couple of months between studies. Mission trips are available for adults, married couples and entire families. Short term missionary work is available for 3 month trips and packaged for students in the Youth, High School and College age. For older people or those settled there are adult and family trips too.

Alternatives for Raising Money for Your Trip
Depending on location and the length of your missionary trip the cost for the average missionary trip is $2,000 and up. Considering that a single person flying to Africa, $2,000 may not even cover your air fare. You may need help raising funds to help you afford this trip.

You can send a letter stating your intentions asking for money. Your letter should include the date of the trip, the goal of your goodwill, pictures of the country, then get to the chase and mention the cost of the trip. Ask in a straight forward way if they could help you and the church with this mission. Then wrap the letter up with best wishes and mail it. It is possible to raise $1,000 to $1,500 through writing a mission letter to your friends and family.

While you are waiting for your money to come in from your letter it would be a good idea to have a second source of income to supplement the rest of your trip. Fundraising can fit into your schedule by being available when you are. If you are a student you can run a fundraising campaign between semesters. You could even post notices and flyers on message boards on campus.

If you contact a professional fundraising company many will have fundraising campaigns that have a spiritual and environmental side to them. Some fundraising companies can offer you candles with bible verses on them or guaranteed to bloom flower bulbs. These campaigns along with the regular food campaigns that are available offer you products that are more in line with your mission objectives.

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