Candy Bar Fundraiser

Hershey's Max Candy Bar ProgramYou can’t spell “fundraiser” without “fun”! And on that note, you group will get earn more money if its members enjoy themselves while carrying out your fundraiser. So why not make your group’s next fundraiser a lot more fun by holding a candy bar fundraiser? Your group members will love selling the candy bars that they themselves adore—and will have no trouble doing it, not with these amazing treats.

We offer several variety packs that your group can sell: packs with $1 chocolate bars; packs with $2 chocolate bars; Hershey’s variety packs; and variety packs of chocolate bars, Sour Jacks, and Nuclear SQWorms. Profit ranges from up to 50% profit to up to 65% profit ($2 Chocolatiers Community Pack), so choose carefully when deciding which candy bars your group will sell.

On one hand, the Hershey’s variety packs are a great choice because they include classic favorites like Hershey’s Milk Chocolate, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and Kit Kats. On the other hand, One Dollar Bars cost (naturally) only a dollar, so potential supporters—especially strangers—are more likely to buy these from your group. Then again, you could just go for both the Hershey’s chocolate and the cheap price with the Hershey $1.50 Chocolatetown Plus Variety Pack and/or $1.50 Hershey’s Max Assortment; they both include the 3 sweet treats mentioned above, as well as others.

Everyone Loves Candy Bars

Since everyone loves candy bars, your group members won’t have to target your sales to any one group in particular; they can sell the products to everyone. So have your group members offer to sell candy bars to all their friends and family members. If you’re not sure how many candy bars your group will be able to sell, however, the minimum order is 1 case, so can order a case and give it a try.

Every time your group sells 6 cases of $2 Hershey Fundraising Assortment, or 8 cases of either $1.50 Hershey’s Max Assortment or $2 Hershey Chocolatetown Plus, you’ll receive a free 5-pound chocolate bar. This offer applies to all the Hershey’s candy bar fundraisers!

As with other product fundraisers, have your group members ask their friends and family if they’d like to buy the candy bars. Your group can also set up sell them at school and work events. Since many people are going to these events—and they’re already in the mood to spend money—you’ll make decent profits in no time.

If it’s possible, hit the streets for extra sales; go to places where there’s a lot of foot traffic, like downtown. Also approach people who are waiting for the bus or the train: they’re likely bored because they have nothing to do, so they’ll be more open to buying candy bars from your group members. Never do this with minors, though—make sure all participants are adults.

You don’t need to worry about your next fundraiser: fundraising is no problem at all with our candy bar fundraisers. We offer Hershey’s chocolate bars, lip-smacking $1 and $2 chocolate bars, and variety packs of chocolate bars and sour candy. Since people of all ages love candy bars, it’s extremely easy for your group members to sell them. So go on! Order a case or two, and delight your supporters with our delicious candy bars.Created by Angela Mancuso

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