Cheap Fundraising Ideas That You Can Conduct Easily

Cheap fundraising ideas are not hard to find, especially nowadays when you can simply go online and search for ideas using your preferred search engine. The influx of information, however, can be quite overwhelming. Your search can yield hundreds of relevant results, and there are dozens of websites dedicated to providing people with various fundraising ideas. It is easy to drown in information.

This article will provide you with ideas that are easy to do and will not drain your budget. This is important: since the goal of a fundraising event is to raise as much money as possible, conducting an event that does not need that much funding will greatly help in increasing the amount of money that will go to the cause or organization the event organizers want to support.


3 Cheap Fundraising Ideas

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Here are some cheap fundraising ideas you might want to try:

Pizza for a Cause. A great fundraising event that will not cost that much to conduct is what is often known as “Pizza Night”. In this type of event, you tie up with a nearby pizza place – preferably one that is patronized by the community – and receive part of the proceeds from a particular night. Of course, before you decide to go for this event, remember that the restaurant will most likely choose a slow weeknight; as such, don’t expect that you’ll be able to conduct the event on a Friday or Saturday night. Not to worry, though: you don’t need to spend that much to promote the event, so even if the proceeds are far below your expectations, you still stand to raise money. All you need to take care of are the fliers you need to hand out to members of the community you want to solicit help from.

Garage Sale. While this may not be the most original fundraising idea, you have to admit that it’s a cheap, almost free way to raise money for a good cause. At most you only need to shell out money for, again, fliers. Don’t expect things to be a breeze all throughout, though: remember, you have to allot time and energy for the event to be successful.

50-50 Raffle. When the word “raffle” comes to mind, one thinks of prizes, and rightfully so. Usually, in an event like this, a number of things are raffled off, the most popular of which are gadgets and appliances. In a 50-50 raffle event, however, the prize is different. The person whose ticket is drawn wins half of the total amount raised in selling tickets. You might think that this is not the most inexpensive fundraising idea; indeed, it isn’t. But think: in a fundraising event, there is always the risk of it not being as successful as you’d like it to be. If you already bought the prizes and didn’t sell a lot of tickets, you might end up not being able to support your cause at all.

Cheap Fundraising Ideas Work But…

The three events mentioned in this article can help you raise a lot of money while keeping the cost of conducting them at a minimum. However, you still need to take care of a lot of things – planning, marketing, and the like – to be able to conduct a successful fundraising event. Remember, coming up with cheap fundraising ideas is only half of the battle.Created by Angela Mancuso

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