Discount Card Fundraiser

discount card fundraiserA discount card fundraiser can earn a lot of money for your group. The fundraiser works like this: we’ll send you a list of 300 merchants, you’ll choose your favorite 75, and we’ll print cards with 10 great discounts from those merchants. Your group members will then sell these to your supporters at $10 each.

This is an effective fundraiser because most people like saving money. In fact, it’s one of the few types of fundraisers where your supporters save money! They are spending money, yes, but they’re saving money while they do it. Plus, your supporters get unlimited use on the cards for an entire year! If you order 500 or more cards, we’ll even customize the cards with your group name and logo, so your supporters will remember your group and help you again next year.

Is The Discount Card Fundraiser Profitable:

The discount card fundraiser is one of the most profitable fundraisers we offer: you can use it to make up to 70% profit, which is more than most of our other fundraisers. Not to mention, shipping is always free! Profit starts at 50%, so you’re always guaranteed half of what you make. You get 60% profit once you’ve sold 500 cards, 65% profit once you’ve sold 1000, and 70% once you’ve sold 2000. The minimum order is 250 cards; for a well-sized group, you simply have your group members sell 7-10 cards each.

As with any product fundraiser, your group members will make more sales if they talk to people they know. Make sure they don’t limit themselves to just friends and family members, though; they can also sell discount cards to their teachers, neighbors, classmates, teammates, and coworkers. Your group members likely know anywhere from 70 to 350 people each, so have them make lists of their acquaintances before they start selling the discount cards. Have your group members approach as many people as possible—especially middle-aged adults, parents, college students and teens, since many people within these groups are keen on saving money.

Have your group members talk to those who don’t seem like they’ll buy the cards; people can surprise you, after all. Besides, it only takes about a minute to ask someone to buy a discount. You might think you won’t be able to sell many cards, but—once you’ve approached everyone you know—the results will surprise you. Everyone likes good discounts on things that they regularly spend money on.

Who is The Discount Card Fundraiser Good For:

This fundraiser is effective for mid-sized to large groups (25 members and up—your group members will have to sell 10 cards each if you order the minimum 250 cards).

Research which merchants your customers will like the most, and make your choices carefully. When selling the cards to potential supporters—especially if you don’t know them—make a point of specifically advertising these popular merchants; people will be encouraged to buy the cards if they know they can get discounts at their favorite merchants.

A discount card fundraiser is a great choice, since everyone likes to save money, and a good idea for groups with 25+ members. Have your group members sell them to everyone they know—but especially to parents, middle-aged adults, college students and teens, who like saving money wherever they can—and watch as the profit mounts higher and higher. Give this fundraiser a try—you won’t regret it!

 Created by Angela Mancuso

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