Easy Catholic School Fundraising Ideas

From time to time, even private schools need to generate extra money to continue to pay qualified teachers, and upgrade their textbooks, facilities, and much more. This is especially true for religious schools that might not necessarily charge too much. With an economic downturn, there aren’t as many funds given to schools, even if they have religious affiliation. For those that are looking for catholic school fundraising ideas, there are a few go to options that will garner some financial success. Some of the options seem rudimentary, and that’s true, but just because they are obvious doesn’t mean they don’t work. Consider the following easy to implement plans and see fundraising flourish.

3 Catholic School Fundraising Ideas

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The first option is to sell chocolate. This tried and true option can generate a whole lot of income with just a minor investment. IN regards to catholic school fundraising ideas, this is one of the best. Selling chocolate bards for $1 can not only help consumers looking for some quick sugar, but also assist children and even teenagers with the economics of sales. Whether standing outside of a store or knocking on doors to ask to speak to the head of the household, there are a great deal of lessons learned through this option, which is why so many people go for this option off the bat.

Another plan in reference to catholic school fundraising ideas is to simply sell services. These services can be sold as vouchers or in a silent auction. The services can be as simple as walking dogs, washing pets, cleaning cars, or even a massage or something along those lines. The cost can range from low to high, and can generate a nice chunk of change for those that need it most.

A third idea is to sell used items in a swap meet style event. Everyone has stuff lying around the house, and having a swap meet can be as easy as setting up a table or a blanket and just letting people come through the parking lot and shop for wares. The many options that can be sold are quite interesting, and combining forces with the community, can really pack of a fundraising punch. This idea is similar to the standard garage or yard sale; only it is done on the confines of a school and/or church. Whether it’s outdoors or indoors, people are always in search for a bargain, and here is a great option to explore to help facilitate.

Catholic School Fundraising Ideas – It’s Not Always Easy

Catholic school fundraising ideas are not necessarily new. There are many options left to explore, and some are really easy to organize and implement. No matter what the goal is in terms of raising money, there are a great deal of opportunities that can help any school generate income for whatever they might need. Aside from tuition increases, there are no other easy ways to generate money. Fundraising can seem difficult at first, and when the first thing doesn’t work, try another, and never give up. Every community is different, so make sure that you explore a little before settling.Created by Angela Mancuso

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