Elementary School Fundraisers

Looking for a little help in planning some elementary school fundraisers? No need to worry—we’ve prepared some ideas to help you out.

Do your supporters like cookie dough?

Selling cookie dough is one of the most popular fundraising programs. The cookies are extremely easy to make—supporters just have to shape the dough and bake it. Cookie dough comes in a great range of tasty flavors, like chocolate chunk, oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle, and white chocolate macademia, in both wet and dry formats. Simply have your group members show the colorful brochures to their friends and families and then take orders from them. Your group can make up to 55% profit with this fundraiser. Easy as pie!

Or maybe they’ll like flower bulbs instead.

We offer 3 catalogs full of flower bulbs for your supporters to enjoy. They both have a wide variety of items which include bulbs to grow tulips, dahlias, freesia, and daffodils, among many others. The premier-quality bulbs are guaranteed to bloom, and they do so in a short time. Supporters will like this fundraiser so much your group can make it an annual seller. Your group can make 50% profit by selling flower bulbs.

Got change?

One of the possible elementary school fundraisers is the loose-change fundraiser. This one is simple: simply have your group members ask their friends and family to dig up all the stray change they have lying around—in coat pockets, stuck inside the sofa, lying on the floor below piles of clothes—and donate it to your group. This fundraiser is very convenient—it’s free and doesn’t take long—so have your group members ask for loose change from as many people as they can. No doubt this easy little fundraiser will be a pleasant surprise for your supporters.

Hold an old-timey game tournament for the student body.

Kids today are glued to the TV and hooked up to the Internet, so bring them away from their technology with games like Clue or Battleship…or go back a few thousand years and try classics like Go, chess, and backgammon. Whichever games you choose, make sure the students have never played them before, since they’ll have more fun learning new games. Prepare a table with snacks for the kids to munch on during the event, and reward the winners with great prizes.

Field trip!

Time for an adventure! Bring your students to somewhere that’s fun and educational, like an aquarium, zoo, or museum. Set the field trip on a pedagogical day, when the students wouldn’t otherwise have school; their parents will be glad to get their kids off their hands for a day. Charge a reasonable fee, and enlist reliable parent volunteers to help you out if necessary. Students and teachers will both enjoy this fundraiser. Plus, it goes without saying the kids will love the opportunity to get out of class!

So these are just a few of the many elementary school fundraisers you can do with your group: you can offer your supporters cookie dough or flower bulbs, hold a loose-change fundraiser, host an old-timey games tournament, or go on a field trip with the students—or maybe even combine some of them. Once you’ve made your decision, it will time to begin your fundraiser. You can do it!

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