Fall Fundraisers

5 Fall fundraisers ideasWell, it’s fall – a time of whirling winds, crackling leaves, and long walks in pumpkin patches.

If you don’t know how to base your fundraiser around the spirit of the season, there’s no need to fear (you can save that for Halloween): there are several fall fundraisers your group can hold.

5 Great Fall Fundraisers:

1) Sell nuts and snacks for 50% profit.

Nuts and snacks are a great choice for fall fundraisers: their nutty, crunchy tastes will call to mind the character of the season. It’s a good idea to sell our snack mixes a few weeks before Halloween – many people crave candy in the weeks leading up to October 31st. We offer different programs for this fundraiser, each with unique types of snack packs, so pick the one you like best.

2) Sell Warheads candy.

The good thing about Warheads is that they can be sold to anyone. Candy has mass appeal, and the sour taste will appeal to adults, teenagers and children alike. In fact, Warheads is one of the top-selling brands of sour candy in America. Your supporters will trust the candy – so they’ll be happy to take it off your hands.

3) Hold a “candy carnival”.

Like Boxing Day, but for Halloween! For this fall fundraiser, you’ll ask your supporters to give you guys the candy they weren’t able to give away on Halloween – and all the candy their kids don’t want – so that you can sell it in a makeshift marketplace. Your group members – and perhaps even willing supporters! – will set up market stalls in a large area, like a school gym. Kids are going to be your biggest source of revenue, so advertising to them is a must. Also contact local vendors; they might be willing to sell their merchandise at the candy carnival for a reduced fee.

4) Hold a cornucopia raffle.

Celebrate the season of the harvest with a cornucopia raffle. Have your group members ask their friends and family to donate food, put the food together in baskets tied with ribbons, and raffle them off to supporters. Organize the food by type – fruit and veggies in one basket, breads and buns in another, and so on. If they’re not told otherwise, supporters may think that the food will be donated to the less fortunate, so make sure you tell them what it’s really for.

5) Jump into piles of leaves with your supporters.

Remember when you were a kid and you jumped on newly made piles of leaves, causing them to explode and you to get yelled at? Well, you can, and should! – invite your supporters to do the same this fall, even though they’re adults. For this fall fundraiser, rake up piles of leaves with your group members, then invite your supporters to bounce around in them – just like you used to do in old times. Make sure you have your group members keep an eye on your supporters, on the off chance they get hurt.

There are several fall fundraisers your group can carry out for the fall season: you can sell our snack mixes or Warheads candy, sell leftover Halloween candy, hold a cornucopia raffle, or hold a jumping-into-piles-of-leaves fundraiser. All of these will make your supporters really feel the spirit of the season, so don’t be shy—take your pick of one (or many!) of our creative fall fundraisers.

 Created by Angela Mancuso

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