Five Great Non Profit Fundraising Ideas

With today’s difficult times, it can be quite a challenge for nonprofit organizations, and for them to come up with the money they so desperately need often seems impossible. However, they can get those funds rolling in with some fun and easy, non profit fundraising ideas. There is a vast array of fundraising methods for organizations to choose from that do not require a lot of work, time or money.

Top 5 Non Profit Fundraising Ideas

Fairs or carnivals are extremely popular activities for organizations to raise money, and since they are so fun, it is extremely easy to get a remarkably large amount of people to attend. If there is any way that the nonprofit can get a celebrity to make an appearance, the funds that the organization raise could dramatically be increased, as well.

Marathons or walk-a-thons are also effective ways for groups to raise needed funds. Again, since so many people like the idea of being close to celebrities; if a celebrity can make an appearance, the number of attendees will increase, and so the funds will increase, as well.

Yet another popular non profit fundraising ideas to raise money is for the group to sell different items such as candy bars, books, novelties, curios, baked goods or gift baskets. They can do this either by setting up tables outside of various stores or by organizing yard sales. When setting up at stores, members must always remember to get the manager’s permission first.

Many businesses are more than willing to sponsor sporting events to help organizations raise funds. This not only helps the nonprofit organizations, but it helps the businesses by advertising their company’s names and their various products, as well. It also helps the business in that it looks favorable for them to be associated with charity organizations.

One event that has been highly successful in the past and holds its ground today is a car wash. In today’s busy world, many people have no time to wash their cars and will gladly pay someone else to do it.

More Non Profit Fundraising Ideas

The list of other fundraising ideas is virtually endless. Other events that organizations can consider are talent shows, musicals, auctions, selling discount cards or coupon books, leaving charity jars in stores and having a “charity button”, that visitors can click, on the organization’s websites. One thing for groups to keep in mind, is that although some people cannot give money, they might be able to donate other things such as time, furniture, supplies or equipment. These donations can be just as valuable as cash.

In conclusion, non profit fundraising ideas with today’s difficult times, can be a bit of a challenge for groups to get the money they need. However, they can obtain these funds using some fun and easy fundraising ideas. There is a vast array of methods for groups to raise extra money and listed here are just a few. It is essential for these groups to remember that, although donations of money are terrific; donations of such things as time, equipment, supplies and furniture is valuable, as well.Created by Angela Mancuso

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