Fun Pasta Fundraising

Pasta Dinner FundraiserIs there such a thing as fun pasta fundraising? In the world of fundraising, there are a lot of ideas that are kicked around, but many seem rudimentary. Sure, you could always go with a bake sale, or something similar, or you can try something that can make you a lot of money with minimal investment. One thing that seems to work well in these modern times is a fun pasta fundraising idea. The idea of selling pasta is a great one, and can be done in two very different methods, both of which can generate serious money for those that are willing to spend some time working with the notion. Consider the following 2 simple ideas to make money with pasta.

2 Fun Pasta Fundraising Ideas

Idea #1 – Pasta Dinner

This option will require some setup, and donations of tables and chairs. But if you can get the venue down pact, you can usher in some serious money by charging around $5 per plate, and then cooking a pasta dinner for several guests. The kitchen will need some staffing, and serving many hungry guests will require some serious elbow grease, but it’s an idea that can generate some serious income, as everyone eats, and a pasta dinner is easy to procure.

Idea #2 – Dry Pasta Sales

This is another great fun pasta fundraising option; especially since there are companies that will help any organization make some extra money by selling prepackaged dry pastas. Often times these high end pastas are made into shapes of cartoon characters or other objects, and can be easy to convince people to invest. The dry options can cost less than few cents on the dollar and can be resold. If there is little money to invest, then a catalog can be sent with participants and they can sell items to the general public, having them delivered in time for any major event.

The above 2 fundraising ideas are just some quick options to consider when looking to make some money with a fun pasta fundraising plan. They are not the only options to consider, as there are a lot of great things that can be done in these modern times to help generate income. Whether you’re working with a school, church, or an after school program, you can see how pasta is a great investment in the process of making money for a greater cause.

Fun Pasta Fundraising – Go The Extra Mile For Serious Money

If the above options do not really seem viable, consider brainstorming something else with the idea of food items. Dried food items are easy to transport, have a long shelf life, and can be sold for a fraction of the retail price, without much competition. It’s important to consider dried foods when looking to either sell door to door, or create a dinner option for guests. The sign of a good fundraising plan is not so much the retail value, but rather the enthusiasm that can be created within the participants. If you can sell the fun pasta fundraising idea to your group, you’ll find them to be willing to go the extra mile and generate serious income. Pasta might seem rudimentary, but it’s left of center in a lot of ways.Created by Angela Mancuso

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