Fundraising Ideas For Bands – The Best Way To Make Money

Starting a band and making great music is a noble idea that millions of people do. However, when times are tough and it seems like the music business is a lot harsher than once imagined, bands can grow frustrated and give up. That’s where a good head for fundraising can come in handy. There are some great ways to make some extra revenue for bands, and with the following tips, any band can navigate the hard waters of being professional musicians. Consider the following fundraising ideas for bands as some solid options to earn on the road and off.

Fundraising Ideas For Bands Tips

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First and foremost no band can make any revenue without shirts, hats, and recorded music. Pricing these items a little bit above overhead is a great way to generate some serious income online or at live shows. The best way to fundraise is to sell these below the national average.

When in doubt, fundraising ideas for bands can really be great when a band has a great core of fans. Asking the fans to donate money can be one way to get gas money, food money, or savings for a long-winded tour. Most bands won’t make money on their travels, and will end up paying for many things out of pocket, which is why asking fans to donate a few dollars can be a great thing.

In regards to other fundraising ideas for bands, playing live can be a great thing. Playing several shows and asking for donations at the door can be great, especially if a venue offers a stage for low cost or free. When in doubt, backyard shows, acoustic house shows, and many other intimate options can generate some serious money as well.

One tip in regards to fundraising ideas for bands that will turn on a light bulb for many is to learn some traditional cover songs. The reason for this is because a band can get together and play weddings, and religious events as well as parties for a set price and play the classics. This might not be the main purpose of a band, but if a group of band mates can put their chase for fame and fortune aside, this option can be very lucrative and help get the band free and clear of debt, and on the road without worry.

Fundraising Ideas For Bands – Make Money While Not Touring

It’s very important for the life of a band to make money while not touring. Tours can end up costing many bands money, and if they want to play some of the larger festivals, bands have to pay the promoters. There is a great deal of different musical options that can generate income for a band, but not everyone is going to make it in music without some serious ground work. When in doubt, fall back on traditional options like car washes, selling chocolates, baked goods, refreshments and the old day job routine. Without a little hard work, appreciating stardom can be irksome, and painful for some. Always look into fundraising ideas before spending money out of pocket.Created by Angela Mancuso

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