Fundraising Ideas for Clubs

Fundraisers do not only help a club raise funds but it also teaches a valuable lesson to each club member – when you want something, you have to work hard for it. Club funds are limited, thus, if your club wants a new uniform, or perhaps a new place, or new equipments, then it is time that you should come up with clever fundraising ideas for clubs.

Fundraising can be hard and tiresome. That’s why you really need to work hard to make it successful. But there are times when a totally awesome fundraising idea flops. Before you think of great fundraising ideas for clubs, you should know first why some fundraisers fail to keep you from committing these common fundraising mistakes.

Fundraising Ideas For Clubs: Common Mistakes

The first mistake you can commit when fundraising is the lack of planning. When raising funds, doing things spontaneously will only leave the members or volunteers not knowing exactly what to do. It is better if you plan earlier and preparations are made ahead of time.

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Second most common mistake: repeating the same fundraiser. If you had a successful fundraising event previously, it is better that you do not do the same fundraiser in the future or in the other incoming fundraising activities. People will eventually get sick and tired of it, and chances are, you can no longer get a support from them. Expand your imagination, be open to new fundraising ideas and don’t be afraid of change.

When you plan to raise funds by selling merchandise always make sure that your customers will be satisfied by your products. Because the third most common mistake when fundraising is selling low quality merchandise. When you sell low quality products, your customers will only frown upon you, won’t come back, and won’t refer you to others. Don’t sell crap, don’t sell things that easily break, and sell only things that are useful. If you do this your sales will increase dramatically.

When you raise funds, it is very important that you let your fundraiser be known to the public. Fundraising ideas for clubs can be a huge success if you get the word out. The lack of publicity is also one of the most common mistakes in fundraising. Who will attend the event if nobody knows what your club is up to? How would you gain profit if only a few people supported your event? See, advertising really works. Put much effort by getting the word out in every street, in every establishment, in every person if possible. Make sure of posters, flyers, signage, and the internet.

Fundraising Ideas For Clubs: Plan Ahead

Plan ahead of time, plan a new fundraiser, publicized, and don’t forget that you should time your event well. You should stay away from major holidays like Christmas, New Years, Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving and other major holidays, else you will barely have a supporter.

Stay away from committing these mistakes, because even though you have great fundraising ideas for clubs, it will eventually fail. If you plan to raise funds for your club, allowing these mistakes to continue will only cost you extra time, wasted effort, low profits, lost revenue and demoralized members or volunteers.Created by Angela Mancuso

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