Fundraising Ideas For Primary Schools – 3 Knockout Options

Primary schools sometimes run into funding problems, and require parents and children to look into trying to earn a little money. To encourage children and parents to make an effort, it’s important to look into fundraising ideas for primary schools that aren’t necessarily ordinary in any way. Sure, some ordinary items work, but getting the most money possible will require thinking outside of the box a little and seeing what happens. Consider the following 3 knockout options that will help generate excitement and profit alike.

Top 3 Fundraising Ideas For Primary Schools

  1. Reusable Shopping Bags – With the world going “green” in a lot of ways, this option is one of the newer and more thrilling plans of action. Reusable shopping bags are usually made of renewable materials and come in a variety of options. The sales do not require a lot of inventory, and a person can simply have one example and a catalog. Going green is as easy as reusing shopping bags instead of getting paper and plastic options each grocery shopping trip. For schools, this idea can really play on parent’s to live a better example for their children by buying an option and going green in these modern times.
  2. Gourmet Coffee – is another fundraising ideas for primary schools. The amount of people that drink coffee at home is in the millions. Just consider the amount of coffee shops are in your area, and you’ll see that everyone wants espresso and coffee on a daily basis. This fundraiser option has a built in amount of fans, because millions already drink coffee and instead of buying the premium options, they can buy from a child and help the school out at the same time. The cost of whole bean and ground coffee is usually high in many ways, but not when you go with a fundraising catalog option. Profits can be cut upwards of 40% and schools can make serious money with the world’s #1 “pick me up”.
  3. Car Wash and Detailing – Car washes are nothing strange, or new, but adding the detailing option can give a twist on the average car wash option. This might take some more adult help to accomplish, but it can be an option that is tacked on to the basic car wash. Having a tiered pricing pyramid can also help in the process of making serious money as well. Looking to upgrade the average car washing fundraising ideas can really set apart ideas for primary schools and beyond.

Fundraising ideas for primary schools Made Easy

Fundraising ideas for primary schools are interesting and can be implemented with relative ease. The aforementioned are just 3 knockout ideas that can help a school make serious money. It takes a little commitment from students and parents, but it will definitely be something solid for anyone to explore. Weigh the options and watch the finances rise exponentially. When in doubt, schools can survey their students, offering 3 different options, and through a vote a decision can be made for the financial future. If you can get students excited, they will most likely make major strides in sales.Created by Angela Mancuso

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