Fundraising Ideas That Work

Finding fundraising ideas that work and raising money for any sort of event can be hard. In fact, many people struggle with the process of garnering funds for a variety of reasons, and end up dealing with the stress of trying to figure out where to finance projects. Whether it’s a youth movement or an adult league of some kind, from time to time money will be an issue for some, and will warrant the need to figure out some fundraising ideas. Not all ideas are created equal and not all plans seem to work out, but there are 3 sure fire ways to gain a little extra money for any reason. Consider the following options as go to strategies for the future.

3 Fundraising Ideas That Work

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The first major idea might seem a bit odd, but it works every time. Spend an evening baking brownies and cookies. You can slave away from home made recipes or you can buy premade dough, and bake several batches. After you make enough for a small army, sell them individually for as low as $1. This low price will entice anyone, and if you can take them to large traffic areas like a workplace, school, or somewhere along those lines, you can generate a small amount of money. Now, if a team of people working together can do this, the finances can rise exponentially.

Second amongst fundraising ideas that work is the old car wash plan. All you need for this to work is some water, buckets, sponges, towels, and soap. Make it affordable and put up posters and flyers for cars that drive by. An inexpensive car wash can generate a lot of money, especially on hot summer days.

A third plan of action is to purchase candy in bulk from a distributor with the sole purpose of reselling. Schools often time to do this and make their students sell items, but anyone can move forward with this project. Contact your local community center and ask if it is ok to sell in front of their establishments, and see what happens. If all else fails, you could try going door-to-door explaining the fundraising you’re doing and how buying some candy might help the goal.

Fundraising Ideas That Work Tips

The aforementioned fundraising ideas are tested to work. Anyone can generate a positive income by simply trying the above out. Remember, it’s important to exhaust all free or low cost methods before dipping into your wallet and trying to pay for it all on your own. Many people make the mistake of trying to fund their projects solo, and end up going broke in the process. Consider the above as go to plans, they work for all ages, all backgrounds, and if done often, can generate a nice bit of money for those that are looking to generate funds for any event.

There are other fundraising ideas that work, but none of them seem to have the staying power that the above have. When in doubt, go with baked goods, as the #1 way to generate some extra income. Mix is cheap, and baking can be easy, even for novices.Created by Angela Mancuso

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