Cookie Dough Fundraising

Cookie dough fundraising is very popular today with many fundraising groups. It’s no wonder, since this is a simple concept with good profit that offers a great choice of cookie flavors. Supporters seem to be enjoying the idea of just scooping and baking their favorite flavors.

Top 3 Cookie Dough Fundraising Programs

Crazy About Cookies
The # 1 selling cookie dough fundraiser. It features 8 of the best-selling cookie dough flavors. The quality of this cookie dough is exceptional – your supporters will love it.
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$10 Gourmet Cookie Dough
6 of the best-selling flavors, packaged into a smaller 2 lb format, and priced at an affordable $10 each. The new size scoop-n-bake cookie dough is sure to be a big hit for fundraising this year.
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How Does Cookie Dough Fundraising Work?

Using fundraising order forms, your fundraising group members offer your supporters their choice of cookie dough flavors. These can be old favorites like chocolate chip, peanut butter, chocolate chunk and white chocolate macadamia. Some companies offer special flavors like M&M’s, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Reese’s Pieces, Hershey’s Kisses just to mention a few. Each flavor typically comes frozen in a 3lb plastic tub.

Once all orders are taken, the order forms are tallied and the cookie dough is ordered. About two weeks later your cookie dough is delivered and you distribute the dough to your buyers. The dough arrives frozen and can stay frozen for many months after. Because it is frozen some planning with your fundraising company is needed for delivery day (SEE BELOW).

Most cookie dough fundraising tubs sell for $10. Expect to make between 30 – 55% profit depending on how much sold. A group size larger than 20 is recommended.

Advantages: No money up front required and no risk of over-ordering.
Disadvantages: It can take a bit longer to run and require a bit more planning

Cookie Dough Fundraising Delivery Strategies:

Delivery day is a critical point in assuring a successful fundraising drive, particularly when perishable food items are involved.

Here are a few strategies they suggest when working with frozen food products:

  1. Send reminder letters two to three days in advance of the delivery with specific dates and times for product pick-up. And then again the day before and the day of delivery.
  2. Stress the importance of being on time, allowing no more than a four to five hour window for final pick-up.
  3. Select the coldest location available (out of direct sunlight and heat) as the point of distribution.
  4. Use space blankets and/or sleeping bags to insulate the product during the unloading process. If dry ice is used in the shipping process, it requires extreme caution and should be handled only by experienced carriers.
  5. To quickly contact no-shows, have on hand the phone numbers of all parents scheduled to pick-up product.
  6. As orders are picked-up, remind parents to put the products in the freezer as soon as possible. It may be a good idea to include a written reminder with every order.
  7. Executing a successful fundraiser with a frozen food product may require a few special considerations, but it is easily done when working with an experienced fundraising professional working with a reputable supplier. And the rewards are worth it!

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