Fundraising Order Forms

Looking for a no risk / no money up front fundraising idea? Well, order taker brochure fundraisers, also known as fundraising order forms are your ticket! Order forms allow your group to fundraise with brochures (catalogs), so you don’t have to commit to buying fundraising products before you know how many you can sell.

This type of fundraiser is great for new groups low on funds and groups who want to a offer supporters a wider variety of products for their donors to choose from.

Typical Order Forms/Takers:

Fine Chocolate
Candle Fundraiser
Cookie Dough
Holiday Shoppers
Safety Kits
Cheese Cake
Pizza Fundraiser
Flower Fundraiser
Cards & Giftwrap
Faith & Inspirational
Magazine Fundraiser

How Do Order Forms/Takers Work?

Your group starts by ordering 1 fundraising order form brochure per member. Each group member collects orders and payment from their supporters. Once your members are done, all order forms are tallied and sent to the fundraising company. They ship the products to your door at which point you’ll deliver the goods to your supporters. Depending on your choice, your group can collect funds from their supporters when the order is collected or upon product delivery.

Advantages: There is no risk of over-ordering with a greater product selection for your supporters.
Disadvantages: This fundraiser can take a bit longer to run and require a bit more planning.

How Much Profit Can Your Group Make?

Each fundraising order form program can offer a different percentage profit for your group depending on what you choose. Most of them offer around 50% Profit. So if you sell an item for $10, you keep $5. Some fundraising order form program profits are fixed at a percentage and some vary depending on how much you sell. The more products you sell, the more money your group will raise.

What Does An Order Form/Taker Fundraiser Include?

Most companies offer free fundraising order forms and free shipping of the brochures as well as free shipping of your product order. As long as your group reaches a realistic minimum sales quota, typically $1,000 retail dollars sold (the total of what you / your group charged people).

Other Services Offered:

Pre-Sorting by Fundraising Person
This is an optional service that can save a large group a lot of time. Your fundraising company will pre-sort all merchandise by group (class, team etc) and by individual. This will speed up and simplify your product distribution. You just hand each of your group members their products that they then deliver to each of their supporters. This is recommended for groups of 100 or more members. Usually 5% profit is deducted from your percentage profit for this service (for example: 50% – 5% = 45% profit).

Fundraising Prize Program
This is another optional service that helps motivate your members. Extra incentives, like prizes can help a group raise more money. Most good fundraising companies offer incentive programs for you to choose from depending on the age category of your group members. To include a prize plan, typically 3% profit is deducted from your percentage profit (for example: 50% – 3% = 47% profit).Created by Angela Mancuso

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