Lollipop Fundraiser

You may think to yourself “Now how can we possibly fundraise the money we need with lollipops?” Believe it or not, lollipops are one of the best fundraisers out there.

At a recommended selling price of 50¢, your group can sell these hand over fist, finding many donors buying 5 or 10 lollipops at a time! They won’t spoil and they come in all kinds of shapes, flavors and themes. We’ve seen many groups selling these all year round at events, games and on every popular holiday.

Lollipop Fundraiser Facts:

Lollipops are usually sold in 1 case formats (576 pops/case) by fundraising companies. The cost is typically 25¢ per lollipop. If you sell them at 50¢, this raises 50% profit. Some fundraiser companies will offer volume discounts on the lollipops which allows your group to increase your profit.

Lollipop Flavors:

Lollipop fundraisers come in as many as 12 types of lollipops with up to 29 flavors each. There are huge assortment of lip smackin’ flavors like: Bubble Gum, Cherry Cheesecake, Cherry Snow, Cinnamon, Red Raspberry, Strawberry Shake, Watermelon Slice and Wild Cherry.

Lollipop Fundraiser Tips:

Raise extra money for your team or league by selling lollipops in the stands during each and every game. They also sell easily at schools or in the office place. One of the things that makes a lollipop fundraiser such a great option is that some fundraising companies sell them one case at a time. This way your group can buy them as they need them. Make sure you order an assortment of flavors to please everyone’s tastes.

Sports Lollipop Fundraiser:

As a great sports fundraiser try selling sports lollipops; baseball and softball, football, basketball and soccer. You can also get them in your team’s colors. Since these are easy to sell, you can raise thousands by simply selling them to friends and co-workers, and fans in the stands at every game.Year Round SellersCarousel lollipops, Color Blasters and The Happy Hearts lollipops among others are excellent year-round seller with a heart-warming theme. You can also let your supporters know what your team or group is all about and sell them some patriotic All-Star pops.

Seasonal Pops

These seasonal pops give your group a great excuse to continue selling lollipops throughout the year. You can choose from unique flavors and designs for the winter holidays, Halloween, Easter and the 4th of July.

Success Story:

Team Sells Small Pops to Raise Big Bucks!
As the beginning of September rolled around, the Millennium Softball team out of Mohnton, PA realized that they needed funds. and they needed them fast! The players wanted to buy brand new uniforms and be able to cover upcoming travel expenses. A total of $1,500 was needed.could this be raised this by selling lollipops?! Believe it or not, they raised $1,872 net profit with only 12 players, and the money is still rolling in. Coach Mark Jenkins said, “This is the third time I’m ordering; they’re super easy sellers and people keep coming back for more!”

Created by Angela Mancuso

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