One Day Fundraisers

Fundraising for little league? Here’s an excellent fundraiser. Simply charge your members a fundraising fee and let them raise the money back with a scratch card.

This is a good option, because you can collect the funds your league requires in one day ( registration day ) and you are giving your players a scratch card to raise the funds back and possibly more.

One Day Fundraisers With Scratch Cards:

Most cards raise $100, once a card is completely scratched off.
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  1. Each player receives a scratch card and asks supporters to scratch 2 or more circles.
  2. Supporters pay the total of the amounts revealed.
  3. Your player gives each supporter a full coupon sheet with 8 coupon offers.

Tips For One Day Fundraisers:

In addition to your standard registration fee, charge each player a mandatory fundraising fee. In exchange, give them a scratch card.

  1. Determine how much money your league needs to raise…let’s say $15,000.
  2. Determine how much money your league needs to raise PER PLAYER. For example, if you have 500 players, you’ll need to raise $30 per player.
  3. Calculate the fundraising fee:
    Cost of Scratch Card ($20) + Per Player Budget ($30) = $50 Fundraising Fee


One Day Fundraiser Advantages:

Your league:
You raise $30 net profit per player. Fundraising is quick and hassle-free. No need to follow-up on coaches and parents throughout the season.

Your players and parents:
Their card raises $100. They can now raise their $50 fundraising fee back and earn an extra $50 for travel expenses, equipment, etc.

Whether fundraising for little league or a soccer league, consider this fundraiser.Created by Angela Mancuso

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