Scratch Card Fundraiser

Scratch cards are the newest fundraising idea. The cards offer between 80% and 90% profit, which is twice as profitable as candy bars, and said to be less of a hassle.

They are pocket sized booklets with scratch off dots and a coupon pad in the center. The front cover can have a group / team name and logo printed on it. Some scratch cards come in a choice of colors so you can match your team colors and show your team sprit.

How Do Scratch Card Fundraisers Work?

Each fundraising participant receives a Scratch card and asks supporters to scratch 2 or more dots. Supporters pay the total of the amounts revealed. Your participant gives each supporter a full coupon sheet with 8 coupon offers. Most cards raise $100, once a card is completely scratched off.

Scratch Card Fundraiser Facts:

Each card typically costs $20 so your profit is $80 per card. The profit potential is quite impressive. Here is an example: 30 players X $80 = $2400 Profit. Some companies do offer added profit potential by giving groups free cards with their order. These free cards can then be used to raise profit at no cost.

Scratch Card Fundraiser Advantages:

What’s also great is they are quick and simple. Unlike order-taker fundraising there is no order-taking or deliveries required and you collect your money on the spot. Your donors also get good value, $50 in coupon savings from popular merchants they can actually use. Some companies allow you to customize these coupon offerings to your local area. This is a value added service that you should consider, since you can include some of your group’s sponsors.

Things to look out For:

  • Coupons vs. None – Get a card with coupons so you can offer good value to you donors
  • Coupons can be misleading – Even with big brand names, some coupons will have a lot of fine print which can make things more difficult for your donor.
  • Coupon Expiration – Look for a company that will guarantee and replace expired coupon pads.
  • Watch for quality – Choose a card that can last through your fundraiser.
  • How much it raises $100 – $250 – some cards promise very high amounts, it’s better to consider what will really be raised. So don’t pay more for a card that will end up raising less than promised.
  • Free Shipping – Make sure you can get free shipping included so you don’t get surprised at delivery time.
  • Name & logo – Some companies will print both your group name & logo on each card free of charge, some will only print your name and some not at all. Try to get both as it will show your participants and donors you are serious about your fundraiser.


1 Day Fundraiser, How Does It Work?

Here’s an excellent fundraiser for your little league. Simply charge your members a fundraising fee and let them raise the money back with the Scratch card. This is a good option, because you can collect the funds your league requires in one day ( registration day ) and you are giving your players a Scratch card to raise the funds back and possibly more.
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