Fundraising Solutions – 3 Sure Fire Ways To Make Money

When sifting through a variety of fundraising solutions, groups will find that there are some serious options. There are many things that don’t cost a thing, and can be delivered to a person’s home or office. Many people have found great success with selling things that are of a tangible nature, without having to first purchase. For instance, you don’t necessarily have to purchase candy bars first then sell them, and hope you can sell them all before the deadline, to earn money. You can now look at a variety of fundraising ideas that will have you making money, without having to house a large inventory. Consider the following sure-fire ways to make money in these modern times, without having to spend a lot of money.

3 Great Fundraising Solutions

Fundraising solutions 1 – Cookie Dough. Selling cookies and baked goods requires a lot of investment in time and materials. However, if you sell premium cookie dough via a catalog, you can make sure that you make seriously profit without having to bake a thing. There are premium cookie doughs that are available to the general public through fundraising booklets that can be delivered to a persons home. The profits on many of this style option rises upwards to 55% of the sale, which is not too shabby.

Fundraising solutions 2 – Earth Candles. With so many people going green, it’s interesting to see fundraising solutions that are good for the planet. One such item that can be sold through catalogs is Earth candles. These specially designed options are environmentally friendly, can be scented, and provide natural light for those that are looking to use a lot less electricity and take care of their carbon footprint. You won’t go wrong with this option, especially since profits from the sales are usually around 50% per order.

Fundraising solutions 3 – Flower Bulbs – This is a new option for many people, but when trying to raise money, going door to door to homeowners that have gardens, this option will sell like crazy. Selling bulbs that will bloom into beautiful flowers is something worth noting. Obviously, it will take a little bit of salesmanship to get a homeowner to purchase this item, but with a good pitch, you can make serious money with this option. A garden grown with bulbs is quite nice, and many will recognize that upon purchasing form a fundraising group.

The traditional methods still work today, however, the above fundraising solutions will give any size group an edge in moving forward. Choosing to rise through the ranks of fundraising is not always a rudimentary thing. You can make sure that you’re making money for your group by simply investing into something that the community needs, and the aforementioned can be essential options for the greater good, which is why many are looking to these fundraising solutions for their needs.

Many More Fundraising Solutions

Whether you’re a small group or a large group of people, the above are easy to implement, and will require minimal sales implementations. Consider the following options as stand alone treatments for raising funds. Don’t go with anything traditional, without weighing the pros and cons of the fundraising solutions listed above.Created by Angela Mancuso

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