Picking The Right Fundraising Products

fundraising products6 Key Questions!

Usually the first question that you ask yourself when you realize your group needs to raise funds is What Are We Going To Sell?

There are thousands of products available for fundraising programs that range from candy to nuts, cookies to wrapping paper, and inspirational goods to sausage and cheese. After all, anything people can use in some form or another can be re-sold to them by groups for a profit.

Consider the following 6 questions to help you choose the ideal fundraising product or program for your group:

1. How much money do we need to raise?
Come up with a goal that is based on your group’s needs not just one that sounds good. If your group needs to raise a few hundred dollars, lollipops or a small order of candy bars may be appropriate. If you need to raise over $5,000, you may want to use an order taker fundraiser like a popular chocolate brochure program or a cookie dough fundraiser.

2. What would our group enjoy selling?
Your group members will determine the success of your fundraiser. Ask them what they would like to sell and what they’d absolutely not like to sell. The more they like the products, the more confident and motivated they will be to sell them.

3. What has been successful in the past?
‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ As the saying goes, if you’ve been having a huge success with a certain program year after year- stick to it. Chances are, your supporters are expecting you at that same time every year and your participants are comfortable with selling the product.

4. How soon do we need the money?
As we mentioned in the pre-sale vs. direct-sale section, pre-sale programs do take longer. If you need to raise funds within 1.5-2 quick weeks, we suggest you fundraise using direct-sale products (scratch cards, candy bars, lollipops etc.). If you have 4 weeks or more to wrap up your fundraiser, a pre-sale (order taker) brochure may be ideal.

5. Are the Products we’re Selling of High Quality?
A consumer will be happy to support a worthy cause, however they won’t be very interested in paying for inferior or significantly overpriced products. Remember that your fundraiser may be an annual or semi-annual event, and nothing builds profits like a reputation for offering top quality products.

6. Does the Price Match the Income Level of the Community?
As well, make sure that the retail price of the products offered are priced fairly. Offering a fairly priced good at a price that’s affordable to help a good cause will lead to quick success!Created by Angela Mancuso

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