School Fundraising Ideas

Teachers and principals are always on the look out for new school fundraising ideas because the cost of school supplies, field trips and equipment can add up fast.

Below are some useful school fundraising ideas including a tip and three recommended school fundraising products. Whether you’re searching for an elementary school fundraising idea or a high school fundraising idea, these are good for all ages and should be considered for your next school fundraiser.

School Fundrasing Sales Techniques:

Look “professional” & Say “thank you”. A nice appearance and identifying apparel adds credibility and helps make the sale. If possible, wear a group uniform or a tee shirt with school logo. Remember to say “thank you for helping us meet our goal,” and restate the goal. Your donor is likely to spend more money if you are courteous throughout the transaction.

School Fundraising Product Ideas:

1 – Scratch Cards Fundraiser
Scratch cards are the newest school fundraising idea. The cards offer between 80% and 90% profit, which is twice as profitable as candy bars. They are pocket sized booklets with scratch off dots and a coupon pad in the center. The front cover can have a group / team name and logo printed on it. Quick, simple and unlike order-taker fundraising there is no order-taking or deliveries required and you collect your money on the spot. Your donors also get good value, $50 in coupon savings from popular merchants they can actually use.
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2- Cookie Dough Fundraiser
Cookie dough fundraising is becoming very popular with a many fundraising groups today. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to eat the most delicious, gooey, tasty cookies, when all they have to do is scoop & bake. Serve up samples like Chocolate Chunk, M&M’s, and White Chocolate Macadamia at a bake sale or event and people will surely show their support. Your school fundraiser will earn between 30 – 55% profit. Also, being that cookie dough is an order taker fundraiser, you can fundraise without putting any money up-front. Of all the school fundraising ideas we have, this one could be the yummiest of all!
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3- Lollipop Fundraiser
Your class can sell these hand over fist; you’ll find your supporters buying 5 or 10 lollipops at a time. We’ve seen many groups selling these all year round at events, games and on every popular Holiday. They don’t spoil and come in all kinds of shapes, flavors and themes. Another thing that makes lollipop fundraising a great option is that some fundraising companies will sell them one case at a time. This way your group can buy them as they need them and not have to stock them. This school fundraising idea is very popular for K-8th grade students.
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