Sports Fundraising Ideas

With all the expenses that teams and leagues face, it’s no wonder that they are always looking for new sports fundraising ideas. This fundraiser page includes 3 sports fundraising ideas that are well suited for sports teams and leagues.

We’ve also included a sports fundraising tip that can help raise money all season long. Whether for a baseball fundraiser or even cheerleader fundraising our goal is to help you raise funds for uniforms, equipment, tournaments, travel expenses or whatever else your sports fundraiser required.

Quick Sports Fundraising Tip:

Fundraise At Your Sports Games and Events
Have you ever considered selling products in the stands during games, tournaments, and other events? Well you should because high people traffic equals higher sales. Plus you can raise more in less time. Some groups are so good at this, supporters look for them at each game and event. For example: sell sport pops in your team colors at your games, tournaments and all season long. This sports fundraising idea shouldn’t be overlooked, as it could make or break your sports fundraising goal.

Sports Fundraising Product Ideas:

1 – Scratch cards
Scratch cards are the newest in sports fundraising ideas. The cards offer between 80% and 90% profit, which is twice as profitable as candy bars. They are pocket sized booklets with scratch off dots and a coupon pad in the center. The front cover can have a group / team name and logo printed on it. Quick, simple and unlike order-taker fundraising there is no order-taking or deliveries required and you collect your money on the spot. Your donors also get good value, $50 in coupon savings from popular merchants they can actually use. Of all the sports fundraising ideas, this one seems to be the most popular new choice.
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2 – Sport Lollipops
For a great sports fundraiser try selling sports pops; baseball and softball, football, basketball and soccer ball shaped lollipops. You can also get them in your team’s colors. Since these are easy to sell, you can raise thousands for your next sports fundraiser by simply selling soccer pops to friends and co-workers, and fans in the stands at every game. This is probably the most traditional sports fundraising idea.
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3 – One Day Fundraiser – League wide
Fundraising for little league? This is an excellent sports fundraising idea. Simply charge your members a fundraising fee and let them raise the money back with a scratch card. This is a good option, because you can collect the funds your league requires in one day ( registration day ) and you are giving your players a scratch card to raise the funds back and possibly more. This is the quickest sports fundraising idea.
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