5 Good Fundraising Ideas

School bake saleThere are several fundraising ideas out there, of course, but which ones are good for your group? And which ones are good fundraising ideas in general? Ideally, a successful fundraiser is one that gets your group the money you need (and then some), but it also gets your group members and your guests emotionally involved in your cause. So what do you do? Well, you find some good fundraising ideas—like these!

Sell Smart Snacks.

Snacks are enough to make anyone feel better. Why not sell Smart Snacks and cheer your supporters up? You can raise 50% profit by selling the mixes for just $6 each. Smart Snacks come in 12 classic types: some consist of nuts; some consist of trail mix, including salsa mix; and one of them even consists of sugar-free fruit candy.

Sell $10 Gourmet Cookie Dough.

$10 Gourmet Cookie Dough is called that for a reason – it features 6 amazing flavors, like Chocolate Chunk and Peanut Butter. Your supporters will love the easy-to-make cookies: they only have to shape them, pop them into the oven, and hit ‘bake’. It’s so easy and fast that anyone can do it; your sales won’t need to be restricted to people who like baking and who have the time for it. Make up to 55% profit with this awesome cookie dough!

Hold a bake sale.

This isn’t the most popular fundraiser for nothing, folks. The bake sale has it all: delicious desserts, home-cooked food, and bonding between your group and the community. Why not hold a bake sale with your group? Some big sellers are crispy rice squares, chocolate cake with icing, cupcakes with icing, brownies with fudge and icing and sprinkles (okay, pretty much anything with icing). On the big day, also have milk and lemonade on hand so your supporters can wet their throats.

Host a pancake breakfast.

Hold this event around Mardi Gras; it’s known for being the day to eat pancakes, after all. Charge your guests to come to your house—be sure to decorate it for the occasion—and feast on pancakes to their hearts’ content. You can also hold a pancake-tossing competition at the event. Alternately, consider fundraising with IHOP; they help out dozens of organizations every year.

Host a wine-tasting fundraiser.

For many, wining and dining is a favorite pastime. Satisfy the first part of that urge with a wine-tasting fundraiser: bring guests to your house – have them dress formally – and serve them several types of wine.  It’s best to establish a committee to help you with this fundraiser so that you can gather enough wine (and guests). If you don’t have enough wine, have your group members give you their bottles, and contact local companies about them sponsoring you; do these parts months in advance so that you have time to gather enough wine. Lastly, don’t forget the cheese! This is a time-consuming fundraiser, but it’s very profitable.

Good fundraising ideas are those which not only earn your group more than enough money, but they also please your customers and have them coming back, clamoring for more, next year. Some examples of these are selling Smart Snacks and $10 Gourmet Cookie Dough, holding a bake sale, and hosting a pancake breakfast and wine-tasting fundraiser. Your supporters will love these delicious ideas!

 Created by Angela Mancuso

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