Krispy Kreme Fundraising – Donuts For All

Kirspy Kreme Fundraiser ProgramThe Krispy Kreme fundraising craze that ushered in amazing sales hasn’t gone away in recent years. Millions of people line up around the blocks of locations of these donut pioneers and bite into the glorious sugary goodness that is found with each small tantalizing donut. With so many people in love with the sugary goodness, it’s no wonder that some groups are looking into Krispy Kreme fundraising as an opportunity to make serious money for any endeavor. Before you invest into this option, consider a few things and make sure that you have all the bases covered. There are some tricks of the trade that will help your ordinary sales go higher than ever thought possible.

3 Krispy Kreme Fundraising Ideas

The first thing you’ll want to do when starting your Krispy Kreme fundraising is offer more than just a solitary option. Many people offer boxes of donuts for a set price, when you can look into offering a couple of donuts for a smaller purchase price. Reserve several boxes for sale but also consider selling two donuts for a set amount, in case the average person doesn’t want to take a whole box with them, but still wants to help the cause out. Do not get stuck on only one or two fundraising ideas offers, or else you’ll miss out on sale opportunities that are created from the average pedestrian walking by.

The second thing that you’ll want to do is offer something to drink. Coffee, for instance, is going to be something spectacular to offer with donuts as the two go hand in hand. This is a low cost option that you can have set up outdoors. You simply need 1 can of coffee, 1 coffee maker, and a water source. If you have those things working together, you will increase your likelihood of sales.

Lastly, consider alternative drinks with your Krispy Kreme fundraising efforts. You will win many customers with the coffee quotient, but if you add additional options like milk, tea, and hot chocolate, you’ll start to increase your sales exponentially. It’s important to consider these options as additions to the donuts, but don’t let them overshadow the other options. Have those things heavily discounted with the purchase of donuts, or else you might end up selling more drinks than anything else.

Krispy Kreme fundraising – Warm Donuts Frenzy

Krispy Kreme fundraising is a great plan of action, especially since you can make serious money from a built in audience of fans that love the sugary concession. If you are close to a power outlet, consider offering warm donuts throughout your day by microwaving them for 10 seconds. This will not only create a sales frenzy, it will provide an alternative to the simple joy that comes from the sugar-glazed donut that has swept the nation. When considering this fundraiser, make sure that you have all your options well covered, and you look at the peripherals and power sources that might be required. It’s very easy to make money with this option, but if you want to earn even more, make sure that you have several bases covered, just in case. Don’t get too wrapped up in details, but at least offer some alternatives.Created by Angela Mancuso


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