Prom Fundraising Ideas – Tips To Pay Less For Prom

One of the most memorable nights for a teenager is their prom. Prom creates a great deal of greatness that is not easy to mirror. People of all ages can think back on the beautiful evening with a great ease, and joy. For those there looking for prom fundraising ideas, there are a great deal of different options to explore. It’s hard to decide what will work best, since every community is difference. Some options are obvious, but despite their rudimentary design, they are incredibly easy to implement and always create a good amount of income.

3 Great Prom Fundraising Ideas

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For schools that have a little money in their budget to invest, good prom fundraising ideas can start with something as easy as personalized shirts. Shirts can be purchased at a low rate, and then sold for double or triple the cost. This requires a little bit of payment up front, but can create a great deal of income as those that are going to prom will be more tempted to not only purchase tickets to the event, but also go there because they will be receiving a nice shirt to commemorate the whole thing. Personalized options don’t have to just be shirts, there are mugs, pens, pencils, mugs, and so many other things, that it’s worth exploring different options.

A second opinion on prom fundraising ideas can lead to the standard car wash. Yes, the might car wash can have motorists coming in droves to get a discounted wash from students trying to earn a little money. The process can be tedious, and the weather has to be nice, but it can be a great option. Combining the wash with vacuuming and maybe even light detailing could garner even more success over time. Planning on several washes and even charging more for a coat of wax can generate some serious income from the community, but it requires a location, water access, and manpower.

Another option to consider is to sell refreshments at all events. Prom fundraising ideas take a left turn from the norm in this one. Setting up a table full of refreshments can generate some serious income on hot days. Water, soda, lemonade, or just about any sort of cold beverage can generate some modest income on hot days, and when the cold is out, bring out the hot chocolate and coffee drinks. These options take a little investment as well, but can generate a steady stream of money.

Prom Fundraising Ideas Tip

Making money for events is hard, and prom fundraising ideas can navigate people through a wide variety of things that may or may not work. When in doubt, make sure to move forward with all options at least once. Test the waters and make sure the community at large is receptive to whatever it is you’re selling. It’s hard to gauge enthusiasm before hand, so before jumping head first into any option, make sure that you explore all facets of fundraising, just in case the obvious doesn’t generate the attention you’d like.Created by Angela Mancuso

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