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Fall Fundraisers

Fall Fundraisers

Well, it’s fall – a time of whirling winds, crackling leaves, and long walks in pumpkin patches. If you don’t know how to base your fundraiser around the spirit of the season, there’s no need to fear (you can save that for Halloween): there are several fall fundraisers your group can hold. 5 Great Fall […]

Fundraising Ideas That Work

Finding fundraising ideas that work and raising money for any sort of event can be hard. In fact, many people struggle with the process of garnering funds for a variety of reasons, and end up dealing with the stress of trying to figure out where to finance projects. Whether it’s a youth movement or an […]

Planning Charity Fundraising Ideas At School

When a school is thinking about charity fundraising ideas, they may wonder what is available for their students. Many schools enjoy taking part in charity work, because it gives children and teachers the chance to give back to the community. There are many fun and innovative ways that school systems and families can get involved […]

Unique Fundraising Ideas Raise Cash

Let’s face it, today people need their money and this is making it harder to get people to donate. Coming up with unique fundraising ideas may help with this process. Here are a few fundraising ideas that have been a big hit and made people want to get involved. These ideas do not have to […]