Tips and Fundraising Ideas for Individuals

The Internet is full of fundraising ideas for individuals who would like to support a good cause. However, the sheer number of ideas can be overwhelming, even to the most enthusiastic of do-gooders. This article aims to help those planning on raising awareness about a particular issue and/or raising money for a cause that they believe in and that’s close to their heart by providing information that can be sued to successfully hold a fundraising event.

The Trouble With Individual Fundraising

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There are two main disadvantages to individual fundraising. First, it doesn’t take a genius to know that it will take a lot of time and effort for an individual to conduct a fundraising event. Planning, organizing, and marketing the event – all these have to be done without the help of other people.

The second disadvantage has something to do with credibility. People rarely find it hard to not believe in the intentions of an organization sponsoring or conducting a fundraising activity. The reception is different, though, if the event is organized by just one person. In a case like this, it is not surprising to encounter people expressing their doubts as to the authenticity of the project. As such, an individual hoping to raise money for a cause has to work harder than members of an organization to ensure that the event he/she organized will be successful.

Fundraising Ideas for Individuals

A fundraising event conducted by a single person should have two characteristics. First, the individual should not shell out a large amount of money just to be able to carry out the event. Organizations and other groups composed of a number of people can afford to spend money to ensure the success of their fundraising project because more often than not, they have the budget for it. An individual, however, usually has to fork out his own money to cover necessary expenses. The second characteristic is this: the event should not be labor-intensive. This is because a single person can only do so much; events that normally require the services of a whole team simply cannot be embarked on by an individual without outside help.

The following are fundraising ideas that can easily be conducted by a single person:

  • Fundraising ideas for individuals idea 1: Hold a yard or garage sale. This is one of the most popular choices when it comes to fundraising events, and with good reason. It doesn’t take much to set up a yard sale, and what’s more, it costs virtually nothing to do so. The organizer only needs to inform members of the community of the important details, such as the fact that the proceeds from the sale will go to a good cause, so that they will be more eager to purchase items.
  • Fundraising ideas for individuals idea 2: Sell something. Baked delicacies, costume jewelry, paintings – these items and a lot more can be sold by an individual as a fundraising project, provided that he or she has the talent or the knowledge to come up with the listed items or other hand-crafted things.

As far as fundraising ideas for individuals go, the two mentioned in this article are the easiest and least expensive to do.Created by Angela Mancuso

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