Top 3 Fundraisers

December‘s most popular fundraisers

Crazy About Cookies
Snackin In The USA
Scratch Cards

1. Crazy About Cookies

For groups with 20 to 40 participants. The # 1 selling cookie dough fundraiser. It features 8 of the best-selling cookie dough flavors. The quality of this cookie dough is exceptional – your supporters will love it.  Get More Information

2. Snackin In The USA

For groups with 10 or more participants. Snack lovers are sure to find all their favorites here! A mouth watering selection of 26 delicious, sweet snacks and savory treats for only $7.00 each! Get More Information

3. Scratch Cards

For groups with 10 or more participants. Make up to 100% profit. Twice as profitable as candy bars, without the hassle! The cards are completely hassle-free and the Exclusive Coupon Sheets ($50 value each) are a great value for your supporters. Get More InformationCreated by Angela Mancuso

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