Unique Fundraising Ideas Raise Cash

Let’s face it, today people need their money and this is making it harder to get people to donate. Coming up with unique fundraising ideas may help with this process. Here are a few fundraising ideas that have been a big hit and made people want to get involved. These ideas do not have to cost anyone a lot of cash but when you can get several people involved you can make some good money for your fundraiser or charity.

2 Unique Fundraising Ideas


One unique fundraising idea could be the “Womanless beauty contest” Have men dress up as women with dresses, makeup, wigs, jewelry, and any other women’s attire. Sell tickets for the event and have the crowd be the one that judge the best dressed. It is a good idea to offer some sort of prize for the winner. You can buy a cheap trophy that reads “Best Womanless Award” This is a great way to have fun and get everyone involved for a good cause.


Get the community involved. The “Flamingo Flock” is great for a small community where everyone know’s everyone else. Go door to door and ask if the neighbors would like to help with the fundraiser and explain to them how it works. Buy about 20-25 of the pink plastic flamingos. In the cover of darkness have a group of people go out and put them in the yard of an unsuspecting neighbor. Once that neighbor wakes up they will see these in their yard and will have to pay a de-flocking fee to get them removed. That neighbor will then be given the option to choose who will get the flock next.

You can always turn to auctions, bake sales. candy selling. and many other fundraising ideas but people are getting tired of these and some of the fundraising products can be expensive. With these ideas you are giving people the option to pay whatever they can afford. By coming up with unique fundraising ideas people are more likely to remember the date and time it will be happening.Created by Angela Mancuso

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