Winter Fundraising Ideas – 3 Warm Options

The winter months can prove to be a hard time for anyone looking to raise funds. Groups that are looking at winter fundraising ideas, there are a lot of options that won’t work and won’t sell. For instance, if you try a car wash in the dead of winter and live on the East Coast of the United States, you’ll find no takers and few people willing to risk the cold just for a car wash, especially if snow is continually coming down. Another bad idea can be selling flower bulbs, because as you might know, flowers don’t really grow through the winter snowfall. Considering the cold, consider the following options that will help you move forward with winter fundraising ideas for maximum profit, even in the cold.

Top 3 Winter Fundraising Ideas

  1. Coffee – One of the easiest things you can make for adults is simply coffee. Hot water and instant coffee isn’t really an expensive option. You simply need to figure out a way to keep the items warm, and then provide sugar and cream for those that want it, and you’ll be an inspiration for fundraisers all over. Selling coffee is a major way to make money, just ask the mighty coffee giants that were laughed at when they started companies that only sold cups of premium coffee at a low price.
  2. Tea – For those that aren’t really into buying coffee, and want to make sure everyone knows it, tea is a great option. Tea requires even less than coffee, with just hot water and a tea bag. You don’t have to offer a great variety, but the standards will work out indeed. Charging around $1.50 a cup will be a fantastic plan of action. You won’t want to miss out the opportunity to bring smiles to people’s faces in the cold with a hot tea option.
  3. Soup/Chili – In the cold months people are going to be hungry, and they are going to be cold. That’s where this winter fundraising ideas going to get groups making serious money. Offer soup or chili on cold days and you’ll have a long line of people willing to pay a small fee to enjoy a nice bowl of warmth. Offering hot soup or chili is an incredibly simple thing and can be made in an inexpensive manner.

Winter Fundraising Ideas – Quality & Variety

The above are 3 warm options that you should consider in regards to winter fundraising ideas. You can’t go wrong with how great warm options can raise money for just about anything. You have to make sure to make the options a little more high quality than condensed soup, but you’ll make serious strides forward. If you’re not comfortable with tea or coffee, hot chocolate is simple as well. The key thing above is hot water, and cups. Make sure that you provide people with a little bit of variety, and you’ll raise serious money for just about anything you might need. Setting this up can take a little time, but it will definitely be something worth checking out for just about any sized group looking for great winter fundraising ideas.Created by Angela Mancuso

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